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Annalee Skarin Taught on Earth after her Ascension

Joanna Cherry

Annalee returned! But how could that be? She ascended in 1952 and hasn't been heard from since! ("Ascended" means taking your body into a lighter dimension and dissapearing from the earth plane.) These thoughts flashed through my mind as I looked into deep blue eyes. I was teaching an ascension workshop in Mt. Shasta, California in July of 1987. Bonnie Johnson, a bright-eyed elderly participant, had just said "Annalee taught us for three years, back in 1966."
      I took a breath, recovered. "You mean, from the higher realms."
      "No, she was right here with us, in the flesh." "In the flesh! Where?"
      "Down in Redding." An hour's drive south.

I was astounded. Annalee was an extraordinary being. "Love, praise, and gratitude to God!" was like a motto to her. Here is an excerpt from a letter I received from Kimberley Wheeler, one of three people I interviewed. Annalee wrote it to help someone whose car had injured a child.

"I know exactly what you experienced in running over that child. I had the same experience happen to me in San Pedro. A child 6 years old rode [on his bike] down that almost perpendicular hill along Caroline Street...right under the wheels of my car. I never even saw him until it happened. I jumped out of the car and the wheel had gone completely over him. He was lying there dead in the street--and that inner voice spoke saying, 'Annalee, don't be alarmed. The child will be all right.' I grabbed one child standing in the street and asked him to take me to the little boy's mother. We ran a block and every step of that distance, I was singing praise and thanks to God, saying 'Thank you Father, that he is all right! Oh, I thank you that he is all right!' I had learned to trust that inner voice more than anything else on earth, and though the child appeared to be dead, yet God had said he was all right. And I knew he was. When I returned with his mother the little fellow was screaming his lungs out. I got him in the car and rushed him down to the police emergency hospital. They went over him very carefully, and said to me, 'It was a greater shock to you than to him. He's all right.' And the next day he was back in school."

Annalee's is the most famous of modern-day ascensions. Unwanted as a child--her mother wore a girdle so her pregnancy would not be known--she suffered a most painful upbringing. She became dedicated to the Salt Lake City Mormon Church and served in many capacities over the years, giving the church a large percentage of her income. She had strong spiritual sensibilities and a keen sense of humor. In late middle age, from her devotion to God and Jesus Christ she brought forth a magnificent book: Ye Are Gods. The Mormon Council of Twelve declared Annalee to be anti-Christ because, as Apostle Mark E. Peterson of the Council said in an interview some years later, her teachings nullified the Atonement of Jesus Christ in her claim that "there shall be no more death, that death is unnecessary and that we ourselves can overcome and avoid death." (Anthony Brooks, "Where is Annalee Skarin?", Fate Magazine, May 1967) With a vote almost entirely from men who had not read her book, the Council excommunicated her from the church.
      In a letter dated June 7, 1951, quoted in the same article, Annalee wrote to a friend: "All I am trying to do is to teach mankind that it is possible for every child of God to be so in tune with Him and His Holy Spirit that they can be directed in all that they do, in all that they say, and that their lives can become a melody of living glory as they learn to abide completely and fully in His Holy Spirit. It is such a breathtaking glory every moment of every day that it is almost unspeakable in its power."

In June of 1952, Annalee was staying at the home of a friend, "Mrs. B.", in Salt Lake City. Mr. Brooks interviewed her, and I quote him here:

On the morning of June 16, 1952, Mrs. Skarin indicated to Mrs. B. that it had been revealed to her the previous night that, as she put it, "the angels might be coming for her quite soon." During the day she left instructions that in the event this happened all of her books and personal effects should be sent to her daughter.
      At l:10 am. June 17, Mrs. B. suddenly awakened. Something impelled her to rush to Mrs. Skarin's room--and she found her gone. Her dentures lay on a bedside table and so far as Mrs. B. could tell, all of her possessions had been left in the room. A strong yet delicate scent filled the entire house and Mrs. B. surmised it may have been this strong aroma that had awakened her.
      On the evening of June 17 about 10:30 pm Mrs. B. was sitting in her living room with her son and two daughters when Mrs. Skarin entered the house. She was wearing a plain blue dress and Mrs. B. remarked her disheveled hair and her legs covered with dust.
      Mrs. Skarin immediately asked, "Do you believe I have translated?" ["Translated" means "ascended."]
      Mrs. B. and her family replied in the affirmative--whereupon Mrs. Skarin invoked blessings upon them while praising God for their faith.
       In these moments, according to Mrs. B. and her family who all attest to the same story, Mrs. Skarin changed before their eyes into a shining being in white raiment, her hair in a golden light. ... Mrs. B. saw the transferred Annalee displaying her new and gleaming teeth; yet her dentures lay on the bedside table.
       Continuing to utter blessings and prayer, Annalee Skarin slowly disappeared from their sight.

She did not return. Her husband Reason, a New York policeman, disappeared six months later. The FBI investigated both cases, but found nothing.
       Though Annalee had ascended, she did manage to publish seven other books. These have become a powerful catalyst in the ascension movement.

After my Mt. Shasta workshop, I didn't follow up this enigma. Then in the fall of '94, I talked at a gathering in Redding which Bonnie Johnson attended. With her was her friend Billie Stearns, who had also been with Annalee. I wasted no more time and asked them both for an interview; they graciously consented.

On a cold, still day in December I drive down to Redding to talk with Bonnie and Billie, a friend and my tape recorder in tow. We find the address and turn into the driveway of the simple home Bonnie shares with her husband. A few rose bushes line the small yard, shining their last brave blossoms of pink and yellow into the winter afternoon. Bonnie greets us with open arm and we enter a clean, well-kept interior. She says Billie is unable to come; I talked with her later by phone. We sit around her kitchen table and get settled. We begin the interview by holding hands and calling in Annalee; she is already very much present! We bless the interview and ask that it be the greatest possible gift to everyone.
       Bonnie herself is an unexpected and wonderful gift. She has a heart that thrills with love. She is simple and wise; she could teach anyone about perfect faith. She carries an immense yearning for truth like a torch that lights her path. Her country dialect is soft and flowing, punctuated by bursts of delighted laughter. As she talks, her face is alight, her hands dancing in tune with her story; and her blue eyes seem to go forever. She has known such extraordinary experiences that the interview is about her as well as Annalee.
       Though Bonnie's language and exclamations may sound silly to sophisticated ears, I did not want to change or delete them. She is a simple person and holds no pretenses; she is not concerned about how she appears to others. I invite you to see with me through the "country bumpkin" phraseology to the great heart and mastery beneath.

Bonnie says about herself: "God had given me some great revelations, and I didn't know who I would find to tell me about these things." She had read and loved Ye Are Gods, and one day in late summer of 1966 her friend Addie Givvens told her she knew Annalee, and that she was conducting a weekly study group in her home. The next week, a very excited Bonnie drove down to Cottonwood, some miles south of Redding, and met Annalee and Reason. They looked like any elderly retired couple. They were going by the names of John and Nansela (Bonnie wasn't sure of the spelling of this name) Matthews, as "the Mormon Church was trying to track them down because they thought they had translated, and then they heard they were alive." They came from Arizona and were driving to Canada, but they told spirit if it wanted them to stop anywhere, to "pull the string". At Cottonwood the string pulled! They bought land there and a trailer to live in, and Annalee quietly began to teach.
       Bonnie says of that first night she met Annalee, "Oh, it was so marvelous! She began to talk and tell things that God had given me and I had never told anyone. I just cried. I knew this was the one who could teach me!"
       Bonnie had a need to know. She tells of an experience that led her to Annalee. "It was back in '53. The twins were three years and my little boy just four months. One day we had a big earthquake, and I took out the Bible and began to read and I said, 'Lord, how is it your coming will be?' Then I quit reading and began to contemplate. All at once I was lifted off the divan, and the clothes I had on fell off like veils to the floor, and the most beautamous robe, white robe, was put on me, whiter than any snow I ever saw, and stars sparkled all over this garment, just like real stars! My face shone like a light, and the knowledge was so great. I looked up and saw Jesus, and I became filled with him. It was such a thrill, but I said 'But I can't go, I've got these little children.' Then I found myself back on the divan. I was lifted in a love for seven days. Angels would come and pat me on the head. It was ecstatic. It was a whole year before I even said anything to anybody, because I knew they wouldn't believe me.
       "And then, about a year after that, I was just sprinkling clothes and here came a little lady, just about the size of Annalee, and she gathered me in her arms--oh, it was so sweet, and such love. And I started to grab her, hold her, and she just disappeared. When I met Annalee, I was sure she was that lady."
       Later I ask her, "Do you belong to a church, Bonnie?"
       "I did belong to the Pentecostal, but they kicked us out because of my testimony. They got afraid of me. And I thought, 'My land, if they even knew the truth about this, they would be running toward me and saying "What have you got? I want to know this."' We could have all come into something."
       A study group met with Annalee each week, as many as 50 people, usually at Annalee's or Bonnie's. (Billie says Annalee was also meeting with people in Chico, Paradise, and Burney.) Annalee took Bonnie under her wing--"Oh, she would pet me [patting her knee] and say 'Oh Bonnie, blessed Bonnie!'" She gave Bonnie a set of the books she had completed. And when Bonnie told Annalee how she was her teacher, Annalee replied, "Well Bonnie, wherever you were, I would have had to come and help you."
       Annalee was then working on her book Beyond Mortal Boundaries, and she shared her revelations with the group as they came to her. When it was finished (DeVorss publishes her books), she gave out signed copies--Billie still has hers.
       Generally, Annalee seemed like a regular person. But one experience proved her evolvement. In Bonnie's words:
       "Billie and I wanted to ask Annalee a question. We went on down to her place, but she wasn't there. We waited a whole hour, and I said 'Well Billie, let's stay 30 more minutes, and if she's not here by that time, then we'll leave.'
       "And boy, it wasn't too long after that, I heard a great big Boom! coming through the atoms of her trailer. I went on around to the side, and Annalee opened the curtains [of the glass door] and there she was, standing in the air about like this [8-9 inches off the floor]. She was putting on a sweater, and she turned her head and nodded like this. Two hands appeared over her shoulders--there weren't any feet--and helped her on with her sweater. When she got it on, she nodded again and the hands disappeared.
       "She said 'Mercy to goodness, how long have y'all been here?' She invited us in, and you know she looked 20 years old, she didn't have wrinkle one. Oh, she was beautiful! She said, 'Sit down, come sit down. What do you want?' We asked her our question. But before she could even talk to us, she had to come down from that realm. We could see the wrinkles come back into her face. Then finally she answered us."
       On another occasion, Bonnie and Billie and their husbands were returning home from a bowling tournament in Chico. They were driving along Interstate 5 through Redding, talking animatedly about Annalee. Suddenly, they noticed Annalee and Reason's car ahead of them. The foursome began to follow. According to Billie "Annalee got off at the Cypress Street exit, turned left on Hilltop, and then turned right again on a street that's now part of an industrial area. They turned the corner, into a street that ended right there, and when we turned after them their car was gone."
     Annalee left Cottonwood in 1970. Both Bonnie and Billie understood that she went to Red Bluff and wrote her eighth and last revelation, Book of Books, published in 1972. Billie told me that shortly after it was published, a copy was delivered to her door with no return address.
       Before we leave, Bonnie says "The other day I was in the mall, close to Sears. I was blessing everybody, and all at once I saw golden stairs, and I could see plum right through them to the top! Oh, they were beautiful! I went running up there. Down below they were shooting the pictures of Santa Claus, and I thought 'Well, I wonder if anybody saw me go up here?' And by looking down and wondering about what happened there, they let me down on the floor again, but on this side, not where I'd been. I thought, 'My land, why didn't I go on and get my mind where I was going!'" She shakes her head in regret.
       Annalee has told her she is headed for translation in "not too long a time."
       "Bonnie", I ask her, "Will you make me a promise? When you ascend, will you come visit me and tell me about it?"
       "I'll sure try to," she says.

Since speaking with Bonnie, I have also interviewed a Mt. Shasta woman, Kimberley Wheeler, whose father Kenneth Wheeler saw Annalee in 1953 or 1954, shortly after her ascension. "He was invited to an evening talk at a bookstore in southern California, I think Glendale. Annalee and Reason were the speakers! He always remembered her first words: 'I love you, I love you, I love you all.' She spoke for a time in a most wonderful way, and then Reason spoke for a shorter time. At the end of the evening, the two left holding hands. My father was watching them walk off down the sidewalk, when they disappeared."
       Kimberley has heard that Annalee and Reason gave a talk in Sacramento, California in the late 80's. The man who told her about it said he noticed one small thing which confirmed who they were. It was the end of the evening, and they were all standing around talking. Annalee leaned on the coffee table, and her hand went right through it.
       Now Annalee has gone to new adventures. I would like to report that she ascended a second time, leaving no form behind, but that is not what happened. Her body died, and is buried by a nursing home in the Corning, California area; I confirmed this myself. Knowing that a lady who can travel back and forth between dimensions would have no need to lay her body down, I called Annalee in meditation to ask her why she chose that. I actually asked her this twice over the years, and her answer was the same. She told me she had a friend in the nursing home who needed her help, and she went there to be with her. Shortly after her friend's passing, Annalee consciously left her body; she did not die in the usual way. (The great yogi Yogananda left the same way.) "Did you raise it from the grave," I asked, knowing that some other ascended masters have done that. "There was no need," she answered. She simply clothed her spirit in her lighter dimensional body. I felt disappointed that there was not a more spectacular departure for her, but I understood that different actions are appropriate in different circumstances.

Annalee visits Bonnie often in her light body, along with Bonnie's sister Mamie and her friend June, who are also passed. They watch over her and help her, along with her angels. Recently Bonnie had a quadruple bi-pass operation, and in post-operative X-rays the doctors could find no trace of it. Her heart, which had become enlarged, is now a perfect heart of normal size. All the steel staples have disappeared from her body, and the four veins they had placed outside her heart are not to be seen.

Just in the last three years, a family from Fremont, California came to see me because they could not understand the disappearance of Farid, their son/brother/husband. Over a year or so Farid had devoured Annalee Skarin's books, reading them over and over. He began to intimate to his family that Annalee was visiting him. A computer specialist, he gave notice at his work, and got his severance pay two weeks later. Leaving all of his money and personal effects behind, he disappeared. I contacted him on the inner and sure enough he was there, feeling totally in awe of being on the ascended plane with his teacher Annalee.

Annalee is very much present to assist us--even so far as appearing here in person! We may want to accept her hand-up to ascension by calling her in--she is so loving, so beautiful, and what a smile!--and feeling her presence and support. She has traveled the path of ascension, and it is her deepest desire that we share her joy and glory.

©1989, Joanna Cherry. You are welcome to copy and distribute this article, as long as you acknowledge its source. Thank you

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