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Adventures in Rejuvenation II:
The Reversal of the Death Hormone and Other Discoveries

by Joanna Cherry

  I was up on the great sacred vortex of Mt. Shasta in far northern California. With me was a woman receiving ascension training.
        On the second day, we were ready for rejuvenation. I had heard, and received inner confirmation, that the pituitary gland produces a "death hormone" in response to our belief that our body must age and die. I believe this information came from the master Ramtha. (The pituitary is the "master gland", located two or three inches down from the top of the head.) But I had never done anything with that information.
        When we began this day, a door to new consciousness suddenly sprang open. In it I saw to directly and passionately address our pituitary glands. After locating it in the head and asking it to "light up" for us, the words went approximately so:
        "My beloved pituitary gland! I thank you and acknowledge you for having produced the death hormone in the past. That was exactly what I commanded you to do, and you have served me perfectly! I want you to know that I have remembered who I am. I Am an unlimited god-being who has absolute choice to determine all my life experiences! I have chosen to rejuvenate this beloved body. Therefore, it is time for you to cease producing the death hormone, and begin producing a life hormone. I ask you to do this NOW!"
        The top of my head felt like it flipped off! Light began pouring in through my crown chakra, and my pituitary gland felt in ecstasy! As clearly as if it could speak aloud, I heard it say, "Thank you!! Thank you for freeing me from a job I hated, and letting me to do my real work, helping this body to be more alive and strong and beautiful every day!"

Related discoveries came rapidly. I learned to call alive and awake the other ductless glands of the body, associated with the seven major chakras, and initiate their participation in the rejuvenation process. After the pituitary/crown chakra, the others are: pineal/third eye; thyroid/throat chakra; thymus/heart chakra; adrenals/solar plexus; pancreas/second chakra; and sexual organs/root chakra. I also learned (this from the master Mafu) to simultaneously create an egg shape around the body of lavender love/light/rejuvenation energies flowing through everything.
        Working with the glands and chakras was a great revelation to me. I connected with them frequently at first, to support them in their new joy and new job. As time went on, I sometimes dropped this for fairly long periods, and fell back into aging consciousness. Even then, my body has never gone back to the steady aging of its former days.
        I've learned, largely with the help of the book The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, by Peter Kelder, to spin my chakras more rapidly, around to the right (horizontal to the floor), and have learned and practiced the five Tibetan rites outlined in that book. I have learned the importance of the immune response system, consisting of the thymus gland, the spleen and bone marrow, which produces the new cells of the body (about 100 million per minute!). If these cells are coming in defective, you can ask spirit to connect you with your body elemental and call forth the production of only whole and vitally alive new cells. I have felt guided to picture my bloodstream as tiny crystalline pyramids. I have affirmed the changing of the RNA-DNA of my system from two helixes per cell to twelve, the number we originally started with in our sojourn on earth.
        These things are what I call the "mind stuff" of rejuvenation. They give a focus, or handle, on changing our body from the involvement of our minds and active physical processes. For me, it is beneficial at this time to include this kind of work along with the directly spiritual, the recognition that my true body of light is right here, and by believing wholly in it I can allow it to begin to "shine through" my earth body. I picture it, step into it, and feel it as deeply as I can.
        Regarding diet, supplements and so forth: each body/mind is unique. It's important to learn how to tune in to the body and feel what it would actually enjoy having at a given moment. Certain foods are best for each, and this can include meat. Supplements, vitamins etc. may or may not be best, or may be of temporary benefit. And, we are able to live on prana alone. The ever-vital connection with spirit will give us guidance. For myself, rejuvenation is primarily a matter of consciousness; there's not a lot of concern about what is taken into the body.

What I have to report (this was written about 1994) is that for the first time since I began tuning in to the possibilities of rejuvenation in 1982, I have begun to rejuvenate much more of the time, varying between a feeling of a sort of "hold" state in which I am not aging or am aging slower than before, to a state of strong, clear rejuvenation. Over the last year or so I believe I have rejuvenated about 50% of the time. The year is now 2007. My face and body show definite signs of age at present (I was born in 1940). But in the fall of 1998, nine years after the first reversal of death hormone experience, I was meditating one day when I heard a quiet voice say simply, "Your body has now reached a non-dying state." In the year following this statement from spirit, my energy levels increased dramatically. On my hikes, I did not have to stop and huff and puff when walking up a long hill, even five miles of upward slogging. Since then, my energies have leveled out, but do not any longer go downhill from year to year. This means that, barring an unforeseen event, my body will go on living, probably at about my present level of energy, until I begin rejuvenating completely.

The rejuvenation of appearance is a different accomplishment altogether. The ego of myself, taking its cue from past lives as nuns and prostitutes, has been adamantly against my feeling my worth, and the love and trust of God, enough to allow me to accept such a radical upward departure from the usual human experience. This ego self has been enormously strong in the past, managing to create punishing experiences if I went against it. But it is considerably weaker now.

Over the past six years I have plunged (more accurately, I was plunged) into the darkest depths of healing for all of my lives. Most healing has been of abuse (intended or unconscious) from men. Through my forgiveness of myself and others, and my release (and often actual changing) of my past, I have moved into a much lighter and more loving consciousness. I've realized I had to do all this to become ready to rejuvenate-in other words, to come to that knowing of self worth and trust in the love and power of God which would allow actual rejuvenation of appearance. With apologies to those many who've heard me say in past workshops that I thought I was about ready to rejuvenate my appearance (and didn't), I will only say that the proof will be when it comes.
        When I am focused on other endeavors, I often notice that old aging thoughts are back. Also, that assumptions of aging have been dyed into the wool of the most subtle layers of being. But I have learned through these years that the process of rejuvenation is a matter of returning to the truth over and over, allowing for periods of seeming to go backwards.

The real stuff of rejuvenation is feeling ourselves to be the divinity we are, able to do anything we choose. Feeling that God is everlasting, expanding life, beauty, and perfection--not only in the heavenly realms but right here on Earth. Then gradually come the faith, and KNOWING, that our body is truly one with God, and that its natural way is to express its Godhood, its beauty, life and strength increasing daily forever, as long as we choose to be in form. God being everything, God is our body. We are able to experience all that is, body, mind, emotion, and the physical plane--as spirit. This is actually possible for us; we can do it.

Blessings to you in any journey you may choose to take regarding rejuvenation! I hope this is of service to you.

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2007

You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

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