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Ascension--the Time is Now

by Joanna Cherry

Ascension! What is it? It's becoming a watchword these days. Most basically, it is a quickening, a speeding up of vibrational frequency that includes our body, mind and heart. Frequency is that which identifies something--anything, our car, a water bottle, a human body--as itself. Pluck two guitar strings; the one with the higher pitch has a faster rate of vibration, which is frequency. Water is identified in its three states through frequency; in its slowest frequencies it is ice, in faster ones liquid, and in still faster ones gas.
        What happens to a human body when its frequencies speed up? It heads toward light, or energy, the basic stuff of the universe. Einstein's famous theory, E=MC2, is saying in basic terms that if you speed up matter enough, you get energy. So actually, if you speed up your car enough, (not in miles per hour!) you also get light. (Don't do this if you want to get to Tulsa!) This is a reversal of the process which formed our universe: it began as light, and when denser forms such as galaxies and planets were wanted, the frequencies of light were slowed down to create matter. Right now, our bodies are quickening, becoming lighter--ascending. When a human body fully ascends, its frequencies speed up so much that it is able to step into a lighter dimension, a higher-frequency realm than the third dimension, and leave no physical body behind in death. Thousands of people have ascended before us; most stay in lighter realms, serving Earth and all life and humanity upon it. We know some of their names: Jesus, Mary, Babaji, St. Germain, Buddha, Quan Yin, El Morya, Annalee Skarin, Kuthumi, Christine Mercie, Sanat Kumara, Lady Nada, Djwal Kuhl, Madame Blavatsky, Serapis Bey, and others.
        (Even before ascending, a human body may be rejuvenated and become immortal; this is because the body is formed by thought, in every moment, and may be changed by thought in any moment. But that is for another article.)
        What happens to a human heart and mind when they speed up? They move into enlightenment, and into the unlimited possibilities of divinity. The limitations we experience as part of the human condition are not natural for us. We are great beings who are one with universal mind, which can also be called God. In some of our early experiences on Earth, we knew we were unlimited--our bodies lived, they didn't age or get sick and they only died through accident. We could speed up our bodies into light, fly around the stars for awhile, and come back--or not.
        Working for a living was unheard of. We could create anything we wanted by first forming it mentally, and then slowing down the frequencies of the mental creation until it became solid. We could travel by thought, instantly, anywhere we wanted to go. But long, long ago we began to forget our essential truth, and to believe the physical world the most real; that we were our bodies, and these aged, sickened and died; that we could experience lack. We created war. We have become so used to these limited conditions that our natural state seems like an impossible fantasy to us now; but most religions call our early times Eden, or paradise.
        Ascension is our return to this unlimited state. It is our divinity felt and expressed, on this plane or a lighter one. It is BEING who we are: joy, love, life, light.
        The good news is, we're beginning to recall our greatness. This begins unconsciously for most of us, until we come to a point where, gradually or suddenly, we have a new outlook. For me it happened back in 1971, when I woke one morning with--simply--a realization that God existed, and that I had a relationship with It. This put me on a path of meditation and study, meeting my inner Self and master friends who help me on my journey, becoming a minister and finally a spiritual teacher. We are awakening at different times and different speeds, and each of us has our own way of doing it; but it's happening to people in every walk of life. Eventually, every one of us will remember who we are.
        But why now? Simply, because it's time. It's the end of an old era. We're tired of pretending to be something we're not: limited. We've learned all we wanted about 3-D, its joys and its tribulations. The Earth herself, a living being, is shaking off physical density and ascending, and we are going with her.
        This time has been prophecied by the Mayans, the Bible, the Hopi Indians and other ancient cultures. I am speaking not of "Earth changes"--though these are yet possible--but of the Age of Light, the Golden Age. On some level of our being we have all agreed to co-create this era, now.
        How do we experience the birth of this new era? For one thing, consciously or unconsciously we are calling in light--the divine, infinite light of our being--to shine into everything, including all our dark corners. This can feel really scary because the darkness usually has to "come up"--come to consciousness--in order to be released. From all our past lives and the cellular DNA memory of our race, the darkness is coming up! This is why, along with our real progress in peace and freedom, darkness is also intensifying.
        But as we bring our love forward (we may call our love Goddess/God, our I Am Presence, our Christ Self, our inner or higher self, etc.), it knows how to take us through all difficulties to the other side.
        We have tremendous help in all this. The ascended masters, names known and unknown, have formed a brother-sisterhood to assist each one of us into the joy, life, oneness, power, wisdom, knowing, love and light of our being. Any of them may be called upon, and nothing gives them greater joy than assisting. Our personal and guardian angels, and all the archangels are here for us. Many on Earth have garnered wisdom which may benefit others. But most important, we have the help of our own Self, that unlimited, unique consciousness within. When we nurture connection with our true being and can be accurately guided by it, this takes us straight along our best path.
        Just how do you ascend? First of all, intend to ascend. Then follow your heart, your joy, your love-these are directly connected with your true self. Does something inspire you, excite you? Do that! You are loved and supported in doing it; use your practical wisdom to bridge your old ways with your new. Forgive yourself--for everything--past, present and future. Love yourself, your every thought, feeling, and action as quickly as possible. Loving your anger, for example, turns it gradually into love. Heal your relationships. Embrace everything that happens as fully as you can, knowing you create each experience as a mirror to learn from. Love everyone around you--everyone--as much as you can. Discover or reinforce how you want to give to the world; this can be any form, as long as your love is included in the giving.
        Define yourself anew! Take "I can't" and "I don't know" from your vocabulary. Take out the words/thoughts "I am" followed by anything limited (tired, poor, sick). I Am a truly unlimited being and I can, I know. Focus upon your own divinity: see it, feel it, breathe it, be it. See the divine in others. Have patience with the process of moving into mastery; we have believed in limitation for eons. Just do it step by step, clearing out more and more of the limiting beliefs. (This may include facing and clearing past lives; it certainly includes clearing the unconscious.) Embrace your expansion, flow with the quickening taking place on Earth, and welcome the changes. Forgive yourself when you forget.
        We have been discovering more and more about how ascension happens. For you it may be gradual, or you may take a big leap here and there. Without any particular experience needed as a prerequisite, you may become an ascended master on Earth. If you "go up" into a lighter dimension, you have the choice to remain there or return to Earth and help others. Choosing planetary 3-D life, you can relearn and make use of human natural abilities: travel by thought, instant manifestation, rejuvenation, and immortality. You may do all this in your body of eternal, youthful beauty.
        Ascension is your natural state. If you are so guided, go for it!

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2007

You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

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