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Proof of Rejuvenation through Time


Writing this in the summer of 2016. I am on my guided path to ascension, and looking back over my life and teachings.

I am all too aware that I taught infinite possibilities that I myself did not come to embody while I was teaching. I feel sad about this, as it is vital to me that my word is good; that I can be trusted to speak truth and walk my talk. That my students do not feel I was unable to do it, that I failed in my mission and they were mistaken in trusting me. 

In the time that has passed after I stopped teaching (as guided) in 1996, some interesting things have happened. It feels good now to share these.

I was mistaken in my perception that I could quickly accomplish what I taught. I truly believed that I would demonstrate rejuvenation and immortality in my life so that anyone could easily see it. I did make progress, as I have been on a healing and clearing path for 40 years. But the proof of the pudding did not appear.

I already knew that in a number of lifetimes of being “different”—a healer, a spiritual teacher—my body was maimed or raped or killed, or I was exiled from my home. I did not however realize the huge depth of healing required for me to overcome these terror-filled experiences and move on. To my knowledge this healing is now complete.

My guidance into ascension became quite intense in the spring of 2011. I am guided to take my physical body into a fifth-dimensional retreat (see also the article “Into the Cave of Symbols and Beyond”). Again, I believed this would not take long—and it’s been more than five years.  All the vicissitudes I created in my past—many more than mentioned, and on more than this planet—have been tremendously hard to overcome. It has taken all my attention. I have not had enough desire, energy or time to give to other pursuits.

Regarding my teaching of physical immortality: in November of 1998, when I was 58, I received quietly one day in meditation that I now had a “non-dying body.” Didn’t sound very sexy. But my energy began to increase, and kept on increasing for about a year; then it leveled off. It has stayed the same ever since, and will continue so, though I will be 76 years into this life on September 3rd. My body doesn’t feel 16, or 35—more like 45.

I haven’t been to a doctor in decades, but I did have a session with a Tibetan Buddhist high lama when I was 65. High lamas are renowned for their ability to know the exact state of a person’s health and energy through the pulse. At the end of the session he told me I was not only in excellent health, but “You have the pulse of a 35-year-old.” Though I didn’t need confirmation, I was happy to hear this. It was an exterior proof that built my faith and knowing.

Regarding my teaching on seeable rejuvenation, I had an intense desire to prove at least to myself that I could visibly rejuvenate my body through only my mind and intention. Over the past three years I have done several rejuvenation experiments. For one, my arms have gotten all crinkly with age. I decided to tackle them. Each day I imagined them firm and youthful. Three weeks later, they were. No matter how I held them, they looked young. Then in my intensity of work on ascension, I forgot about them and they returned to their old appearance. A few months later I succeeded in doing it again.

I’ve rejuvenated in other ways, all similarly temporary. I cleaned up my jawline to some extent. I reduced wrinkles. I did these more than once. I am a stickler for self-honesty; these changes, though subtle, were real. Friends aren’t usually aware of small changes in appearance, and I did not mention them. But to myself I now know: I can do it. If it were my trajectory to stay on earth for some time, I would rejuvenate my appearance fully and obviously.

Regarding my teaching of healing through understanding the cause of illness: I can truthfully state that I have nearly mastered this. I say “nearly” because very occasionally, once every couple of years, I still get a “common cold” and it takes the usual time to heal.

Even for other things, it is not a matter of instant healing; usually it takes me a little while to undo a condition. Over-identifying with my mother, I gave myself skin cancers. Not knowing what the first one was, I went to a doctor and he burned it off. I gave myself several others, and healed them simply through putting my finger on them and saying, “You are gone.”  And each one disappeared, sometimes in 10 days, sometimes longer. I have not allowed another one for over a decade.

Discovering a past life where pneumonia took my body, I got it again. But knowing the cause, this time I chose to live and just rode it out for three weeks. I did take cold medicine. If I start to experience pain in my right knee or leg when I walk, I know I’m feeling afraid on a deep level of something I’m heading into. If it’s my left leg, I know it’s about feeling unworthy to receive something good. I look deeply within and release the cause; the pain then leaves.

Regarding my teaching of ascension: My definition is leaving the earth plane in one’s physical body, going into a lighter realm, and leaving no form behind in death. I’m doing it.  Yes it has taken me a huge long time to overcome old terrors and whatnot. But I have come to realize that nothing will prevent it.

If any of you reading this has been my student and/or friend—Iris, Jessica, Roy and Sally, or any others—and has felt disillusioned that I did not do what I taught in our times together, I want to reassure you that though it took longer than I expected to manifest, mastery has begun to show up. The same may be true for you on your path. If it is, I encourage you to have genuine patience, perseverance and determination and hold what one master calls the “long thought.” With anything we desire and give the attention needed to bring it forth, nothing in creation may prevent it from coming true.

I understand and forgive our human tendency to think that if something we want or expect doesn’t happen within a certain amount of time, it ain’t gonna happen. Buas of now, all I have taught has either happened, is happening or is something I am now able to do. Amen, sister.

Greatest blessings to you in your unique path into your true self, into mastery.
Greatest love!



Copyright © Joanna Cherry, 2016

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