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Joanna Cherry

Enlightenment dawns with the release of what is not the real self. Releasing our mental-emotional causes of fear/terror, anger/resentment/rage, abusing/accepting abuse, guilt, grief, jealousy, judgment, emotional addiction, substance addiction, resignation, lifelessness, boredom, limited thinking-all the machinations of ego--is thus our real work.
        There are myriads of ways to do this releasing; here are some which have stood the test of time. I hope they are of service. (One of the most powerful of release practices, rebirthing, is given in a separate article.)

Genetic Chain Busting

Can you imagine inheriting only positive tendencies from your parents, grandparents and great grandparents? Is any person so fortunate? A difficult genetic trait is usually one of the most difficult things to overcome: not only have we known it since birth, we see it in people we grow up with. (An adopted person may actually have an advantage regarding inherited genetics.)
        Breaking the genetic chain means clearing yourself of undesired genetics, or traits, you have received from your family. These may include a tendency toward a particular disease, alcoholism or other addiction, abuse patterns, obesity, etc. You can literally alter your own genetics, because a detrimental condition can exist only within slow frequencies, and you are quickening your frequencies here.
        In the mysterious ways of time as illusion, everything being here/now, you are also clearing your ancestors as much as they allow.

Go into a meditative space, calling your divine Presence, guides or masters you work with, and (if you like) Archangel Michael, who is particularly helpful in this kind of exercise.
        First of all, thank and bless your parents (if you can) for bringing you into the world, and for doing the very best they knew in raising you, or giving you to someone else to raise. Forgive them if you can for any difficult things you have inherited.
        Now set your intent, such as: "I intend to now free myself from all unwanted genetics from my entire ancestral line!" or, "I intend to now free myself from family susceptibility to cancer, and be perfectly healthy for my entire life."
        Place a sword of light in your hand, with Michael's blue flame and sword joining yours. Find the passion in your heart to be truly free of all that would pull you down. Holding this passion, raise the sword above your head on a big in-breath, and then bring it down suddenly to the floor with a great Whoosh! of out-breath. Really mean it! Feel and see all being released!
        Check yourself. How do you feel? Is doing it again appropriate? If so, do it as much as three or four times, with great passion, and then let it rest. If you feel you need to do more, do it again in perhaps a week, and repeat as it feels appropriate.
        In your meditation, build on this work with positive affirmations of how life now is for you.

Violet Flame Purification

Eons ago, when those assisting humanity saw that many difficult experiences were taking their toll on human consciousness, a way was devised to cleanse difficulties from our psyches quickly and powerfully. Archangel Zadkiel was involved, and the great ascended master St. Germain. It is called the Violet Flame, and it is for you and for everything that exists. It never goes against free will, but it is a mighty power when it is invited or allowed. When you call it, everyone and everything that is open to its love and cleansing power will be benefited.

Sit and call your spirit. You may use these words, or change them as you will. "In the name and by the power and authority of I Am That I Am, I now call forth from the center of the Earth the mighty Violet Flame, in all its magnificent victory, power and glory, to blaze up through everything within, upon and above the Earth to the ends of the atmosphere. This mighty flame now loves, blesses, heals, purifies, forgives, lifts, and dissolves all which no longer serves, wherever it is allowed, for every member of the human kingdom, the animal, mineral, plant and devic kingdoms, and all others. The four elements of earth, air, water and fire are now moving into sparkling purity, clarity, joy and light all over the world. All ego constructions are dissolved or foiled as soon as may be. The darkness of conflict is now diminished by this flame as much as possible. I invite the Violet Flame through my physical body and lighter bodies (emotional, mental, astral, etheric) to clear out everything that no longer serves me, including __________.
        Now see and feel the flame blazing through yourself and the entire planet. Gladly GIVE all you wish to release to your spirit/guides etc.; see and FEEL all of it being dissolved completely in divine light and love. See and feel all difficulties on Earth, and with yourself, being replaced with love, harmony, wisdom, honoring, peace, joy, freedom, and all else you choose. And so be it!

Psychic Cord Cutting

Freedom and love are one. Becoming free with another person makes more available the infinite love which is ever the reality between you.
        One of the most powerful releasing tools, similar to breaking the genetic chain, is cutting the psychic cords with which you have bound yourself to a person (usually a partner or family member) or a situation (like state of health, home or work). These are bonds based on memory, thought and emotion such as fear, guilt, resentment, judgment; bonds kept because you feel afraid to release something old and comfortable (yet disliked) and move into a new unknown; bonds from an incorrect perception of love, such as worrying about another or buying into their worry for you; bonds to ill health from need (for example) for attention, or bonds to another's ill health from need to be a caregiver; and similar things.
        Freeing yourself with a person doesn't mean putting him or her out of your life, but your relationship will change. Also, just because you realize that you actually do love someone you used to hate, it doesn't mean keeping them in your life.
        It doesn't matter if someone remains corded to you after you cut your own cords-and no one can bind you against your will--you yourself can be free. Freeing yourself also assists others to free themselves.
        Succeeding here takes a great deal of insight and self honesty about what you are actually doing with people and situations in your life. Even more, it takes the courage to change. And if you succeed, real diligence is usually required to keep yourself from unconsciously recreating the cords. You've been used to them!

Sit and call your spirit. For your first effort, bring to mind a particular person (with you or away, living or dead). See, as clearly and compassionately as you can, the dynamics from you to her or him. The cords almost always connect from the area of your sexual organs, abdomen and/or solar plexus; see if you can see or feel this. (If you see some coming from your back, there is probably a past life connection with this person.) When you feel ready to be free with this person, call in Archangel Michael (if you wish).
        Take the sword of light of your own divinity, joined with Michael's. Feel that great desire for freedom, for change, and then begin to dissolve or cut the cords with your sword in whatever motions feel right for you. Give it some time. Really feel and see them going!
        When this feels complete, "tie off" the cords so they do not easily re-form. (You may need to do this a number of times, over time, to truly get them all.)
        Next, envision and feel, deeply, how you truly desire things to be between you. Finally, describe to yourself your new relationship. See it, feel it, love it, bless it! Do this until this becomes your reality.

Aura Clearing 

his is very simple and quick. To be sure your aura includes just you and the divine energies you want with you, say either silently or aloud, and mean it:

"My aura is now clear of all but my divine I Am love and light." Change the words if you desire, making sure the full meaning remains.

I Take Responsibility

One of the great confusions of humanity has been to think that others have more power than we do, thus the power to create something bad for us, take something valuable from us, keep us in lack, or keep us bound in some unhappy situation.
        But in truth, not one person or group, no matter what their position or wealth, can keep us from complete happiness and fulfillment. Both happiness and fulfillment are already within us, and it is always within our power to bring them out, and to live the life we desire.
        Fate is also blamed for unhappiness, from losing a loved one, our possessions, money, or anything we value. This is where the Buddhist teaching of non-attachment can bring us comfort and new life. We cannot tell the destiny or choice of others (conscious or unconscious) which may take them away from us, but they are still part of life, still part of us, and their consciousness is still alive. And the tidal waves of life are here not to swamp us, but to teach us to rise above, and move on in ever-greater empowerment and joy.
        To actually let go of the past and be present, right here and now, in the fullness of our Being, is what we all yearn for whether we yet know it or not. These statements can assist in empowering us to take responsibility (never to be confused with blame) for our lives.

Everything in my life I have chosen/created/accepted, consciously or unconsciously: my family, where and how I live, the people in my life, employment, state of health, money, happiness or unhappiness-everything. I am not now and never have been a victim. No person and no situation holds power over me.
        I Am a great divine being, the image of God and forever innocent in God. I have always done my best, and so has everyone else. I forgive myself, all others, all conditions, all events. I take responsibility for all of my life. I take responsibility for being happy, fulfilled, abundant, creative, and giving to life. As the unlimited being I Am I can re-choose, re-create anything for myself exactly as my heart desires. I know how to do this.
        I now choose to create___________. (And _______, etc.) So be it.

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2006

 You are welcome to pass this article along, as long as the copyright is respected and due credit is given the author. Thank you.

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