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Life as Love

Joanna Cherry

Recently I was seated in the front row of a concert by Erik Berglund, of Mt. Shasta, California. With his friend Scott at the keyboard, Erik both played the harp and poured out his heart in song, filling the whole space with love. He sang of angels, birds, dreams coming true, the power of love.

When I left I was lifted by love, basking in love, infused with love. Though I have been teaching it for years, and feeling it as best I can, I knew I was truly feeling for the first time, to the depths of my heart, mind and body, the truth that Life/God/Goddess actually IS love. That it supports each and every one of us boundlessly, every moment of every day and night, in whatever we choose to create (be it conscious or unconscious). Our very bodies are sustained, every nanosecond, by love. Every tree, growing from a tiny seed into great magnificence, is created in love.

If its action is not interfered with by limited thinking, Life’s action works naturally for infinite good. It easily, effortlessly and naturally works what we call miracles for ourselves and others. It could rejuvenate a human body in seconds; heal a “terminal” cancer instantly, provide food or whatever good from the ethers. All the miracle workers we know of, the great masters who can do these things, are simply and completely one with the truth of Life.

The day after the concert, feeling Life’s tremendous love for us all, an explosion of good happened for me and my company. It lasted about a week and a half. But I could feel the love slipping away from my consciousness, and myself heading downhill. Two weeks later to the day, my beloved kitty Minou died, and I hit bottom. Spirit showed me that this place of despair, hopelessness, victimhood, and mistrust was a very old (if rare) pattern for me, and it needed to go. I had worked with it before; but this time I was able to clear my sorrow from the deaths of people and animals I had loved in past lives. I did four days of intensive inner work, and perhaps it is finally done.

The truth, Life is love, is still here. Feeling it all the time isn’t so easy. But if we meditate with these thoughts, we can move into greater peace and happiness. Also, it can be a big help to love each thing— the people around us, our pets, our home, our computer, our dishes, the plants and flowers and trees nearby, honoring and thanking everything and everyone for their service to our lives. One of Erik’s quotes: “Dear everyone on Earth, I love you.”

If we are not feeling aligned with love, accepting ourselves where we are is actually an affirmation, a trust of life. The Zen practice, or meditation practice, of being completely attentive and accepting of whatever we are feeling inside, is a great aid to this. It penetrates through each emotion and thought to the space, the silence which is consciousness, love, and life. This is who we actually are.

Blessings to you upon your path!

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2010

 You are welcome to pass this article along, as long as the copyright is respected and due credit is given the author. Thank you.

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