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The Ascended Master Retreat of Mount Shasta

Joanna Cherry

Mount Shasta! The name tugs something deep inside. What is the energy radiating from this mountain, so strongly it can be felt 80 miles away? What are all these legends about, that there are Lemurians or masters inside the mountain? How could such things be true?

Mount Shasta exerts a pull, a magnetic force that draws people when they are ready. I live on the mountain now, and have heard amazing stories about how people find their way here. One woman was sitting at her desk in the Midwest, and heard a voice saying "Time to go to your new home, Mt. Shasta." She had never heard of Mt. Shasta, and had to find out where it was. A man was driving north with his family, planning to move to Oregon or Washington, and exactly at the exit to Mt. Shasta City their car broke down. By the time it got fixed, two or three days later, they realized they were home. I have heard that exact story from no less than ten others. One of spirit’s favorite methods!

I myself was inexorably drawn to the mountain. I had been living in San Francisco for ten years, expecting to stay there. Since 1983 I had been traveling to Mt. Shasta to teach principles of ascension and human possibilities. In 1988, a friend invited me to co-lead a week-long workshop in Squaw Meadow, 8,000 feet up. After this week I was so changed that I could no longer live in San Francisco. A month later I was here.

In esoteric tradition, Mt. Shasta is known as a home of ascended masters, who have formed a retreat on a dimension invisible to physical eyes. These masters began ordinarily, as you and I, being taught that they were limited humans who have a short span of life, whose bodies must age and die. But in each case some deep integrity, some nagging thought that truth may be a different weave, lead them on an adventure of the spirit. Their path was often arduous, in the teeth of their culture’s accepted beliefs. But finally, they realized deep truths about themselves.

They remembered that they were the image of God. They remembered they were unlimited beings and free to choose their destiny. Their minds embraced unlimited thought, their feelings love and joy, their activity service, and their bodies began to quicken in frequency. The cells and atoms began to speed up, to become lighter and lighter. They realized that their bodies, rather than being "gross physical matter" to be laid aside at the end of a life's term, were made of God-substance, light, slowed down to become physical, and now beginning to return to their original light substance. In certain documented cases, notably the famous master St. Germain, the aging process stopped completely.

When these people became ready to leave their lives on Earth, they were able, usually with the help of other masters who had gone before them, to quicken the frequencies of their bodies all the way into light, and ascend--disappear from the earth plane and step into a lighter dimension, a heavenly realm. Thus they became "ascended masters". (I should add that some people actually lay the body down in death, and it is raised up at that time.)

People-become-masters, experiencing infinitely greater joy and freedom, love and abundance and power, desired to help their beloved human brothers and sisters to do the same. They formed a society, the Great White Brotherhood, to serve this purpose. It has female as well as male members, and "white" refers not to race, but to the light that emanates from them. These masters now number in the thousands.

There are many ascended master retreats, most of them on lighter levels but a few on the physical, scattered throughout the world. There is another major one in the United States, in Mt. Moran of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. There is one in the Middle East, and others in every continent.

A number of books have good information on the ascended master retreats. The first two "green books" of the St. Germain Press, The Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, are available at the I Am Reading Room right here in Mt. Shasta. These record the experiences of Guy Ballard, which begin back in the '20's with his meeting St. Germain upon the mountain. St. Germain (not the Catholic saint, but a man whose title in his last incarnation was Count of St. Germain because the land he owned had that name) is one of the oldest of the ascended masters and a great worker for humanity. He is often associated with Mt. Shasta. Another book, The Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta, by Eugene Thomas, gives a different account of the masters and how they live. A third, Sons of God by Christine Mercie, tells of her being teleported into an ascended retreat and of her experiences there. Annalee Skarin, in her series of books beginning with Ye Are Gods, also talks about the retreats. The magnificent series The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East mentions many retreats on the physical level.

The ascended master retreat of Mt. Shasta is the main reason why the mountain emanates such power, exerts such a draw to people who are spiritually inclined. Anyone who wishes may communicate inwardly with the masters, whether physically here or not. In meditation one may visit the ascended retreat and experience wonderful gifts and blessings there.

It is also possible to travel into the retreat in a more substantial light body. Some who do this wind up joining the masters and serving earth from there. This has happened to me. I have experienced the retreat almost as clearly as if my physical body were there. There is a great golden hall where the masters meet, for service or to celebrate in some way. There are many smaller meeting rooms as well, and private rooms. Beautiful music often comes from both visible and invisible sources. There is a "cleansing pool", as I call it, a beautiful round pool filled with a sparkling golden liquid. When you jump in, it cleanses not only your body, but your emotions, your thoughts, your past--everything! And you don't even have to get wet.

One of the experiences I loved best is to breathe the air of the ascended retreat. It is entirely different from the air of this dimension, even air as pure Mt. Shasta’s. The retreat air is incredibly alive, and somehow loving, so that you know this air is absolutely all you need to sustain you!

Terraced gardens and fountains have a sky like ours (don’t ask me how!). There is a great forest, too (no cutting!). There is a hall of records where histories are kept, and records of ascended masters. Something I was introduced to by two friends, Troika St. Germain and Kamala (formerly Julianne Everett) is flame rooms: individual chambers, in each of which blazes a flame the color of a chakra; not just the first seven we are so familiar with now, but also five or six above those. You sit in one of these rooms to experience a healing, clearing and blessing of that particular chakra. Troika has also seen a “hall of history”, where as you walk along you may view actual events of the past or present exactly as they happened or are happening!

One of the most amazing things in the retreat (there is one in the Tetons as well) is the acceleration chair. The green books tell of one old man who sits in this chair and youths completely in minutes. It speeds up the frequencies of the body so rapidly that it is transformed. And in the Tetons only is a section where inventions are created: when people are ready for a new beneficial invention, masters release the instructions for its creation into the thought stream of humanity. (Personally I believe this is the reason so many Nobel prizes are awarded to two different scientists for exactly the same discovery at exactly the same time.)

Another thing I have experienced quite powerfully is a great crystalline pyramid, pulsing in transcendent colors of gold, silver, rose, blue, aqua, and lavender. It is hollow; a person may be invited inside for an initiation, a healing, or to have healing uplifting crystals placed in their light body. Usually at least four masters participate in a ceremony of this kind.

Service to humanity and Earth is the over-arching purpose in the retreat. The masters feel their absolute equality with the rest of humanity, and long for everyone to know what they know. People are assisted not only as a whole, but also individually. If you are there, you choose where and how you wish to serve. You may join a committee—or more than one—to end hunger, promote peace in the Middle East, encourage freedom. Much communication is done telepathically, but there are also frequent meetings to share what's been done and contemplate the next steps of that project.

Since my experience I have taught this process to others, and many have now bi-located in my workshops. But you may already be living and serving on this level--I've met a number who are, whose earth selves may not know it. We are multi-dimensional to the highest levels of the Godhead; this is simply one possibility and choice of our existence. The only requirements are desire and readiness to serve humanity, and desire to be on the ascended realm. If you desire this, ask for it.

The masters live lives of service, love, and joy, surrounded by beauty. As needed or desired, they manifest anything from the ethers for their loving use. Many may travel by thought, within moments, anywhere on Earth or in the universe. Their bodies are eternally youthful and beautiful. They desire that what they do and how they live benefit everyone, and they are available to assist anyone at any time. Simply call.

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