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Adventures in Precipitation

by Joanna Cherry

It was August upon Mount Shasta, and I was leading two friends up a trail to Squaw Meadow. Squaw is a place of incredible beauty and energy (a friend calls it "darshan of the Gods") 8,000 feet up the mountain, where we were to camp for three days. It was a lovely day but hot, and we were enjoying the shade from the trees overhead as we walked along. Suddenly, I heard something slide down the back of my pack. I paid no attention; everything was zipped snugly, and I assumed it was a twig fallen from a pine. My friend Kathleen, walking behind me, saw a pair of tweezers hit the ground, and silently picked them up and continued hiking. Fifty feet further along, she stopped to take off a boot and remove a pebble that had wiggled its way into an uncomfortable spot. But instead of a pebble, she found a splinter. She tried several times to remove it with her fingers, but it didn't budge. The only thing that would take it out was--a pair of tweezers. She pulled them from her pocket, lifted the splinter out, and we were back upon our way.
        Later in the day she handed me the tweezers and said "Here, these are yours."
        "What do you mean?" I asked.   
        "They fell from your pack."
        "But I didn't bring any." Sunscreen was the only toiletry I had packed.
        When we returned home, I looked for my tweezers. They had disappeared. I realized that they had manifested, as needed, for my friend.

 Looking at the overflow of my latest batch of sprouts, I decided I needed a large tea strainer to drain them in. "Buy strainer" went on my To Do List, and I went about my business.
        A couple of days later I took out the top one of two green bowls, for some evening soup. Later on, clean bowl in hand, I opened the cupboard and tried to set it back into its partner. But it wouldn't go. There, sitting in the bottom bowl, was a large tea strainer. I paused, thinking as one does to explain something unexpected. My mind raced back over the last day or so--no, no one else had come in. Had I bought the strainer and simply forgotten? No. Could it possibly have been in the bottom bowl for awhile and I didn't notice it? No.
        It took a few beats to really sink into my mind: this strainer had appeared out of nowhere. I took it out and investigated. It wasn't even new: there was a bit of rust around the rim. And it was a most ordinary type of strainer, no gold handle or anything you might expect from a magical appearance. Perhaps my angels lifted it from an old discarded pile somewhere.

It seems incidents like this are becoming common. Don't you have something--a set of keys, a small article perhaps, that has vanished from its place and then returned? Something that shifted its location impossibly? Something that has appeared out of nothing, an "apport"? I myself have had several similar experiences, and every time I've asked a group of workshop participants if they have too, you should see how the hands went up!
        What does this mean? Why are these things happening? I believe it's to help us remember that this is not a physical universe, it is a spiritual universe. That there is truly no space in God; space is an illusion. That desire is meant to be instantly and effortlessly fulfilled from the all-abundant universal substance, God, or Love. That intelligence and knowing are everywhere present. That the reality of a form is the thought behind it.
        We are moving so fast now! Everything is shifting at warp speed, and gaining momentum exponentially. We've all felt it. The shift is into our knowing that each of us is an individual, unlimited god or goddess, in the exact image of the Creator. We have wondrous natural abilities that humanity forgot long ago, such as:

       Rejuvenation of our physical form, and maintaining a beautiful eternal body on Earth as long as we choose to be here;

        Ascension, taking our bodies up into light and leaving no form behind, when we are ready to leave the third dimension;

        Placing our physical form in a new location by thought; and

        Manifesting anything needed or desired instantly into our presence.

These "little miracles" that are happening for us now are important; they are signposts, wakeup calls. They are saying, think about this thing--if this can happen, it changes every concept of the physical realm that we have ever carried. Our former realities are not real.

The first story of this kind that a friend told to me had moved me much, and stuck in my mind. She had forgotten to get money to take the BART train across San Francisco Bay, and she had none in her wallet when she looked. There were no ATMs then and the banks were not open. She became desperate. She walked on, wracking her brain to think what she might do.
        Suddenly, golden sparkles appeared in the air in front of her. She felt guided to look again into her wallet. She opened it up, and to her amazement she found exactly the money she needed to take the BART.
        Hearing this opened the door for similar events to happen for me. So, share your stories! Listen to what has happened to your friends. Let us build this momentum of change still higher, ever faster! In these little miracles, treasures of deeper understanding and greater knowing await us. We welcome them! Blessings to each of us in remembering, and fully experiencing, the magnificent divinity we are.

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2007

You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

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