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St. Germain on Visualization and Manifestation

Joanna Cherry

In the wonderful book Unveiled Mysteries by Godfré Ray King (St. Germain Press), I found on page 101 the most inclusive writing on conscious manifesting I’ve ever read, in St. Germain’s words. I’ve used it often, but always found myself skipping over parts and changing words for my own use. Also it’s quite “wordy.”. So I decided to rewrite it for myself; I cut quite a bit and it’s still pretty wordy, but I didn’t want to shorten it further. With St. Germain’s inner permission I share it with you here.

It’s good to read it often, so you hold in mind all the principles of manifestation. Change any words, as long as you keep the full power and meaning. I played around with God/dess-my divinity etc.; just do what’s right for you.

Question from Godfré Ray King: What is true visualization and what happens when one visualizes?

St. Germain: (I have changed “one’s-he-his” into “I” words, and often put God/dess instead of just God..) True visualization is God/dess’s attribute and power of sight, acting in my mind. When I picture a desire I wish fulfilled, I am using one of the most powerful means of bringing it into my life. In this practice I take the reins into my own hands. I choose what shall and shall not be in my world and by picturing it in my mind, I design and bring into manifestation my chosen plan of life.

With this exercise I develop, control, and direct my visualizing activities for definite accomplishment:

First, I determine a definite plan or desire to be fulfilled.

Second, I state my desire or plan in words, as concisely and clearly as possible. I write this down, making a record of my desire in the outer, visible, tangible world.

Third, I close my eyes and see within my mind a mental picture of my desire or plan in its finished, perfect condition and activity.

The activity of seeing and the power to create are attributes of my divine Self, which I know and feel is within me at all times. Goddess/God’s life and power are acting within my consciousness to propel into my outer world the picture I am seeing and feeling within myself. The power to feel, experience and associate with the perfected picture is my divinity’s power. The substance used in the world to manifest my picture and plan is my divinity’s pure substance. Then I know that God/dess is the Doer, the Doing, and the Deed of my every constructive plan and action

I Am the Creator localized to design and create perfection in my world and place in the universe. I Am the One Supreme Presence of the Great Flame of Love and Light. I alone am the chooser, the decreer of the qualities and forms I wish to pour my life into, for I am the only energizer of my world and all it contains. When I think or feel, part of my life energy goes forth to sustain my creation.

I read my desire or plan over as many times in the day as possible [this can be silently and/or aloud, whichever feels more powerful—Joanna] and always just before retiring, because then a full impression is left upon my consciousness undisturbed for a number of hours. Then my plan becomes charged with my divinity’s greatest power and activity, which is in the heart of the great silence of sleep. It allows the force to be generated and accumulated that propels it into my life.

I do not discuss either my plan or my visualization with anyone else. [This disperses the energy. Discussing it with your teacher or a completely supportive friend may be OK --Joanna.] I realize that the greater the accumulation of energy generated by my visualization, contemplation, and feeling the reality of my picture, the quicker it will come into my life.

When I decide to bring about an experience through visualization, I become the Law—God—the Law of the One to which there is no opposite. I make my own decision and stand back of my decree with all my power. I take an unshakable, determined stand. I know and feel that it is my own divinity desiring, feeling, knowing, manifesting and controlling everything concerning it. This is the Law of the One—God, and God only. If I question when or how it will happen, become impatient or any other human consideration, I take it out of God’s hands, and then it will not express because I am neutralizing it with questions that God/dess does not recognize. I do not acknowledge a force opposed to God. I acknowledge God—the One—and thus have perfection manifesting instantly, for there is nothing to oppose what God decrees, no element of time. Thus it manifests for me.

I cast out of my mind all doubt or fear about the fulfillment of my desire. If these come, I instantly replace them by the full acknowledgement of my Self and world as the Life of God—the One. Other than that, I am completely unconcerned about it, except when I am visualizing. I have no set time in my mind for results, except to know there is only now—just the immediate moment. I take this discipline, use it and manifest a resistless power in action that cannot and never did fail.

I always remember I am God picturing, I am God intelligence directing. I am God power propelling. It is God’s-my substance being acted upon. As I realize this and contemplate the fullness of it often, everything in the whole universe rushes to fulfill my desire, my command, my picture for it is constructive, and therefore agrees with the original divine plan for self-conscious life. As the human side of me agrees to the divine plan and accepts it, there can be no such thing as delay or failure, for all energy has the inherent quality of perfection within it, and rushes to serve its creator. Perfection is the only predestination there is.

As my desire and picture are constructive, I am God/Goddess seeing Its own plan. When God sees, it is an irrevocable decree or command to appear now. God said “Let there be light,” and light appeared. The same mighty God is in me now and when I see or speak, it is His attribute of sight or speech acting in and through me. Therefore I know God is acting, commanding, “Let this desire or plan be fulfilled now,” and it is done.

When I really apply this practice it brings visible, tangible results. It is impossible for my plan not to come into my visible world. So be it.

This from Joanna: St. Germain speaks in absolute terms of truth. If you begin this powerful exercise, you may find thoughts and emotions arising that don’t feel able or ready to allow what you are picturing. I’ve learned to acknowledge these and love them, and sometimes speak to them about what’s happening and why it is good. I often introduce a recalcitrant aspect to my divinity or to a master I love, to work with it. (If there is any master you would like to assist you, simply call from your heart and she or he will be there.) At times, an aspect which cannot change may need to go into the universal and cease to be an individualized energy. Others may need to go into what I call the "deep mind," especially those that cannot yet face or accept what you are doing. Ask your I Am Presence to assist you in any way you feel the need for. See the article Into the Cave of Symbols and Beyond for detailed and varied ways to clear and heal parts of oneself that resist a chosen creation.

Also, patience is truly a virtue in such work. Develop the discipline to not question or doubt, or think of it taking time. Always think and feel in terms of the fulfillment being HERE NOW, which most easily and quickly brings it here now. Feel your gratitude that it is fulfilled.

Blessings upon your path!

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2011

You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

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