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The Past is Now Constantly Changing

Joanna Cherry

“Time is an illusion.” “All time is one.” These truths come time and time again.
Do they mean anything to us? It feels so real: “time passes,” “time and tide wait for no man;” not to mention birth, aging and death of the body. Seconds become years become eons.

A Course in Miracles says that one day, time will stop. What? Even universes flow with time, the Brahma cycle of their formation and collapse, sleep and new awakening. How can time stop?

Also, A Course in Miracles teaches that what we think our brother did to us never happened. How could this be? We’ve each known deep hurt at the hands of others, purposeful or not. Even if we forgive, the memory remains.

Spirit has gradually revealed that the key to stopping time is clearing, even changing, our past: real, concrete change. We’ve long worked to clear unresolved issues; now we can change the past not only for ourselves, but for humanity and Earth. We have already begun it. This possibility can manifest both the teachings of A Course in Miracles and the truths about time.

In changing our past those I’ve worked with, and I, have come through hard places to happier ones. Anyone can do the same using these or other guided practices. How-to suggestions are at the end of the article. In addition, assisting the wider healing of humanity is an invitation for each of us.

Healing Individual Past Lives

At first, we dealt with only personal past lives. Some were altered in part, while others were actually wiped out and replaced with a happier one. A simple example: in a past life a spiritual teacher was warned by her higher self not to go to a certain town, but she ignored it and was killed there. From the present day she connected to her former self before this event, and not only emphasized the warning but showed her her unnecessary death. This time she listened, and her life was saved to teach for years after.

Just as forgiveness re-creates our present lives, forgiveness of past life people has been the major key to a life’s re-creation. In one healer’s past life she had been treated violently and then exiled from her town. We connected with the souls of the townspeople involved. Most of them had grown enough to see the disharmony and fear in their actions, and went on their knees to ask her forgiveness. Happily she was able to give it, and we changed the life so that she left town before fearful energies came to a head. There is hardly anything more powerful than forgiveness.

For past lives, some have needed to leave a situation and others have been able to stay harmoniously by re-choosing their actions, sometimes with just a single person. With each change the person today felt freer, happier, lighter.

A young man had a lot of trouble with one of his eyes, caused by a past life injury coming forward. He followed spirit’s advice for eye exercises; but just before his eye fully healed something would distract him, he stopped the exercises and the trouble flared up again. He didn’t understand why he kept sabotaging his healing.

We discovered that he had been monks in past lives, each of whom had a physical difficulty. They held a collective belief: only if there were a body infirmity could they avoid becoming arrogant. The present young man spoke to them lovingly, honoring their choices but affirming that in this time he needed his eyes to be perfect. He let that past go and was able to heal his eye completely. In this case he may or may not have changed his past, we didn’t go there, but changed the present through forgiveness and release.

At first, we would work with only one life at a time; as more were changed, the more opportunity arose to do a number of similar lives at once. One woman had been in a number of marriages in which her husband was abusive. She, in a marvelously powerful and loving action, was able to forgive all of them at the same time, re-create them, and make a new life for herself in the present.
Sharing one woman’s group of lives may help other women. Early in the Christian era she was influenced by false teachings disguised as Christian but not from Jesus: poverty is good/prosperity is bad; and sex is wrong/abstinence is right. She wanted to be good, to be pure. She thus chose to become a nun, several times. These lives were cold and lonely. After the last one, she felt such need for intimacy and warmth that her one demand for her next life was sex. Unfortunately, she still believed prosperity was wrong, so she was born to a poor Korean family, street peddlers, in a time when a dowry was required to marry off a daughter. This dowry they did not have; yet unconsciously they knew her demand for sex. At the onset of puberty she was sold to a brothel in Seoul. It was the hardest life she had ever known. Though we changed it to be easier, she could not wipe it out.

Then came the mind-blowing discovery that because she had both the conviction that sex was wrong, and a great desire for sexual intimacy, the only way she allowed herself to experience sex for lifetimes was through rape. We all need warmth and intimacy, and the judgment so many still carry about sex may unfortunately lead to this unhappy experience. A good judgment to release!

This woman was eventually able to release her nun lives. She went back to before the first one and never allowed the false teachings to approach her. She gravitated to a wise teacher who included prosperity, and the warmth and love of sexuality, in the goodness and divinity of life. She never became a nun. Her body was never raped. The Korean life didn’t happen. And her new signature life, while still most often a teacher or healer, now included companionship and love and sex, genuine friends and spiritual peers; warmth and laughter. She felt this change; it flooded forward to surround and fill her with joy.
Healing for Humanity

Not long after this, we began healing the past for large groups of people. Spirit reveals that the present awakening of humanity allows us to let go of difficult events from our past, events that were formerly seared into our souls. How this happens there may be no words for, but you can feel this truth. It is as if a balloon (the rise of human consciousness) is filling with helium but is earthbound because its string is tied to a rock (an unhealed past difficulty). Finally it gets so light that it tugs on the string, whose knot comes undone—and it sails happily away.

Many masters work to help humanity. These may include ascended and earth masters, I Am Presences, higher beings such as Metatron and Melchizedek, and Mother/Father God of All. Masters have often said a HUMAN CALL IS NEEDED for them to have permission to act in an earth situation. Making this call can become our desire and choice. As all time is actually right now, once the call is made there is no problem for them to enter a situation from any time and change it.

About a thousand years ago, the king of an Asian country trusted a man with a dark agenda. He advised the king that women were inferior, and thus should do the hard work of the land. The king sent this out as a decree. Life there was greatly saddened and darkened. The decree spread like an insidious disease to other countries. (When I traveled in Asia, especially Nepal, I noticed women carrying huge loads while their husbands played dice and drank; I understand this injustice was carried down from that long-ago decree.) We made the call for this to be changed.

What the masters did was request a wise spirit to take birth as a boy in a family close to the royals, about the same time as the king. Such a person often comes from the master realms, with a clear understanding of the purpose for this human life. This boy and the king grew up as friends. The king loved and trusted him, and followed his advice; thus the decree was never given. Such a simple thing made such a huge change.

At the request of the masters a number of similar changes—assisting rulers to be more wise and kind—were made in various parts of the world. One was different: a young king of what is now Germany killed in battle the prince of a neighboring country. In revenge this prince vowed to be the king’s first born, and to rule Germany cruelly. Before conception he forcefully booted out the spirit of the loving one who was to be the next king, and succeeded in his revenge. At the masters’ request the call was made for change. They visited the angry prince after his death and said hey, war is war and people die, why waste your time being mad; just see here what a wonderful life we’ve got for you! (A wealthy, contented merchant in another land.) He accepted, the original loving spirit inherited the throne, and the country was greatly benefited.

A change was requested for industrial-age America. A man and woman of means were born in Massachusetts before the age began. They already had a past of great love and honor for one another; they married, and decided to set up a factory in a small town to make excellent products for the home, mostly of wood and iron. In contrast to other factory owners, and encouraged by his wife, he gave a good living wage to his employees and even treated treated their illness and injury. He and his wife worked diligently to bring well-being to the whole town, assisting all to have good shelter, health, prosperity and happiness. These activities became known far and wide, and both he and his wife gave talks and assistance to other cities in America and Europe to accomplish the same things. Though we may not yet notice it, the industrial age has a bit different aura to it now.

The masters may also request calls to be made for various doings of the present, including governorship on all levels, creating and keeping peace, whatever serves. Each of us desiring to expand life’s goodness has particular interests and skills to change the past or present—or future. Though how to do it is not nearly so obvious, the future is also open to change.

I know there is no proof of these changes; the closest “proof” are the shifts that take place in present consciousness when our pasts are changed. The changes create a noticeably beneficial, if subtle, effect upon present day life.

We are now in the “permanent golden age,” as St. Germain terms it—but just barely. Though we return, at long last, to the paradise we first knew on Earth, it remains a far journey. Corporate power, finances, environment, governance, demonstrate as yet precious little evidence of our transformation. But as humanity rises into higher frequency and greater light, more of the present and the past are cleared. Much of this transformation now takes place unconsciously and effortlessly; we’re letting go of the old stuff. Changes are increasing exponentially.

There will come a “time” when all has been forgiven. “I live in a forgiven world,” suggests A Course in Miracles. All the love behind our play, our dramas, will be clearly seen and felt, and then time will be no more, at least time as we’ve known it on Earth. Nothing will be held in the soul forming an unresolved past. We will simply be present moment to moment in the bliss of reality, the bliss of the divine we are.

How to Change Your Past

PERSONAL: Changing the past changes the present; and changing the present changes the past. Change can be done from either direction. It isn’t necessary to see a past life in order to change it; you can simply tune in to a present life situation or person that gives you great difficulty. In either case:
            1. Empower yourself by moving out of victimhood: take responsibility for creating the situation and your reactions to it. For this it’s helpful to remember that all together we create the dance of oneness, the dance of life. No accidents, everything perfect in its moment.
            2. If you’d like to understand the creation better you can ask what caused it, including any unresolved karma between yourself and other(s) involved. You may want to go back to a prior situation and begin with that.
            3. Forgive all concerned, including yourself. All have done their absolute best with what was known at the time. It is important to remember that forgiveness requires an emotional release.
            4. Ask if the life can be re-created and how, and/or what may now happen in the present life to change things for the better. If it’s a past life, sometimes it can be changed such that you may be born to different parents, in a different place, a new life status etc.
            5. Give thanks! Welcome your new consciousness and rejoice.

A second personal way of change is to ask your I Am Presence to go back and be with every moment of your present and past lives and give assistance to release, forgive, change for the happier. This can be done as frequently as helpful, perhaps every few days.

Planetary Healing

 Ask if there is anything you can do to change the present, past or future. Listen to the masters, make the call they request, and know it is done. Here is a suggested way of calling:

“In the name and by the power and authority of I Am that I Am of _________(your name), I now call the masters into this ____________(situation) to change it to the highest and best that it can be. Thanks be to Mother/Father God. And so be it.”



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