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Earth Service with the Diamond Light Flame

Joanna Cherry

(See also the Predictions and Blessings" article for related material.)

I have been doing this process, changing and adding as I've gone along, for a long time. What amazes me most is that when any one person calls--"two or more" are great, but not necessary--with passion and consistency and really means what is said, the whole universe responds and the earth changes. More and more friends of the master, angelic and other realms have joined with me to give their own power and intention to these words. More and more of us work together to manifest all that is called for, bringing the words into truth. If you join in this from wherever you are, making any changes and adding (or leaving out) anything you feel is important, together we will hasten the good ever more quickly. Thank you for doing whatever you do to assist our beloved planet and the life upon her.

I formerly used the violet flame, replacing what was dissolved with divine energies. Recently (June 2011) I was guided to call instead the "diamond light flame," which includes every possible color. This light is a new arrival on Earth, with a new frequency that is more powerful than the violet flame alone.

Now there is an even greater emphasis. We have entered the intense shift into new frequencies, new light, new consciousness: the age of light on Planet Earth. Dire predictions both ancient and modern have been given for this time, including some which were expected earlier this summer of 2011 (see the article "Predictions and Blessings"). In a sense cataclysms aren't such a big deal--the Earth has known many upheavals--but it feels so much happier to shift peacefully. For awhile it looked like we were going to go through the ringer. But in learning of predictions and getting to work, we have prevented recent ones. (By "we," I mean ALL who have worked on this, from the greatest masters on down. But for us to receive maximum assistance, human beings must make the call.) Now we want to stay entirely alert and attentive, both inwardly and outwardly, and follow guidance.

I have felt very moved that Mother Gaia herself, as I hear her (it's been a little hard for me to believe this) felt pretty much alone, as far as her relationship with humanity is concerned, in making these shifts. She has expressed much gratitude that we are working together with her now.

The list of those now choosing to work with me, and I assume with anyone else of sincere heart, has become rather outrageous. Mother Gaia herself has informed me at times of a new group joining us. I believe it is important, when we call, to include the words "Those of sincere heart and beneficial energies only are allowed." Some come from each group. I would like to share them with you, not only because many of them are unexpected, but because it shows just how loved Earth and we its inhabitants are by others of our universe, and how much help is available to us in making this great shift into the age of light.

Mother Gaia
The Sun: Helios and Vesta and all others of the Sun who wish to join
Planetary beings of Neptune, Saturn and Venus
Nature overlighting beings of the elemental kingdom
Shamanesses and shamans
Angels and archangels
Goddesses and gods of any tradition
The Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation
The Telosian and underground city masters, including Adama
Star system helpers from Sirius, the Pleaides, Arcturus, Andromeda, Orion etc.
Masters and Ascended Masters
I Am Presences
Dolphins and Whales
Illuminati brothers who have turned to the light

The words "I Am" here acknowledge the oneness of all. They mean "we are" one; "I Am" is a more powerful way of putting it.

Earth Service with the Diamond Light Flame
Joanna Cherry

I invite all who would like to assist in service to Earth, with sincere hearts and beneficial energies: Mother Gaia; representatives of Helios and Vesta (the sun); the planetary beings of Venus, Saturn and Neptune; masters and ascended masters; I Am Presences; angels and archangels; overlighting nature beings; the Ashtar Command and other space friends; the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians and others; shamanesses and shamans; underground city masters; people; goddesses and gods; and the dolphins and whales. Welcome. (Wait a moment until you feel that all who are coming are present.)

All of these words go into the past and future as far as beneficial, in every way possible.

In the Name and by the Power and Authority of I Am That I Am, I AM all that is. I Am Life, I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Joy, I Am Power. I Am Mother Gaia, and do what is best for my planet being.

WE CALL FORTH the diamond light flame to blaze through and around this beloved divine planet, to the ends of the atmosphere, here and everywhere: purifying, loving, forgiving, dissolving all that no longer serves, blessing, healing and uplifting everything that now accepts it.

All those in human form all over the world, including those who want help awakening; those who want help on leaving the body; and those who want hearts/spirits joined with them. Calling for each human being to know and feel and BE oneness with the I Am Presence; to know and joyously accept the divinity and equality of Mother Earth, all life, and all humanity. Love, compassion, respect and honor arise, and the actions that flow from these. No matter the race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, age, weight, appearance, intelligence, wealth, class, life condition, employment or sex, unity as one humanity is FELT. Each is seen as the I AM.

The diamond light flame blazes through all remaining belief in the superiority of male over female, and supremacy of man over woman. The divine feminine love, wisdom, knowing, and power arise. Between the sexes come forgiveness, the knowing and embrace of equality, harmony, love, and oneness.

The diamond light flame blazes through every member of every kingdom who wants this now, including the animal, mineral, plants trees and forests, all over the world in every milieu right now. Wherever may be, toxins and pollutants are dissolved from all forms.

All pollution and garbage are dissolved as much as may be. Great thanks to the beautiful beings who are clearing the Earth of pollution, nine and more days every single day. Thanks to the Ashtar Command for dissolving the harmful substances from chem trail flights as soon as they hit the air. We call for all these flights to stop.

All the elements are now cleared with the diamond light flame into purity, clarity, joy, light, life and beauty: the air, earth, water and fire, with the help of the beloved sylphs, and birds all over the world helping to clear the air; the gnomes helping to clear the earth; the undines and the particular dolphins and whales helping to clear the water; and the salamanders helping to clear all fire so that it burns only where it is highest and best, otherwise is put out or puts itself out. Thank you.

I am the tectonic plates of Earth, and I slide easily and smoothly around myself. I Am all volcanic activity; I gentle and cool and my lava disburses harmlessly. I Am the ocean water, lakes and rivers, peaceful and calm. I Am the weather and weather patterns, choosing to love everything I pass over, and for lands I nurture abundant and healthy crops. I Am the perfect continuing transport systems that bring these crops to all who need them. I Am the winds, and I choose to be for the highest good of every land and sea I pass over. I Am this solar system. I Am the Sun, the planet Earth, Earth’s moon, and all other planets. I Am the gravity fields. I Am the peaceful interaction of all gravity fields within our solar system.

All objects are blazed through with the diamond light flame; all human-made things or parts of them (such as buildings); all things in other dimensions that can use this now (with thanks to the beings working in this way); all destructive thought forms available for dissolution all over the world, dissolved NOW; and anything we don’t think of to say.

In every area of life the highest and best comes forth:
The dark influence collapsing, and ending upon this plane as soon as may be. Changes, changes for the highest good!
The committee working with all corporations, including all banks and financial institutions, keeps the economy viable while bringing down the wall of corporate greed. Changes, changes for the highest good!
All people get outdoors into nature, without electronics, as much as possible. Schools and training programs teach truth. Changes, changes for the highest good!
Churches teach that the divine is within and reachable by every person, and love and honor all people and religions equally. Changes, changes for the highest good!
All games and gaming, including electronic games and gambling: Changes, changes for the highest good!
All law enforcement and secretive agencies are open and honest, with beneficial purpose and action for the PEOPLE of each land. Changes, changes for the highest good!
All hospitals and medical centers, miracles galore as divine love pours through. Changes, changes for the highest good!
Goodness of every kind for every being, where this is in accordance with the laws of life: Changes, changes for the highest good!
Democracy, freedom and peace rising in every land. All places of conflict, from decision makers to all involved, Changes, changes for the highest good!
All governments, from the smallest meeting place to the largest body, wherever accepted blazed through with the diamond light flame. Special blessings and protection to our country's leader and his/her family and staff, the governor of our state or province, our county supervisors, town council etc. Special blessings to the people and buildings of Washington, D.C. (or your country’s capital). Replacing dissolved energies are forgiveness, wisdom, harmony and cooperation, discernment as to what is the highest good, and diligent and incorruptible work to these ends, including the enlightening of all laws. Changes, changes for the highest good!
All justice systems truly fair, with enlightened laws, enlightened and compassionate and incorruptible judges, jurors, witnesses, lawyers and all involved. All punitive measures of a purely rehabilitative nature. Changes, changes for the highest good!

Wherever anything is dissolved, it is replaced with forgiveness, divine love, wisdom, joy, freedom, life, light, enlightenment, peace, highest good for every being, leisure and ease (no debt or need to work for money), each person giving from the heart what is desired, and receiving all that is desired from life; harmony, oneness; clarity, purity, beauty, perfection and wholeness; harmless technology; the underground cities come forth in the right moments to join and assist; in other words, PARADISE ON EARTH.

These things I know are best for my beloved Gaia self. I command them and I accept them. Thanks be to Goddess/God and All That Is! And so be it.

©2011, Joanna Cherry. Please do copy and distribute Joanna's Earth Service call, changing nothing and acknowledging its source. Thank you.

In my understanding we need to stay on our toes, keep working with spirit for Mother Gaia through all the shifts, until the age of light and the fifth dimension are in place. May all the cleansing come through light! Blessings!

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