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Merge with Your I Am Presence


Below is my own wording of part of a St. Germain prayer/decree at the end of The Magic Presence. I’ve been saying it every day, changing it as I go, stopping to feel each thought. I hope it may serve you well. The “secret love star” he tells me is a three-dimensional merkaba of diamond light. I perceive it as supporting each of us, in our chosen being and action, with unconditional love and outrageous joy. Finally, to see the world as we would love it to be HERE AND NOW is to help it manifest as quickly as possible.

As a divine being of I Am infinite love and light,
Among divine beings of I Am infinite love and light,
I call unto the great I Am
To assist each of us to fulfill our deepest heart’s desire
To feel, know, be, live, think, speak and act I Am That I Am.
I call unto the secret love star to weave for me from its rays
My eternal garment of transcendent loveliness
To expand within my heart the jewel of the sacred fire of love
For all things, all life and all people
For trees and forests, animals and sea creatures,
Birds, butterflies, bees and flowers
The mineral kingdom
The elemental kingdom
All waters, earth, air and fire
And all beings in the universe.

I invite the love star’s glory to pour through me
That mine may be the scepter of divine love power supreme.
I think and speak only the decree of love
That perfection may express everywhere.
What a beautiful, kind, loving and sweet world we live in
Free, happy, peaceful, easy,
Generous and giving, abundant in every good,
Humanity-enlightened, divine love and light filled,
With immortal people of love and beauty
Spiritually governed
Environmentally restored to pristine purity and joy,
Paradisiacal world we live in,
Where each person comes from I Am
To expand the goodness, love, beauty, light and joy
Of life on Earth every day.
I send this vision out as a cosmic blessing.
I listen only to the sound of love’s voice—all sound—
That all may hear the song of joy.
I gaze only upon love’s light—all I see—
That the flame from the seven Elohim
May blaze upon my forehead.

The diamond love star illumines my path.
As I approach my inner temple to goddess/god
The doors spring open in eternal love and welcome
And I pass through
Here into the holy of holies,
And come face to face with my true self, my real identity
Beloved Goddess/God Presence I Am
In ecstatic union with Itself
Loving me Itself with unconditional, eternal love
I move forward, and merge with it
And be it.

I Am infinite love and light throughout the universes
Throughout all dimensions
I Am joy, freedom, and peace
I Am knowing and wisdom
I Am Infinite power to act in love
For the highest good for all.
I Am all time in this moment: future, present and past,
All changing.
I Am all space, all galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets and moons
Right here
One with all that is and loving all that I Am.
I am all that my I Am God/dess is naturally, effortlessly,
Here now and always
Because I am my I Am,
Here as this human life on Earth.
So be it.




Copyright © Joanna Cherry, 2013

You are welcome to pass this article along to others, as long as you acknowledge the source. Thank you.

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