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Your Body and Enlightment


Star-beings we are! In the realms of light, we overlap with each other. We are one, and not one. We know we are indispensable, part of God/Goddess: infinitely precious, honored and loved.
            Now ah! to discover what it means to be physical; to feel, heaven and hell alike! And so, star-beings take a body on the planet called Earth.
            So here we are: me in my body and you, over there, in yours—a nearly irresistible pull to believe we are separate from each other, and from our very divinity. Our star-being self gradually fades from memory. We cannot find it anymore.
            Eons pass. The age of kali yuga, the darkest age, descends upon the planet. The darkest hour, World War II. Yet in the midst of the darkness, points of light: Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, saints of both East and West. St. Germain, as Sir Francis Bacon, brings the dawn of the new era. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the light gathers and intensifies.
            Finally the light of the new day dawns so brightly, our hearts thrill to it! We remember! Somewhere in our depths, we know: we are divine.
            Yet here we are still, in bodies—and a world—that invite us to believe in separation. How to bring our divinity into reality—and bring the whole earth with us?

            Exuberance! We have lots to go on this one! We've been far too concerned with making a fool of ourselves to go skip-hopping down the street. But oh, how we need exuberance! To jump and sing, laugh and dance! To express divine joy with the body! We can leap about amongst our tree friends, shouting for joy, or cut loose at a dance, or exult in the joys of a challenging sport!

            Forgiveness--to drink the sparkling nectar of release, release from the burdens of resentment and blame. Every difficult thing from every lifetime gradually becomes an empty memory. We are divine. We've never, ever been judged. We've always done our utmost best with what we knew, traveling the road to wisdom. We've co-created everything together. We are innocent, as innocent as the God of which we are part. Forgiveness lets exuberant reality pour into us. We come home through forgiveness.

            The past released—we are able to be fully present in our body, fully alive, fully available for life!

            Kindness . . . How do we use these hands, these eyes, this voice? Just across the room from us, or the counter or aisle or sidewalk from us, is a fellow divine being who needs all the love he can get—just like we do. Would a smile give him a lift? Would voicing a sincere compliment make her day? Would an encouraging word reach into a lonely heart? If our legs crossed the distance to give a hug, would it warm a child or a discouraged friend? Would an unexpected act of kindness turn someone's life around? Let us be open and sensitive to such possibilities! A kindness ripples out forever, blessing all creation.

            Creativity! Hands, heart, brain, limbs all working in unison to express the divine self! Writing, painting, singing, dancing, it matters not—what expresses the self is a gift to all. A most wondrous expression is singing/speaking praises to the divine.

            Odd—illness a tool for enlightenment? If it's here, what is your body wanting to teach you? What have you been avoiding? To dive into the core cause, mental and emotional, of an illness—and to change out of that discovery, to expand into the new—these can be vital stepping stones on the path to enlightenment.

            Sex, that most misunderstood of energies! But how better to express divine love, divine union, than merging with another in mutual love? The path of tantra suggests that in lovemaking, we first prepare the space: sparkling clean, a feast for our eyes, fragrant, delicious light foods to delight our palate, and lovely music playing. We see one another as god and goddess, and treat each other as such. We merge not only physically, but through our eyes, our breath. There is no goal, just to share love. Rather than throwing energy off in orgasm, we build and plateau, build more and plateau, as long as we choose. We bring the energies of our first and second chakras up the spine, to the crown chakra of enlightenment. And the body is in great joy. Truly, a holy act.

            Immortality, rejuvenation, beauty, ascension—the body itself recognized as divine! Made of divine substance of light and energy, our body is re-formed each instant as spirit handles six trillion transactions per second. Age is purely a function of limited human belief; beauty is truth. Our true body for this incarnation is one of eternal beauty. Our body is spirit, part of Goddess/God, meant to express the eternal, ever-expanding life of the divine! And we can come to so deeply know this truth, that finally we express it!

            Everybody once ridiculed the thought that machines could fly. Most of us think that way today about immortality of form, and genuine, permanent rejuvenation. But in exactly the same way, these will become as common as jetting from New York to San Francisco. We are divine through and through, utterly unlimited: what human limitation can withstand the light of this truth?







Copyright © Joanna Cherry, 2013

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