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Matrix Energetics

The Wonderful Work of Dr. Richard Bartlett

Joanna Cherry

To the reader: this article is a work in progress and will probably change with time. I’ve seen a DVD, read most of Dr. Bartlett’s book, and have much more to learn. I plan to attend a seminar. I feel so excited by just this partial exposure to the work that I am moved to share it with you, and tell you how you might discover it for yourself. The website is

Recently watching the DVD “Matrix Energetics”—the name Dr. Richard Bartlett has given his work—I was amazed at the miracles taking place before my eyes. Richard (he’s such a funny, irreverent, youthful guy that I can’t go along calling him “Dr. Bartlett” all the time, and I suspect he wouldn’t care for it either) is somewhat like an old fashioned preacher touching people, whereupon they fall over, sometimes reporting miracle healings. But Richard is simply a spiritual person, unassociated with a particular religion. His emphasis is more on quantum physics, which he has studied closely, because it can explain—at least partially—what happens when someone heals instantly. Not, he says, that you need to know how it works. And anyone can learn to do it.

We all have heard of instant, or miracle, healings. There are many famous healers, Jesus being perhaps the first one we know about. But I don’t know of anyone else who not only heals people right and left, he also trains others to do the same. (Of course not all of his healings succeed, which he will be the first to tell you.) And he has such a relaxed and happy approach that it all feels de-mystified and real, like why shouldn’t this happen for all of us, every day? This in itself is an enormous gift.

In his book, also called Matrix Energetics, he tells of a turning point in his work as a chiropractor. A longshoreman came in for treatment of a frozen shoulder; he could barely move his arm and was in a lot of pain. Richard worked on him for over an hour, to little effect. Finally the man said “You’re not very good at this, are you?” Richard replied, “Apparently not!”

Just then he heard giggles above him in the room. I’m condensing here: one of the voices said “Why is he working so hard?” And the other replied, “Just imagine it not there!” And Richard suddenly got it. He saw the frozen shoulder not there, and it was healed instantly.

He explains what we’ve known for a long time: the body is made up of tiny particles surrounded by vast fields of space. The smallest known particles are photons, which are light particles. He also talks about the scientifically proven event that particles change when they are observed: the act of observing a wave action, for example, can change it into a particle. Therefore HOW we see things changes them.

In someone’s body a frozen shoulder, cancer, blindness etc. is each a particular configuration—a quantum field—of particles and space. The healing of a difficulty comes from collapsing the existing quantum field and replacing it with another. As I understand it, this happens with no passing of time and no movement in space.

But Richard avoids trying to closely define what happens in healing, leaving it open ended. He expects others to have different experiences from his own, and to learn in turn from them. In his book he talks a good deal about how a scientist makes an intuitive leap in a dream or a trance-like state, and then tries to fit that into a mathematical equation which may, or may not, cover the whole of his vision. He “makes it up.” So much remains unknown!

I have said in workshops that the body is made of light, formed by thought, and run by divinity. Divinity’s thought being perfect, the body would be eternally perfect and beautiful if it were not altered by human limited thought. Deepak Chopra, in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, talks of health and illness in people with multiple personalities. One of the personalities inhabiting a body has terminal cancer. When a different personality steps into the same body, there is not a trace of the disease. What would be the cause of this, other than thought and belief? In Richard’s healings it seems the thought that held a problem in place is collapsed, along with the condition itself, into the perfect thought and manifestation of the person’s divinity. And the healings hold.

Richard Bartlett was a normal American boy. At ten years old, a speeding car running a light hit him full on. He said that time slowed way down, and he was aware of everything—the wind buzzing past his ears, his body arcing upside down above the road. Suddenly he heard the words “Slap the mat!” strongly in his head. Just before he landed, his hands came down and slapped the pavement, saving him from serious injury or death.

Another couple of incidents on the magical side began to convince him that life as we have understood it could not explain, could not cover the things that had happened to him.

He wanted to help people heal and decided to go into chiropractics and naturopathy, because they encourage exploration and experimentation. He also studied many other healing modalities, including shamanism. He married and had kids, and was struggling to take care of his family. He’d become known as the “weird doctor” because so many unusual things were happening in his work. Finally, the breakthrough came with a genuine miracle healing (a different one than the frozen shoulder), and he was on his way.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing of all is his mind, which is not only open; he is continually reaching for the unknown, new possibilities. A quote from the book, page 38: “Every day I ask myself, ‘What am I not thinking or realizing, that if perceived, could alter my perspective to the benefit of all concerned?’” And he suggests people follow the advice of the queen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and “believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” A quote of his, page 53 of the book, after mentioning that scientifically the bumblebee should not be able to fly: “I am content to bumble along entertaining the consciousness of an infinite realm of miraculous possibility, largely because I don’t know that I can’t!” He also firmly believes Jesus’ words, “I can of mine own self do nothing.” God is the healer.

I feel I am off on a new adventure. Wanna come?

Greatest of blessings to you upon your path!

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