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Ego, Divinity, Love and Creation

  Self Worth and Divinity

 We are all familiar with the voices of ego which put down another person, or tell us we have cause to be angry and not forgive someone. We know these are not true voices. But do we know that the voice or feeling inside that says "I shouldn't have that" is from ego? Do we know that whatever says "I am unworthy" is ego? Whatever says "I can't" is ego?
        Ego is that in us which feels separate from the divine. We've often judged ego; this is also ego. Judging only swells it. We created it, and it needs to be included in our love. However, we do not accept the falsehoods it believes.
        A Course in Miracles suggests that "grandiosity" is an ego attempt to pump up a weak self-image. But "grandeur" is the expression of who we are: divinity.
        A teacher I honor goes so far as to suggest that we be "arrogant." His suggestion is meant to break up the mousy feelings of fear and lack of self worth we have carried for eons.
        A catch-phrase of the new age is "we are divine. But what does this really mean? Do we have any inkling of the reality, the experience of this truth? To know our true or high self is divine is helpful. To know that we are gradually realizing this is also helpful. But we forget that there is only a self-created barrier of belief between the divine and the human; in other words, the barrier is not real. We are divine now.
         If we are divine, then we are worthy. If we are divine, then we are meant to fulfill every heart's desire. If we are divine, we can do anything. Literally, anything. Any voice in us that goes against these truths is ego.

        So how do we bridge the gap from our self-definition of "human" to the divine we really are? Two words come to mind: "pretend," and "know." The actor Cary Grant once said that he pretended to be what he wanted to be until he became it. "Making believe" can be valuable.
        Knowing goes beyond belief. It is all-confident. Here are ideas and affirmations to experiment with. If you don't feel divine before you practice one, you will hopefully feel more divine when you are done!

Carry yourself high (grandeur). This is natural for a divine being. Walk unhurriedly, with grace and flow, in ease and confidence. Have you noticed someone strolling down a busy sidewalk while everyone else hurries along? What a contrast!

Be here now. Immerse yourself in the works of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Zen writings etc. Nothing exists but this very moment.

Give yourself enough rest, and time to play. It isn't easy to feel like a divine being if you are a workaholic, or always feeling pressured or rushed.

Go into nature. Perhaps nothing helps so easily and "naturally" as this one.


Spirit is my life and guides my life, here and now.
        I am aware that I am aware. I take a little distance from how I feel, what I am involved with, to be the observer; in this I identify with my real essence, the formless.
        I love, respect and accept myself unconditionally. I forgive myself for everything. I completely allow and accept everything about myself. I am quite all right the way I am. I see myself as the Christ I Am (the anointed one of God, not only Jesus).
         I love another unconditionally. I forgive everyone else, and life, for everything I had held against them/it. I choose to see each person as a Christ, and each bit of life as part of God.
        I do what I love. I honor myself and the moments of my life by enjoying whatever I am doing. I know that no one else can give just what I give to life.
         I am my full self in relationships. I become conscious in all my relationships. I learn to relate with others in love, respect and honesty
        I recognize myself as creator. I give up victimhood, no matter how subtle. I am the creator of my life. I have created all my past, I create my present, and I will create all of my future.
         I am a steward of the Earth. In recognizing my oneness with all that is, I am responsible and loving toward all creation.
         I love it, love it, love it! Spirit tells us that loving everything is the answer to everything.
        Think of other ways you can practice being the divine you are. Ask your divinity for suggestions, and follow them. Additional truths are at the end of the article. 

Create through Love

 It may take some time to develop knowing to create and have new good, but we can look at things we know now and expand them. For instance, you probably know you have enough to eat in your life; that you have a home to live in and a vehicle to drive. To these basic comforts you may answer "Of course!" But these elements in your life are here because you know they are here; you probably grew up with them and thus the knowing is easy. Take a look at the life of a person who doesn't know they are there and you will realize this truth.
        Knowing has a feeling: a feeling of sureness all the way down in the body. We can learn to replicate this feeling when we are calling in something new, something not yet in our life.
        Choose something you strongly want to create or do, which feels just beyond your present reach. Begin to affirm: In the divine, all things are possible including this. My faith is like a rock. I know with my entire being that this can be. I am absolutely confident about it. Divine-I-Am takes care of it now. So be it.
        Give this thing fully to yourself. Feel it not only in your heart and mind, but feel the surety of it in your body. Be grateful it is part of your life.
        When you give yourself the fulfillment of this desire in your emotions and mind, this is when any disbelief will come up, fears or doubts. Look deeply into these.
        Focus on a doubtful (or angry, judgmental, fearful etc.) aspect and approach it with the greatest love you can bring. Treat it not as an enemy, but as an innocent aspect of yourself. It is doing its best, and believes it is protecting you from some kind of difficulty were your desire to be fulfilled.
        Also, treat it as the equal it is, just like a younger brother or sister who doesn't know as much as you do but is just as much "you" as the one you call "I"
        Approach with care and respect, just as you would a child you would like to befriend. Don't push yourself upon it. Do your best to feel where it is coming from. Ask what its objection is, and often it can tell you straight out, in words that may be quite surprising. Sometimes it will not be able to give you words for what it believes; read its meaning from the feeling.
        Offer your unconditional and eternal love to it. This is being God, and doing what God does: loving. You are not judging it for believing as it does. You are not insisting that it change. If were never to change, you will continue to love it.
        If it allows you, quickly or eventually, to embrace it in love, do that and give it every bit of warmth and comfort you have.
        If you find yourself identifying with the aspect itself, and unable to find that love within yourself to give at the moment, then call upon your higher self or a master you love and trust to do the loving "for" you. The love is still you, it is just wearing another face for the time being.
        When, and if, you feel an opening from the aspect, you may speak lovingly and logically to it. That conversation might go something like this: "I know you believe it's wrong (or dangerous, etc.) for me to have (this fulfillment), and that is okay. I love you. The truth is actually that we deserve this wonderful good, and God wants us to have it. We are part of God, an emanation of God, just like everyone else. God loves itself and wants each part of itself to have every single thing it could possibly need or desire. So we are safe, and right, and loved, and good to allow ourselves to have this. It is true that I would like you to change, because I would like your help to receive it. But I don't ask you to change. I will always love you whether you do or not."
        When you are done speaking, ask the aspect if it has anything to say or ask.
        You may find it necessary to work with an aspect for some days; but if you are truly loving it unconditionally, and it can feel your love and respect, it will change. In my own experience, sometimes an aspect takes a week or two, and at other times it will completely disappear the moment it feels my genuine love! Love truly does work miracles.
         If it takes awhile to address your doubtful aspects, stick to your guns. Anything held in mind and heart as possible and happening, must come.
        This above exercise can also be employed much more simply. If you are feeling bad somehow, back up from the feeling a bit, look clearly and deeply at it, and love it or at least accept it as it is. Breathe with it. It is amazing what just this simple process can do.

Here are additional truths to bring in the knowing of divinity. Bring them into manifestation as you speak them frequently to yourself:

        I am the divine goddess/god, right here and now.
        I am unlimited and free.
        As one with God I am innocent and whole.
        I am infinitely and eternally loved.
        I fulfill my purposes for coming here.
        I forgive myself and all others. I clear all karma.
         I am prosperous, healthy and hap
         I create anything my heart desires, using the laws of manifestation.
        My body is of the divine, and is therefore immortal. If I am so guided, I may rejuvenate my body. It can be more strong and beautiful every year.
        I am a master walking upon the earth. I am victorious in this life!         So be it.

Every blessing to you upon your path! I have felt guided to offer sessions putting this process to work to assist with a problem or a desired creation. You can reach me at the email

Copyright 2008, Joanna Cherry. Please do copy and distribute this article, making sure that you acknowledge its source. Thank you.

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