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Sessions with Joanna Cherry

"This work has transformed my life." G.C., New York. Two special new sessions are being offered! The first brings healing to any situation or relationship, through giving unconditional love to aspects of self which have held back progress but need this love. Though the process is not complex, it has a number of vital aspects. You can get an idea about this session by reading Joanna's article "Ego, Divinity, Love and Creation." The second is a powerful and transformative journey by meditation into the ascended master retreat of Mt. Shasta. The preparation for going in is an ascension meditation which takes you into the highest frequency that is right for you in the moment. When you get into the retreat (no sincere person is refused), you are in your perfect light body. You meet with your higher self, or other masters, to receive spiritual gifts and initiations.

Regular Sessions

Sessions are led by your divinity, and thus are both powerful and transformative. A major goal is to increase the clarity of your connection and oneness with your divinity. You bring to the session those issues close to your heart. These may be from any area of life; not only spiritual expansion, but purpose in life, relationships, health, finances--anything of deep importance to you.

The sessions consist of:

  • Blessing for the session
  • Sharing from you, what you desire to accomplish
  • Meditative time in which:
  • Together we receive answers to questions asked
  • You clear old energies with spirit assistance
  • Spirit brings new energies which replace the old
  • Spirit gives you homework to strengthen the transformation
  • Each transformation is blessed and ealed.
  • Thanks for the gifts received

Joanna has begun the process of ascension, cellular rejuvenation and immortality, and can assist in these areas of spiritual growth. The sessions may be in person (in Mt. Shasta, California or wherever Joanna may be traveling) or by phone. They usually last about an hour. Suggested donation is $100 to $300 on a sliding scale. Checks and credit cards are accepted. For those who are dedicated to continuous spiritual expansion, and would enjoy a lesser cost per session, we suggest the Coaching Program below.

The Master's Journey Coaching Program

The Coaching Program with Joanna consists of 13 one-hour sessions with her by phone, over a 4-month to 13-month period.
The Coaching Program allows both you and Joanna to commit to your personal master's journey on an on-going basis. Both connect with your own divinity and are guided by it. The sessions are quite powerful and affirming. The cost is $1200 if paid in advance; $1250 if paid in two segments; and $1300 if paid by the session.
For any of these services, email AMI at ami@jps.net, or call 530/926-6650 to schedule an appointment. Greatest of blessings to you upon your path!

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