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The New Timeline for Humanity and Earth: Update


We the people of earth have created a new life for ourselves through a new timeline.

The COVID-19 scare was actually our co-creation with the dark forces, leading directly into a new life for us and our planet. These forces have no power over us, for we are divine human beings. This is our last co-creation with them before we move into our new time.
           The rise of fear, the lockdown and all of that are leading us more quickly into the most magnificent, most rapid change any third dimensional planet has ever known, has ever known.
           The fear many of us have experienced recently has activated our deep knowing of truth: we are divine, loving, joyful, powerful and unstoppable beings. We are actually making use of this situation to become stronger than if it had not occurred. So all is not only well, it is perfect!

There’s a long-ago story leading to our present creation. This account was found on two different sets of ancient tablets in Babylon, in just the last decades. Zecharia Sitchin tells it in his books.

The planet Niburu is part of our solar system, but has a huge lopsided orbit around the sun, taking many years. We only see it when it nears the sun. Its people, the Annunaki, have divine consciousness as we do, but they express it more. They are beautiful, about 14’ tall.
           Around 400,000 years ago the Annunaki needed more gold for Nibiru’s atmosphere, and traveled in spaceships around our solar system to find it. They discovered huge gold deposits in Africa, and settled in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, in Babylon.

When the Annunaki came, humans who were on Earth had opened to darkness millions of years before, and thus invited dark beings (in great pain and darkness themselves) to Earth. As with the corona virus, all our difficulties with our dark force companions have been co-created. But we had come to believe we were powerless, and we gave them power over us. They manipulated our DNA about a dozen times, burying our divine consciousness. Our bodies, which had been tall and beautiful like the Annunaki, became dwarfed; our beauty was lost. We were slowly heading more and more downhill. Even so, when the Annunaki came they recognized earthlings as divine humans, and left us alone.
           So the Annunaki did the gold mining themselves. But they are extremely long-lived, and the miners became very tired of this work. So what to do? An aggressive ape species lived in the African mining area, so the Annunaki decided to bring genetic experts from Nibiru to mix their own divine genes with those of the apes, and have them do the mining. In this way they created homo sapiens.

Let’s skip forward. This cross-breed called homo sapiens, one half divine, one half aggressive ape, became dominant in the world. This explains how we can be both so great and kind, and so warlike and cruel. Many civilizations rose to a certain high consciousness, then undermined themselves (with continuous “help” from dark forces) and fell so far that they had to be destroyed to keep balance on Earth. The two latest examples of this rise and fall are Atlantis and Lemuria.

The same thing would have happened to us in our civilization today. Many prophecies of cataclysm have come from genuine masters. But no prophecy can keep us down; we are divine people, created the very image of God. This time we decided, on the level of our deep divinity, to rise once again to greatness and enter a permanent golden age. In past civilizations a few enlightened leaders usually ruled, but now most of us are creating together a groundswell of rising consciousness.

A few hundred years ago we began our present rise. The founding of America was an important part of our preparation. Helena Blavatsky in the 1800s and the I Am movement in the 1930s stoked the fire; also great Eastern masters with their ancient wisdom. And of course the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed added much. All supported our decision to change things.
           About 1960 we really took off. Little shoots of light and love and happiness sprang up. We began to care for Mother Earth and our environment, our forests and oceans, and our animals. We began to care more for each other too, with organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous and all kinds of support groups. Meditation and yoga became part of many people’s lives. Our enlightenment as divine persons was arising.
           The rise of enlightenment is always accompanied—in the duality of life—by the rise of the dark. So in the past few hundred years the cabal, also called the negative elite or the Illuminati, has been creating wars, inventing diseases, causing financial disasters, and more. They even threatened the leaders of countries—including American presidents beginning with Truman in the 1940s—with death for themselves and their families if their dark agendas were not followed.
           But it is important to not blame the dark ones, they are mostly people like us who are in great pain and doing their best; and they have no power that we have not given them.
           In 1960, because of our awakening, we inwardly requested the beautiful masters helping us to stop dark force activities. (These masters are no more divine or powerful than we are; but they have realized their divinity.) So our masters went to work and gradually, the dark ones’ activities have been reduced.
           Even with the remaining dark activities, our awakening has kept us just ahead of the “wave,” the cataclysms that wiped out past civilizations. We have been so successful in this that now we know the dark ones will be defeated.

BUT the juggernaut of corporate rule, pollution and corruption, money as the dominant force, more and more disdain for “ordinary people” from corporate and political fronts—all this has just kept on keeping on. Even America’s Supreme Court was corrupted by this dominance. The old ways, stuck in a rut, were refusing to change.

But we—and our planet—needed change for the better NOW. There wasn’t enough time to wait. Our environment was in deep trouble. Our beneficial actions were just not working fast enough.
           So in our deep consciousness we had to get together and take action. In the fall of 2013, when we became ready, 50.1 percent of us voted Yes on creating a new timeline. If we had not reached a majority, we could not do it. But we did reach it. And though it may not be obvious because the old ways make so much noise, we’re awakening so fast now that instead of 50.1 percent we are now up to 65% of Yes voters: a good solid majority.

What is a new timeline? Time seems to be linear, with an unchangeable past. But we as divine beings actually created our experience of time to appear linear. In fact, all time is all here in the same moment at once. And being divine, we have power over time. We can go back as far as we are ready to go, and change what we no longer want in our history. We can re-create it, we can re-do it.

 We have had a lot of work to do since our Yes vote. First, we had to decide how we wanted our past to change. What did we choose to re-create?

One of the first things to bite the dust was war; we no longer wanted war in our history. It took some time for us to do this, but now: in America our only wars were those that got us our land. There was no Civil war, no WWI or WWII, and no wars thereafter including Korea, Viet Nam, or any of the others. The 9/11 disaster was perpetrated by dark ones to make Bush invade Iraq; we erased 9/11 and there was no war in Iraq.
           We have worked the same way for other lands. Remember that saying, “What would happen if they declared war and nobody came?” We have gone back and replaced warring leaders of many countries with different leaders who love peace. Thus, in our new timeline we have created peace on earth.

What else have we changed? Pollution. When the industrial revolution began in England a majority of the people, awake earlier in the new time, put their foot down and said “You WILL NOT pollute our waters, our air, our earth!” When the majority speaks, it must be so. Now no cars or other vehicles, including trains and airplanes, pollute. No factory is allowed to pollute earth, water or air. Plastic, though invented, has not been allowed to cause problems for earth; no invention has. There is 97% less pollution than we’ve had in our old timeline. We have created a practically pristine earth.
           We are happy and living in a healthy environment; therefore our bodies are healthy. Illness is rare, and nearly all are cured with herbs. There are no large hospitals, and doctors, mostly women, are naturalists.
           We are so harmonious—between individuals, races, ethnicities, nations—that crime is unheard of. There are no policemen, no lawyers, few if any laws. They are simply not needed.
           Money is no longer the dominant force, and people prosper with good shelter, food and all the desired and helpful things of life. We have chosen and created a prosperous society.
           Relationships are much more loving, kind and happy. For people who form couples, true love is now the usual way. And there are no unwanted children.
           We have chosen to care for everyone, making sure of the well-being of all. Society has become so enlightened that there is virtually no crime and therefore no prisons; there are no insane asylums.
           Being close to nature is the greatest goodness of life; so we have shrunk our cities, none are over 2 million people. And even in cities the people have planted great trees all along the streets. No one lives in skyscrapers, and everyone has at least a small plot of land for their own. People do only work they love.
           About 95% of earth’s population lives in the countryside, and most in family domains, which are taught by Anastasia in Vladimir Megré’s books, the Ringing Cedars series (the first is titled Anastasia), which show us this wonderful way we used to live.
           A couple, hopefully in truest love, receives (usually free) about two and a half acres (one hectare) of arable land, in a planned community. They may call it their “motherland.” They plant a green fence around it of their choice, perhaps raspberry bushes, or saplings and other kinds of plants. They also plant a family tree and begin a “book of kin” for their heirs to know how their home began. They create a source of water if needed: a well or pond. Much of the land they reserve for forest. They plan their flower and vegetable gardens, and a simple or larger home as they wish. Vegetables grown in love and personal contact with the growers include unique qualities best for them.
           On a certain day the couple goes around to others of the community, who await them with love and joy, and let their neighbors know what in harmony they would like to receive from them: perhaps an apple tree sapling, seeds for a certain vegetable, a pair of chickens or a goat.
           On opening day, the community holds a celebration on the new domain to dedicate it to the harmony, joy and life of the couple and all upon the land. The neighbors bring their gifts, placing them in the spot the couple has decided upon. They help build the home.
           When the couple wants a child, they make love for the purpose of bringing in a divine soul. It is best for their child if the mother remains on the motherland for the duration of her pregnancy. Both speak lovingly to the child in the womb, of universal knowledge, love and wisdom. The baby is born into warm water with only the husband present, and help near at hand.
           Their child is raised with living things to love: bugs, squirrels, flowers, the wind. This connects it with the whole universe, inner and outer divinity.
           The community holds frequent festivities where people give their gifts of creativity in joyful exchange with others. Contests, plays, songs, dances, hand made clothing and practical articles, home-created pickles and jams, and much more are shared with love, laughter and gusto. 
           This is a mere thumbnail sketch of family domains; the books are available for you to enjoy.

We awaken more and more as we go along, changing more of our past; and finally we achieved enough to change what happened 400,000 years ago. Some master delegates went back in time to the people of Nibiru—when they were planning to mix their genes with those of the apes—and taught them how to precipitate gold from ether, the fifth element. Thus, they no longer needed to mind gold; mixing ape and divine human genes never took place.
While the masters were visiting Nibiru, they suggested that some Annunaki come to Earth to settle. After all, they already knew how beautiful it was here.
            In the end, 1400 Nibiruans settled here to stay. And they were so beautiful and kind that the dwarfed humans wanted to be like them, so many chose upon dying to be born to the Annunaki. This completely changed their DNA to divine consciousness and beauty of form. Gradually these fully divine humans became the most numerous race on Earth, and the dwarfed humans faded away. So we now have a history of a truly divine humanity. This naturally has led us to a much more wonderful past.

The single largest change to Earth physically—and this is a shocker—is that because of the much higher human consciousness of the past eons, the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis did not sink; it was their wars that caused water to overcome them. We now have their technology, silent non-polluting aircraft, bio-computers and much more. Also, as land is vastly greater with these two continents above sea level, our oceans are approximately fourteen feet higher. This changes so much! The low coastal lands of present Earth are under water. In America there’s a sea a hundred miles across in the Mississippi Valley, and the Great Lakes are nearly one mass of water.
           The good news: we will have Lemuria and Atlantis to settle upon!

These great changes we have made to our history are obviously not here yet. However, they are complete on the fourth dimension, just above our third dimension, and in this dimension we are already living them.
           We’ve been preparing inwardly, on deep levels, to live outwardly the changes we have created. When we have fully prepared ourselves for this, our deep consciousness will flip to the top and our new life will be here quite suddenly, from one moment to the next. We will not remember our old past—if we did the new timeline would fail. We must have our newly created past in our memory in order to live in our chosen new world. And what a wonderful world this will be!
I believe congratulations are in order that we have overcome prophecies of doom, and chose instead a new and beautiful creation of life on Earth. We are divine beings  partially aware of our divinity, our oneness with God/Goddess, and we are coming home to paradise. In our new life we will express our infinite love, our perfect joy, and our power of creation. What a wondrous thing indeed we have done!

Greatest blessings to each and every one of us, now and forever. So be it.

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2020. You are invited to share this article with others; if you do, please honor the source and change nothing. Thank you.





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