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New DVD!
Earth Service, Ascension Meditation
and Prayer to the I Am
Presentation at the Best of Mt. Shasta Conference, 2011 Together our love and intention serve the Earth, including gentle shifts into the age of light. Second, we go as high in our ascension process as we are ready in the moment. And last, we give a prayer to our I Am Presence. Anyone may join in the wondrous energies present here. 

Joanna Earth Service DVD, Code JES $19.95.

DVD! Meditation into the Ascended Master Retreat of Mt. Shasta

Led by Joanna Cherry at the 2008 Wesak gathering in Mt. Shasta, California. The masters are waiting for you in this 5th-dimensional retreat before you arrive, and all sincere people are welcomed. Wondrous spiritual gifts are given to each visitor. Experience your light body; bathe in the cleansing pool, enter the hollow crystal pyramid where initiations are given, see the crystal caves, the hall of records, and more.

Joanna Wesak DVD, Code JW $14.95.

The Self Initiations CD Set:
Joanna's newest and most powerful work. Make it easy for yourself to accomplish the initiations. Joanna has put practices from her book Self Initiations, those which require a depth of concentration, into a five-CD set. Rather than break your focus to read the next part of an initiation, you may remain deeply concentrated and be guided through it. Each practice is listed, with its location.
Listen to a sample track from this CD set: Dissolve Psychic Cords
Five-CD set, $49.95.

Steps in Your Ascension CD Set:
Joanna's ascension work in one set. "You Can Ascend" defines ascension as completely possible for you. A powerful ascension meditation lifts you into ever-higher levels of your own divine light. "Ascension and Bi-location" takes you, in your light body, into the ascended master retreat of Mt. Shasta. There you meet with a master and receive healing, blessing, initiation and spiritual gifts. And "Tools For Your Ascension" gives the four steps in your ascension process, and tools to master each.
Three-CD set, $39.95.

The Ascension Process Workshop CD Set
(This set plus The Rejuvenation Set span most of AMI's offered work.)

A live workshop with Joanna!
Expand with: • Ascension • Rejuvenation • Relationship healing • Forgiveness • Prosperity • Sexual healing • Marriage of your inner male and female • and much more!
Seven-CD Set, $59.95

The Rejuvenation CD Set
Open your inner doors to the reality of regeneration and rejuvenation! Clear old beliefs, release aging and death. Reverse the death hormone in your pituitary gland, and replace it with life! Bring forth your light body. Shift your DNA. Practice with a rejuvenation process of great power. NEW! 2010 practice is now included in the set!

A pioneering four-CD set to lift you into a new way of being! $44.95.

The God-Oneness CD Set
Connect and merge with your own inner Self. Listen for the name of a divine aspect or guide. Receive a signal from your spirit through your body. Recognize a true or false message, and receive clear guidance. Experience the bliss of being your divinity!

Two-CD set, $29.95.

The Relationship CD Set:
Embrace your own essential innocence. Forgive yourself and all who are close to you. Love yourself as part of God/Goddess. Heal and transform every important relationship in your life!
Two-CD set, $29.95.

Purpose & Prosperity CD Set

Find your life's purposes, and fulfill them. Shift from unwanted work to a joyous, creative life! Follow your heart and your joy, abundantly giving and receiving. The divine wants you entirely happy and abundant, accept it!

Two-CD set, $29.95.

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