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Wesak 2023 with Joanna Cherry

Ascension and Immortality Weekend Workshop

Dear Friends,
It seems a new development has come my way, one totally unforeseen. It must be related to the amazing intensity and rapidity of these earth shifts, that life itself turns on a dime. I am given an inner work now of strong intensity and unknown duration, and there isn't room in my life for workshops as well.

I am remembering a quote from Ghandi when people argued against cancelling a protest, something like "It is not the purpose to have a protest, it is the purpose to follow God's will.") I'm leaving the info on my basic workshop below, just for fun and perhaps future connection. I'm also including an outline of the recently-given Living Mastery: A Three-Level Training Program.

Discovering a bit later: this is the end of a cycle for Earth, and therefore the end of a cycle of some kind for each of us. I've felt the non-rightness of beginning something new now. I know I will be sharing what my I Am Presence has revealed to me at a later time, but how, when, and where remains to be seen.

I do rejoice in the perfection and divine timing of everything that happens in life. Joy and love and organic unfoldment are the basis of it all, including the traumas and difficulties. This new development is a wondrous one for me, one which at some point I may be prepared to share. So, send me blessings in it, as I send to you.
My private email if you wish to communicate is joanna-ami@jps.net.

Love love love to all!

Ascension and Immortality is a workshop for those of high spiritual aspiration. The primary goal is for heart, mind and body to experience more oneness with our great I Am. It includes a new way of experiencing the world, ourselves, and humanity. There will not be a primary emphasis on clearing, though much will naturally occur. Spirit tells me it will morph as people sign up, to be the highest blessing for the entire group. It will include so many things; here are a few you might expect, with more on each subject below:

  • The experience of universality
  • The wonder, wildness, joy and abundance of Life
  • Ascension process and knowledge
  • Inner travel into ascended master retreats
  • Immortality acceptance and creation, as ready
  • Rejuvenation understanding and process
  • Get clear messages from your I Am Presence
  • Earth service
  • The Divine Feminine in women and men
  • Five Tibetan Rites
  • Spirituality and sexuality
  • Shine without limits
  • Freedom to create anything in the moment
  • Earth shifts, 2012 and beyond
  • Handouts for continuing work at home

It's in our heads: our spirit I Am is vaster than all universes, present in all dimensions. Shall we feel it as reality?

In our little homes, our favorite chair, at our computer, doing our usual things with family or friends are perhaps a thousandth of a percent of what is available to us. Let explore!

Practice quickening the body frequencies, turning it into light.

They know we're coming. They're ready to greet us and show us around. Spiritual gifts abound! A life changer.

I've become an immortal. This consciousness I have to give.

Not yet showing much on my outside. Great progress on the innards, increased energy, healthier systems, stronger heartbeat. Take it home and grow it.

Assistance in knowing a message is really true and from spirit.

What one person can do, what a group can do phenomenal. We'll do it.

will save the world. Honor and strengthen her and bring her forth.

These rejuvenating movements will be taught, and can be continued at home.

Such a huge confusion here, clarity please! Upper & lower chakras; earth & heaven.

Change key life decisions on shining.

The past, boulders we'e been carrying hall we let them loose and create for today?

Wow! Can it get any more intense? Possibilities, safety etc.
Guided by our combined divinity, we will be doing down-to-earth work on possibilities that have been considered impossible by most people. Our work will benefit all humanity and all of life.

A Three-Level Training Program
with Joanna Cherry

This new training program--deeper, longer and more committed than anything Joanna has ever done--is an opportunity to go deep and create real change in our lives. The Living Mastery courses include three levels (each usually over two consecutive weekends) and will span more than six months. There will be about two or three months between levels, with home practices suggested. Though it isn't necessary to work toward a goal, the Living Mastery Certificate can be earned through taking the three levels. Many handouts will be given in the courses to continue and deepen knowledge, and help prepare for certification if desired. Receivers will be able to teach Level I and to give Living Mastery Sessions. To view the requirements, scroll down below Suggested Home Practices. (If you plan to go for the Certificate, it will give you a great head start to begin the Home Practices before the trainings!)
After Level III, a fourth, Master Level, can earn the participant the Living Mastery Advanced Certificate, which will certify the graduate to teach all three levels of the training. Level IV will deepen the experience of Levels I-III and train the participant to teach them.

Three Level Training Outline

Potential ORGANIZERS, info is near the bottom of this page.

Below are only some of the subjects and practices for each training level. The courses are run by the combined divinity of all present; probably much will be given that isn't included here. Also, as life is moving so quickly now, the training moves with it and is ever-evolving!

Who are we?
The mind/ego: friend or foe?
Strengthen the inner self connection
The great dance of oneness and innocence
Ceasing judgment: equality, compassion, honor with people and life
Principles and healing of relationships
Clearing the past: Past life, Birth and childhood; Breathwork; Breaking the genetic chain; Violet flame; Sub-personalities; Forgiveness etc.
Life purposes and prosperity
Rest and leisure; being with nature
Healing illness
Creativity and the zero point
Service: home, community, Earth
2012: What is happening?

The Antakarana: bridging the right and left brain
The RUCAT: powerful creative process
Being a great human being
Consciousness and the body: possibility and practice of physical immortality
Zen and this moment
Becoming free in a family and society of expectations
Clearing practices: add Dreams
Woman/man troubles on planet Earth; healing
Assist Earth to shift gently into the age of light
Learn to give a Living Mastery Session
Unconditional love; practice
Rejuvenation: possibilities and practice
Communication with other species
Nature: new possibilities for the planet

Ascended masters and their retreats
Ascension practice
Changing the DNA
The way of the Tao: flow
Consciousness and the physical realm: quantum physics and the naturalness of miracles
New neuronets and changing the past
Practice Living Mastery Sessions
Oceanic Breathwork, other clearing activities
Meditation into the ascended master retreat of Mount Shasta
Happiness as service
Create a vision for Earth

Keep a journal of significant accomplishments, breakthroughs, service.
(This is required for certificate.)
Tune in with your spirit/master(s). Is there a message? Receive answers to questions. Is there clearing to do, and how? Is there continuation of earlier work? Meditate.
Forgive self or another, an event, a situation.
See and honor the divine in everyone you interact with or see.
Do something to make your immediate environment better.
Do something to make your neighborhood or community better.
Earth service: violet flame or other words, and vision for Earth.
A random act of kindness.
What would my body enjoy today in movement, environment, food? Follow.
Creativity, if desired.
Read one book which serves you spiritually.

All that is in Level I homework
Rejuvenation practice, if that is desired
Conscious release of conditioned mind/beliefs
Practice of unconditional love with someone or something
Create a project to better your neighborhood or community
Do at least six AMI session with others, free or by donation
Make friends/communicate with a new animal, a tree, a plant, a rock etc.

Share from your home practice journals.
Have a clear understanding of what is taught in Level I and be able to teach it.
Be able to access your inner self and receive accurate messages and answers.
Be committed to following most guidance, without being a puppet.
Be committed to clearing all remaining blocks to enlightened consciousness.
Be committed to right livelihood.
Give uplifting service to life, from being yourself and doing what brings you joy.

Have a clear understanding of what is taught on Levels II and III and be able to teach it.
Know the the possibility of physical immortality and rejuvenation.
Be able to effectively lead an ascension meditation.
If Joanna returns to the area, participants will be invited to a free gathering.

If your heart pulls you to organize your area for the Living Mastery trainings, what a blessing for us all! A suggested goal is 100 or more participants. There's no rigidity about price, but it should be enough to honor the teaching, pay for any advertising and a lovely venue, and be a true win/win financially, as well as spiritually, for both the teacher and the organizer(s). A ballpark idea on price is $500 USD for the two weekends together of each training; this is a good deal less than two separate weekends would be. Let us think in terms of people's prosperity and the desire to expand spiritually. Please contact Joanna at joanna-ami@jps.net if you're interested and want to explore ideas together.

Since 1989, Joanna has given talks and mini-workshops at Whole Life Expos and many prestigious conferences: the World Congress on Illumination (Tucson and Jackson Hole), Wesak Festivals in Mt. Shasta and Australia, Planet in Change in South Africa, Ithica One Earth Conference in New Zealand, and others in the U.S.A. and Europe. As the Founder of Ascension Mastery International, Joanna most enjoys speaking of humanity's limitless possibilities such as ascension and immortality. Invitations for Joanna Cherry to speak may be addressed to her office by e-mailing joanna-ami@jps.net or calling 530/926-6650 in Mt. Shasta, California.


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