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Abundance of Blessed Money for All


 It seems many of us feel pinched in the money department right now, and perhaps have for a long time. For myself and my company, doing a room at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this February was miraculous in energy and pretty disastrous financially. In working to catch up, I have been learning to feel more deeply truths I’ve known for a long time, and making new discoveries. I thought it might be helpful to share these.

<>        There is a being greater than we are; call it God/Goddess, Universal Force, Life, what you will. Though this is an assumption for most spiritually oriented people, I realized that because I was taught that I should be independent and strong, I was not actually letting this greater energy give much to me. I believe this is true for many.
        The number one edict in most religious or spiritual teaching is “Behold God.” Our primary reality being spirit, not matter, it helps enormously if we are able to truly give the vastness of spirit, God, our attention and faith. This includes knowing that Goddess/God is LOVE. And it includes seeing everything as God, which it is, seeing through not only our own seeming limitations, but those of others as well. For humans, we can also say “Behold the Christ”, the anointed son/daughter of God. Actually seeing this way is of course a challenge, but how wonderfully worth the effort!
         Looking, as Yogananda recommended, up into the third eye and REACHING, mentally and emotionally, to our true Mother and Father, can bring a feeling of being loved, being cared for.

Beholding God leads to deeper knowledge; we realize that Mother/Father is EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Also, that it is infinitely generous and giving, from infinite abundance. Nature, expressions of the divine, is outrageously abundant. Perhaps one in 1,000 seeds actually germinates, and a fraction of these grow into a plant or tree.
        Our Mother/Father KNOWS everything because it IS everything. It knows exactly what is needed every minute of our lives because it IS us. And it LOVES Itself AS us.
        In its love and knowledge, coupled with POWER AND ABILITY TO ACT, Mother/Father naturally and effortlessly supplies all that is needed to everything it is. It does clothe the lily in the field, and just because our own raiment includes the having of money, the same effortlessness is still active. “There is no order of difficulty in miracles,” so says A Course in Miracles.
        Money itself seems to have voodoo wrapped around it for a lot of us. So many have pursued money in greed (fear), and wrongfully wielded the power that comes with wealth, that it is easy to understand this anathema (not to mention past lives as nuns and priests, taking a vow of poverty!). But Goddess/God being everything, it includes money.
        As we are the very image of Goddess/God, we are Love; we are infinite abundance. When we allow ourselves to be open-hearted and open-handed, giving money as our guidance show us to our fellow beings—not only paying our debts but in tithing, to charities, individuals or whatever—then we all naturally prosper, not only in money but in other ways.
        I’ve been shown that when we use money thus rightly, it becomes blessed in our hands. Money has its own spirit and energy, and yearns to be loved, accepted, and blessed by right use.

There are quite some beliefs we humans have harbored against having abundant money. Beholding God will probably bring up hidden or known beliefs to be healed. It could be helpful to take a look at a few of these, just to help them get dismantled. (See “antidotes” to these beliefs, below.)

• I don’t deserve money. I’m not God. I’m bad and guilty because of what I’ve done or haven’t done.

• I’m a victim of circumstance. Other people control how much I have in my life. Where I live keeps me down.

• It’s wrong to have money. Poverty is blessed by God. Money is bad. If I do allow myself to have money, I’ll be punished. Struggle is the way life is and meant to be. If I have it I’ll be just like those rich people I’ve seen misuse money.

• I’m a certain (not wealthy) class; I’m not supposed to have money. My parents had a certain amount, and I love and honor them and am loyal to them, so I can't have more than they had. My self-identity is wrapped around being in this “class.” It would be presumptuous of me to have more than my class has. I would not know who I am. I could lose friends and family. I would feel very uncomfortable with a lot of money, and would make sure I lose it again quickly.

• Money is overwhelming. It’s more powerful than I am. I’m not safe to allow much of it to be here.

• Money can’t be here for me in abundance. It isn’t part of my life. I live on a fixed and limited income. It’s impossible to change that.

• Things are bad. There’s a depression. I should keep my money, not spend or share it. I’ll be safer and more abundant.

• I am strong and independent; I don’t need or accept help from God or from others. If you feel one of these thought/feelings, or a different one, coming up to face you, here is a way you can proceed. (If you are not feeling one, visualize what you want to experience in the way of money; feel it. If nothing comes up, you may be home free!)

Get as deeply in touch with the thought/feeling as you are able. Ask your spirit to assist. Relax and be with this belief, or aspect. Be steady and calm. Feel the feeling of it deeply, and LOVE it. The reason most of our negative or difficult beliefs have been so hard to let go of is that we have not only judged them, we have felt victimized by them, overpowered by them. But this belief is doing its very best; it lives somewhere in our past, perhaps a past life. If we are able to love it, it can relax too and begin to look around for different possibilities.
        Say to this belief, with honest feeling, “I love you, exactly the way you are. I love you forever, unconditionally.” Make sure this is communicated, and gotten. You may feel guided to do more, such as take it into your arms or speak additional words. You may also sense that it has things to tell you, and listen to these.
        When you are sure this aspect feels your love, you may tell it honestly that it would be very helpful if it were able to change. Tell it what you would like to have in your life. See if or how it is able to respond. It may have questions or objections; do your best to answer these honestly. Sometimes the aspect needs a day or two to mull new ideas over. However, once it truly gets that it is loved, every aspect I have worked with has desired to cooperate, and has been able to do that.
        Clearing in this way can be both fast and powerful. For me, I am seeing finances begin to turn around.
        In addition to clearing, of course we can pray, visualize, and call for that which we choose to have. So much has been written about this, there seems no need to go over these principles here.

Here are the truth statements concerning the limiting beliefs above:

• I deserve to have everything that benefits my life, and this is the natural way of life. I have always done my very best with what I have known at each moment; I am eternally innocent, and that is always how the divine sees me. I forgive myself completely for anything I have thought, felt, done, or seemingly failed to do. God/dess IS me and loves me eternally; it desires that Itself as me has everything it could possibly need and desire.

• I am not a victim in any way. No person, place or circumstance has the power to limit my good. I forgive everyone, and every condition, completely. Forgiveness equals fortune! I choose and create my life, and God/the universe reflects my every belief perfectly. The limited thought I had unconsciously created from in the past, I am changing to unlimited true thought in which all my heart’s desires are fulfilled. God alone is my true source, and I Am always abundant.

• It is good and right in God/dess, and in Jesus and Mary, to have abundant money. Prosperity is blessed by God; so says the Bible many times over. Money is as good as its use, and it is blessed with my right use. I am safe, loved and protected, in every way, being prosperous. Life is meant to be easy and happy, and I accept this! Many wealthy people are good and generous people, and I choose to be this way with my money.

• I am of no class except God class; I drop any other self-identity. If I choose to create having more money than my parents have, I am blessing and honoring them with a courageous son or daughter. Not only that, I am saying to my parents, siblings, friends and others, that any of us may rise above an old state and create a new one. I am free and encouraged by the divine to create my life as I wish. I am supposed to have abundant money, and it is appropriate for me to have it. I remain my true self. My friends and family continue to love and accept me. It is quite natural for me to have abundant money, and I am always comfortable with it.

• Money is just the tiniest part of Who I Am, which is vaster than the universe and which already contains all the money there is. I Am Powerful, one with God/dess. I Am completely safe with money.

• It is easy for God/dess, the Universe, Life, to always keep me supplied with abundant money. It’s a natural part of my life. God is my Source, not people, work or conditions, and my income is unlimited now.

• There is only a depression for me if I say there is. Being a powerful divine being, my word is law. Keeping money back also keeps me from receiving. Giving and sharing keeps money circulating more abundantly for everyone, including me.

• I am interdependent with all of life. I receive my physical life itself from mother Earth and all of nature. I already give to and receive from literally millions of people. It’s natural and wonderful for all of us to both give to and receive from each other, and I accept this wonderful way of life. I receive humbly and abundantly from God, in gratitude and joy.

 It is time for us to come up out of restrictions about this vital part of our present societal life. If we don’t get results right away, let us persevere! We will succeed!

Wonderful prosperity teachers are Catherine Ponder (she has a free newsletter), Edwene Gaines, and John Randolf Price. Also, Patti Cota-Robles has a recent communication on new archetypes for humanity’s abundance. All are highly recommended, and their books are easily available.

Greatest of blessings to you upon your path!

©2008, Joanna Cherry. Please do copy and distribute this article of Joanna’s, acknowledging its source. Thank you.

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