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An Ascension Practice

by Joanna Cherry

(The first part of this article tells how spirit gradually opened me up to this practice; if you wish to go directly to the practice itself, skip below to Preparation.)

Ascension! What a wondrous thing! I was reading Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King. Right here on Mt. Shasta, where I was sitting, Guy Ballard (now Godfre) met the ascended master St. Germain. Through many adventures with this master, Guy learned about ascension. Especially in Unveiled Mysteries and its sequel, The Magic Presence (the first two volumes of the "green book" series published by St. Germain Press), there are wonderful stories about ascension and ascended masters. (For more about what ascension is, see the article Ascension-the Time is Now.)
        When I returned home to San Francisco, I was on fire. I began to share the possibility of ascension for humanity. But I had no personal knowledge of it. Quickly I was asking myself, "If ascension is real, what is it for me?" I decided to find out. This was back in 1983.
        I began to meditate, nearly every day, to experience ascension. My helpers were my two closest inner friends. St. Germain, the more recent connection, had asked me to go to Mount Shasta that same year and begin teaching (and obviously, be taught!). Seven years before, through reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I had re-met my very closest inner friend and mentor, Babaji, the Yogi Christ, the immortal master of the Himalayas.
        I'm not sure where I got it, but I had in mind a most definite picture of how my ascension would look. My body would become invisible and turn into light. I would float off to an ascended master retreat, where they would give me a big party. "Welcome!" and "Congratulations!" they would say. After the party I would float back home and be an ascended master on Earth.
        I had some fears to overcome. I feared death; I feared being non-physical (which equaled death in my mind); and I feared flying through the air. So as I went along I was working to heal these fears.
        For some time--a year, longer--I could point to no progress in my meditation to ascend. I had received only one clear guidance, and that was to open all my chakras. Finally, one thing showed itself: I began to see light in my third eye, and it was growing brighter. One day I had this thought: "I think I can ascend today. I think I've worked through my fears enough--let's give it a try!" So I opened my chakras, and welcomed the light. My third eye grew brighter and brighter, began to blaze--and suddenly I felt afraid. I could be annihilated by this light! Very forcefully, I said "No!" The light immediately began to recede. But I felt a sense of great disappointment, other than my own. When I looked clairvoyantly, there in front of me was St. Germain--it was his feeling (I didn't even know he could feel disappointed). He said to me, "You were so close! If you had just gone a little further, you would have experienced an ascension." But I had frightened myself deeply with the thought of annihilation.
        For a few months I didn't call in the light. But I was learning something else, vital to the ascension process. I kept asking, "How do you ascend? Exactly what do you do?" When I finally opened to the answer, it was surprisingly simple. You declare it. You say, "I am ascending now. I am quickening! I am becoming lighter and lighter. I am becoming the light of my own God-being," and other statements of truth. When I began to say them, I felt an immediate shift--a rush of speed--an upliftment. These words became an essential part of my meditation. I learned later to add a spinning energy, which makes the words even more powerful.
        After a few months, I felt the energy build, and had that thought again: "I think I can ascend today!" So I sat down as before, opened my chakras, called in the light, and spoke the words. Again the light grew brighter and brighter until it was a great blazing sun in my forehead, and once again I began to feel afraid. I was just on the verge of saying "No!" again, when--and I cannot tell you how this happened--my breath imploded, and I surrendered. The light washed over me, through me, and I became light. It was me, and I was it, and there was nothing to fear! Here I was, still present, still being! And I was in bliss, pure bliss.
        A great grin appeared before me. I looked, and it was St. Germain. Never in all my work on ascension had he smiled so at me. "Congratulations!" he said. "This was your first ascension experience!" "But how could that be?!" I cried. "I'm not floating off to the retreat, and I can even still feel the things around me!" He laughed. "You are ascending in your own way, step by step," he explained. "Not only is this best for you, but you have come to be a teacher of ascension. You want to create techniques that help others ascend."
        My picture of my ascension was so fixed, I had trouble believing my master friend. I was sitting in confusion, when Babaji came in. He was actually stern. "Do not underestimate this experience," he said. "You have had your first ascension experience today." And he left again. From this, I realized something really significant had happened, whether it fit my pictures or not.
        I began to teach this meditation in my ascension workshops. I have realized, from the feedback I've received, that it is a practice of great power. Many people now use it as an ascension tool. When you are ready to leave the earth plane, you can use it to take you up. Your body will come with you or remain on Earth, according to your readiness.


First, here are some things you may experience that could frighten you if not understood. In the meditation you may see a light--it could blaze incredibly--in your third eye. You are this light, you cannot disappear within it. You may feel great heat in your body, or cold. Your heartbeat may speed up or slow down, slightly or dramatically. You may feel or even see your body, or part of it, disappear. Whatever happens, because we are giving the meditation into the hands of your divine Presence, you are safe. You cannot go too high, and you will always go "high enough": as far into your God Light as is optimum for this time. You can relax and let things happen. Also, if you notice nothing dramatic, you are still doing it perfectly--we each experience ascension in our own way.
        Lastly, I challenge you to experience your chakras in a whole new way. Although chakra opening is common now, seldom do we really get what it can be. Your I Am Presence encompasses the universe; thus a true opening of your chakras can give the knowing of being fully alive and present everywhere, in every dimension of the eternal now. This realization came to me after years of chakra-opening.

An Ascension Practice

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and gently. Feel grounded from your root chakra area and from your feet: cords of energy into the center of the Earth. You can invite love energy to flow up from Mother Earth, or down from the top of your head, as you choose. Continue to breathe gently and freely as you allow the release of tension from all body parts to go deeper and deeper. When you feel as relaxed as you possibly can, send love into all of your body and bless it.
          You can say to yourself statements like these: "God's love and will run this body. This is God's heartbeat. This is God's breath. These are God's organs, God's glands, God's bones. Every particle of this body is God. All the space of this body is God. This body is God light, God love, God joy! It has no agenda of its own, but follows thought. I choose to think unlimited God-thoughts about this body: it is the everlasting and expanding life of God; it is the resurrection and the life. This body lives forever. When I am ready to leave the earth plane, I take it up into light and ascend. So be it."
        Turn more deeply now, away from the awareness of your body, and into awareness of mind. Unify with any thoughts you notice, and relax your thinking mind. Love and bless your thoughts. Unenlightened thoughts and feelings are like our children; we created them, and they are here to be loved. As we do, they lift into lighter and more joyous expression. You might say: "This mind moves now into unlimited thoughts of God. I Am the love of God. I Am the light of God. I Am the joy of God. I Am the freedom of God. I Am the majestic power of God's pure, Divine Love. I Am everywhere present and know all things. I Am the beloved of God. I Am That I Am."
        Turn still more deeply, away from the awareness of mind, into the awareness of feeling. Send love to any feelings you notice, no matter what they may be. Bless your feeling nature. You might say: "My feelings are becoming the natural feelings of God: love, joy, peace, abundance, wholeness, well-being."
        Turn still more deeply now, into the awareness of your spirit. If you are already in touch with your inner Self, or have a favorite master(s) you know and love, you may call upon these now, or simply ask God to assist you in your ascension process. Tune in to the inner love, light, and wisdom--it is being poured out to you right now. Feel as deeply connected and one with it as you can. Some words: "I give this meditation fully into the hands of my divine I Am Presence, the love and light of God, to guide me to the optimum levels of my own God Light. So be it!"
        When you feel ready, begin a chakra-opening. To help you open each one maximally, here are several suggestions:
            l. Awaken in each chakra its beautiful light, like the sun, and allow it to be any color you see there, or white, gold, or white-gold. Let this sun blaze out to fill your body, your room, your area, your world, this universe.
            2. Use your in-breaths to expand each chakra more and More, keeping your breath free and alive.
            3. Think of a chakra as a camera aperture that opens to infinity.
            4. Use your hands to touch the chakra area and sweep outward in an expanding energy.
            5. Feel openness, a relaxation, a vulnerability there, aliveness, emotion. Now open each one:

        FIRST CHAKRA -- at the base of your spine. Feel your groundedness even more clearly through this. I Am safe on Earth. I Am abundantly provided for by God and the universe. The Earth is a pleasurable place for me to be.
        SECOND CHAKRA -- in your abdomen. I Am centered. I Am safe and loved in expressing my creativity, which is welcomed in the world. My sexuality is divine energy and God approves of it.
        THIRD CHAKRA -- in your solar plexus. I Am safe and loved in expressing my power. My power and my love are one.
        FOURTH CHAKRA -- heart chakra, in the center of your chest. I Am safe to love and be loved without limit. I Am full of love and compassion for myself and all others. My love blesses all of life.
        FIFTH CHAKRA -- in your throat. I Am safe and loved in expressing my truth, my joy, my power, my creativity, and my passion. I Am full and free giving and receiving. I Am abundance.
        SIXTH CHAKRA -- the third eye between your eyebrows and back in your head a bit. I Am safe and loved to BE the Light I Am, and to know everything!
        SEVENTH CHAKRA -- the crown chakra at the top of your head. I Am safe and loved to BE God I AM. I Am unlimited Being, everywhere present in all universes.
        EIGHTH CHAKRA -- can be pictured above the head. I Am safe and loved to step through the dimensions.
        NINTH through TWELFTH -- open if and as you feel to. Now create a column of golden light from the highest chakra you opened to below the bottom of your feet, gently re-opeing any chakras that may have closed again.

        Begin to spin this column. (I see this going around to the right, horizontal to the floor, but you should follow any direction that feels correct for you.) Let it move slowly at first, and gradually pick up speed. As it spins, it is spinning your chakras, your cells, your atoms, your aura--everything! Here are some statements you can say, silently or aloud: "I Am quickening the vibrational frequencies of my body, mind and feelings now. I Am merging with my inner God Self. I Am quickening, I Am lifting! I Am ascending! Ascending is easy, ascending is natural. I lift higher and higher, faster and faster. I Am merging with Light. I Am becoming transparent now! " (Any other statements you choose here.)
        Go back and forth between increasing the speed of the light column--finally to whirlwind speed--and proclaiming your ascension, until you feel you are about as high as you can go. Next, to make sure you reach present optimum levels, give your I Am Presence (your master friend, etc.) three opportunities to take you higher, one third of any remaining distance each time. You don't have to do it yourself or even think about it, simply trust your spirit to take you up. Say "One, two, three, Lift--Lift--!" and let yourself go! Do this twice more, and you will probably be at optimum light, optimum speed!
        Now you can say: "I Am the Light of God I Am. I Am all that God Is. I Am ascended now. I Am an ascended master now! I Am That I Am."
        Now you can sit in the great silence and Be That which You Are. You may travel somewhere. Besides receiving the great gifts of your Being, you might receive specific messages; crystals implanted in your etheric body to help your ascension; healing of some kind; etc. Be it and receive it all!
        Come back gently, bringing back your awareness of feeling and mind, body and environment, breathing deeply and energetically. Stay in love, stay high and know that you are already combining this wonderful state more and more with your everyday life. Open your eyes and see only God around you, see the beauty of everything. Come all the way back to full alertness and objectivity. Look in the mirror and see God. Give love as best you can to all your daily tasks, and follow any guidance you may have received in the meditation (if you feel it came from your highest love and joy).
        Do this meditation as often as you like. Record it with your own voice and follow it. (Joanna's audio set, "Steps in Your Ascension," is available with this meditation.) You can quicken more every time you do it, and although you still fluctuate around a median, the lifting is permanent.
        Every blessing to you in your ascension process!

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2007

You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

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