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Miracle Maxie

by Joanna Cherry

This bright, clear day I am feeling special gratitude for my fluffy cat, Maxie, who at this moment is out chasing grasshoppers around the back yard. I had found her and her sister Minou, two months old, at the Humane Shelter, where they had been caged for over three weeks.
        When I took them home, no one knew this black and gray tiger-striped kitten was already very sick. Within a few days it became obvious--her body stank from the inside out, and she began to gulp continuously. She ate less and less.
        "What should I do?" I asked spirit. I heard that she felt very sad because she was caged, so she caught a disease to take her out of life. I recalled that while Minou had purred and rubbed against the cage to be petted, Maxie had simply looked out with eyes full of sorrow.
        "Should I take her to the vet?" I asked. No. This was hard for me to understand until later, when a friend told me it sounded like she had distemper, from which kittens "don't recover". It was so lethal, so contagious that if I had taken her to the vet, she would have been taken from me and put to sleep.
        "Well, can I do anything to help her?" Spirit suggested that I give her lots of love. There was a chance she could be healed. So I did. For hours each day I held her on my lap, stroking her and saying things like, "Life is beautiful, Maxie! You can stay and have a wonderful time. You're free now and I'll never let you go back to a cage. You can play and b
        In spite of her illness she purred and purred, and I felt she was really listening to me and taking it in. But her health continued to deteriorate. She stopped eating, and stopped drinking. My heart broke to see her hover over her water dish, so thirsty but unable to drink.
        Finally, on her fifth day of starvation, I was sitting with her in my lap, stroking her as always but full of despair.
        "What's going to happen to her?" I asked.
        "Well, she's going to die..."
        "No, she has heard you and would like to live. But she is too weak, and the disease is taking its course." So I sat there with her, my heart aching, trying to turn her loose to go to her cat afterlife.
        Then, without conscious thought, I heard myself saying, "But what about a miracle? God can do anything!" There was a long pause. And then I heard, gently and quietly, "I would be pleased to do this."
        I waited. No lightning bolts. Maxie continued to look and act just the same. But within a few minutes, I realized that the disease had vanished. It had no more cohesion, no power--it had ceased to exist! There remained somehow, in spite of every appearance, only health.
        Though I felt a true shift had taken place, in honesty I also doubted it. But that night, before we went to bed, Maxie drank for the first time in five days. And the next morning, she began to eat. Much to my surprise, spirit suggested I feed her multi-grain pancake better, and she dug in!
        Over the next days, she gained her weight back. Her personality, playful and loving, began to emerge. She was going to live! And live happily. Joy and gratitude filled my heart.
        This has helped me to realize that "miracles" are simply God's natural way of action when we call upon them in the knowing that that great power knows no limits, no disease, no difficulty. It has changed my life. And Maxie's.
        Both she and Minou are now healthy, contented thirteen-year-old kitty cats.

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2007

You are welcome to pass this article along to others, as long as you acknowledge the source. Thank you.

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