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into an Ascended Master Retreat

by Joanna Cherry

After initial experiences in my ascension process (see the article An Ascension Practice), I was ready for more. It was now 1986.
        "What is my next step?" I asked.
        "See if you can take your entire body up into light, and transfer it to another place."
        Wow. Travel by thought. I had tried this before, but so far without success.
        "Where should I go?"
        "Go to the ascended retreat inside Mount Shasta."
        I had read about this retreat in the "green books" of the St. Germain Press. Ascended masters had been associated with this great lone mountain, towering over 14,000 feet in far northern California, for thousands of years. They had created a retreat for themselves on the etheric level, where many of them lived and served. When I thought about this retreat, I had gotten vague impressions of it, very faint. I was living in San Francisco at the time, and Mt. Shasta was nearly 300 miles away.
        I sat down to see if I could do this. But as I began, I became aware that fear of flying through the air, and fear of being non-physical, were so strong that I could not even begin to relax my body in preparation for meditation. I tried for a time, and finally gave up--I simply wasn't going anywhere that day!
        The next morning when I awoke, I saw that I had been given a powerful teaching during my sleep. This teaching I felt not only in my mind, but in my emotional body and my physical body. I knew: there is no space in God. All space is in the same "place", and physical space is an illusion. I had understood this intellectually, but this knowing was light years beyond my intellect.
        I lost my fear. I realized that the ascended retreat inside Mt. Shasta was also right here in my apartment in San Francisco; that I did not have to fly through the air. What I had to do was transfer my understanding of where I thought I was, from San Francisco into the retreat.
        I sat down to meditate. I sailed through the relaxation of my body, my mind and emotions. I opened my chakras. I lifted my frequencies as high as I could get them, and when I felt ready, I began to say, with great passion and conviction, "I am here, in Mt. Shasta. I am HERE, in Mt. Shasta!"
        About the third time I spoke these words, I felt the strangest sensation of my life. My body began to split. Just like an amoeba, I was somehow splitting to make two. The very next instant I was in Mt. Shasta, in the retreat, as I had never been before. I heard a choir singing, and St. Germain and Babaji stood before me, saying "Welcome!" I could have reached out and touched them.
        But I felt so weird, so torn apart, that I quickly brought my awareness back to San Francisco. I kind of patted myself to make sure I was all there. I was too flustered to do more then, so I went about my day.
        That afternoon, I sat back down. I quickly did my meditation again, and this time when I transferred my consciousness into the retreat, there was no splitting sensation. But even from my San Francisco awareness, I could see the retreat like I was fully present. I was meeting masters who were gathering for a meeting. One of the masters told me they were looking at what they might do next in their ongoing project to end hunger on the planet. He said they had conceived the "We Are the World" project that had netted 50 million dollars to feed the hungry, and they were trying to come up with new, equally effective projects.
        We sat down around a horseshoe-shaped table and one master, with no machinery, flashed upon the wall pictures of Earth's troubled spots. When this was done, they began to brainstorm, exactly as we would, throwing out ideas and building upon them.
        After awhile, I ended my meditation. Over the next days, I saw myself over and over in the retreat. Here I was in a classroom for newly ascended masters, learning the ropes. Here I was going on a tour, and here meeting more of the masters.
        Finally, a light began to dawn. Somehow, I didn't know how, I had stayed in the retreat. It never occurred to me that this could happen--I had never heard of it happening to anyone--and yet, whenever I tuned in, there I was. I began to realize that the split I had felt so dramatically had been real, a split of my etheric body, or my light body, the lighter body appropriate to the ascended plane. Though I had not taken my physical body with me, which had been my goal, I was now living on the ascended plane.
        As my seeing of this level expanded, one of the things that moved me most was that I was given a personal space in the retreat: a beautiful, oval-shaped room with rose tapestries and cream-colored trim. I saw that I and my new friends--mostly newly ascended folks like myself--sometimes gathered there to share, laugh, and relax.
        Over the next couple of years I kept pretty close contact with my ascended self. Not long after I arrived at the retreat, I joined the efforts to bring greater light and love to Earth. You pick a project(s) you want to work on, and for me the main one was Russia. I helped nurture the tender shoots of new democracy and freedom under Gorbachev. One of my most vivid memories is being one of a group of ascended masters surrounding President Reagan and Gorbachev at a summit meeting in the Kremlin. I learned that ascended masters are always present at such high-level meetings, helping to guide leaders' hearts into peace.

If part of me became an ascended master, why didn't the whole of myself ascend? The answers to this seem to be twofold, one funny and the other more deep.
        In the meditation where I split, I was wearing my bathrobe and had no money on me--and I saw myself getting stuck in Mt. Shasta, hitching back home in my bathrobe on Interstate 5.
        Second, and more to the point, I realized that I had a split consciousness. Half of me was absolutely ready, needed to be in the retreat, to live a new life. The other half was adamantly opposed to leaving the physical plane--would not do it, was not ready and actually feared it. Because form follows consciousness, my etheric body split to accommodate these two realities.
        What are the benefits to being on both earth and ascended planes at once? For me, it has helped the part of me that was not ready to ascend to learn that ascension is real, it is safe, it is wonderful, and that when my earth-level aspect is ready, it can ascend fully and rejoin my ascended aspect. Being on the ascended plane has quickened my ascension process on earth.
        Since I have begun teaching the possibility of this kind of bi-location in my workshops, quite a number of others have bi-located also. I have met people who were already bi-located, some who knew it and some who had no idea of it. It is not better or greater to be on the ascended plane, for we already exist in infinite dimensions of being, as god-goddess we are. It is simply a matter of what is right for us, what we desire, where we wish to focus. If there is a heartfelt desire to live and serve on the ascended plane, then that will happen. If you have such a desire, call for the experience. And so it will be.

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2007

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