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The Power to Change Prophecy

 Joanna Cherry

The birthing of the age of light requires deep changes in every arena: our bodies, minds, and hearts, the structures of society, the very environment in which we live. Earth herself is ascending into lighter dimensions, and must adjust to it. Does this involve cataclysms that wipe out cities and dump much of our land into the sea? Perhaps. And perhaps not.
        Many of us have been giving our power away. Wholesale subjectivity to prophecies of doom fuel fear, not love. Some of the prophets of "Earth changes" are connected with spirit, and others with a lesser source. But for the sake of argument, let us assume that every prophecy is based in truth. What does this mean for us as individuals?
        To answer this question, here's another: Who are we? If we accept our spiritual understanding, we know we are divine, part of and one with the Christos arising from God. We have great creative power. We have the power to change the future by choosing how we want it to be.
        In the light of this knowledge, how shall we respond to prophecies of change? When I think of the struggles of humanity to remember who we are, after eon upon eon of believing we are lesser, limited creatures, I feel each of us deserves as much compassion, and as much time as possible, to remember our Godhood. Violent death from earthquake, tidal wave, meteor collision, volcanic eruption etc. would create more pain within the psyche of each person who experiences it. This new pain would be yet another barrier to overcome in the healing process.
        There may be those who do not choose to remember their divinity now or soon, who wish to remain in third-dimensional limitation; this is of course their prerogative. But I feel that the vast majority of humans upon Earth do choose to remember, and desire to express the love, light, wisdom, freedom and power of our true being. The more ease that those of us who are conscious creators can bring to Earth's transformation, the more of us can come home to joy.
        Those who are bringing us warnings for Earth deserve our thanks. I find Gordon Michael Scallion, probably the most respected of the predictors, a sincere person and a genuine receiver of visions. But though some of his predictions have come true, he has the wisdom to say that they always may be transcended. This we did regarding his prediction of a huge Los Angeles earthquake on May 9, 1993. It did not happen.
        Mafu, an ascended master, said in his video "The Journey Home" that he had predicted certain calamities. But since he had made the predictions, we had chosen otherwise; therefore they would not happen.
        The couple who created the I Am America" map, which shows (for instance) California as a series of islands, sought me out as they passed through Mt. Shasta. They are lovely, light-filled people. When I said to them, "I don't believe any of these things are going to happen", they replied, "We hope they don't! We are simply guided to make this information known."
        A good prophet knows he is pointing to future possibilities which will manifest only if we keep going in the same direction. His job is not only to make us aware of them, it is also to galvanize the forces that are needed to change that direction. And it is our job to change direction so that they do not happen! The job description of a good prophet: "As often as possible, make yourself look like a fool!"
        Some dramatic changes may not be able to be averted. I have a friend who saw in a vision some years back the terrible earthquake that would quickly hit Mexico City. At the same time, her spirit told her it could not be changed; the people there had unconsciously chosen this experience to learn from.
        There may be other unchangeable events of this nature. But it is not for us to be sheep in the face of any prediction. Many have already been averted, and we can do much more! For instance, a gentleman who lives in Los Angeles discovered that he served as an anchor for the light, precisely to help avert the 1993 earthquake.
        Many of us, both individually and in groups, have learned how to pray for and affirm a gentle transition for Earth, more fun and easier for everybody. We have contradicted, by our own declaration, specific prophecies. I for one was certain we had transcended the 1993 quake long before the May 9th date.
        And we have help! The ascended masters, avatars and all who are helping to birth a new and glorious planet, are working diligently to harmonize our tremendous transition. If you want our changes to be easy and harmonious, below is a process you can do alone or (more powerfully) with a group of like-minded friends. Feel free to change or add to it in any way, as you are guided.

Process for a Gentle Earth Transition

Go into a meditation of some kind, as you know, to become centered in your divinity, your spirit. Place planet Earth before you or in the center of your circle. From your heart, begin to allow the Light you are to shine gently out. Allow this light to blaze more brightly, until you feel your whole body become like a shining sun. It fills the space where you are, and overflows far beyond. Now allow your awareness of the love power you are to grow stronger and stronger, until you know that your word affects the entire planet. Then one or all may speak these or similar words:

"Beloved Mother Earth, we are so grateful to you for supporting and nurturing us! We know that over the past eons we have forgotten our divinity, and forgotten that you are a sacred, living being. For our actions done in ignorance and misunderstanding, we ask your forgiveness. We are changing our ways as quickly as we are able.
        "We know that you are shifting, moving into the light of your own ascension; and we are too! What we ask is that your changes be as gentle as possible, for the greatest number of us to ascend with you. We feel you desire this as well! We therefore affirm it. We deny any certainty of cataclysm! We have the power to change prophecy, and we use this now, together with all those assisting Earth's transition, to bring forth gentle change.
        "We see the light and love of spirit shining from every eye, and peace on Earth. We affirm the healing and purifying of all your waters, air and land. We see the forests restored. We see our perfect understanding and harmony with all of life. We see you once again as Eden, as paradise, which you were always meant to be. And so be it!"
        Take some time to see and feel your vision. If you are in a group, members may share spontaneously.
        Blessings to Earth and all of us in our ascension!

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 1994

You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

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