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A beautiful golden spirit in the heavenly realms, full of love, was asked by God to be born into a world of great darkness and pain and bring love, light and hope. And so he came, our beloved brother Jesus. How can we ever thank him for this wondrous gift?

         In Volume I of the Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, a lady master speaks these words about Jesus to a large assemblage (pp. 122-3):

         "Jesus never allowed Himself to dwell in the external after His illumination. He always kept His thoughts at the central part of His being, which is the Christ. In Jesus, the Christ or Central Spark which is God in us all, living in everyone today, was drawn forth to show itself perfectly ruling the material body or flesh man. It is in this way that He did all His mighty works, not because He was in some way different from you. He had no greater power than all have today. He was not in some way a Son of God and we only servants of God. He did these works because this same Divine spark, which the Father has implanted in every child born, was fanned into a brighter flame by His own efforts in holding Himself in conscious communion with God Himself, the source of all Life, Love, and Power.

         "Jesus was a man the same as all men are today. He suffered, was tempted and tried, just as you suffer because of temptation and trials. We know that during His residence on earth in the visible body Jesus spent hours of every day alone with God and we know that, in His early manhood, He went through just what we have gone through and what you are going through today. We know that every man must overcome the mortal, the fleshly desires, the doubts and fears, until he comes to the perfect consciousness or recognition of the indwelling Presence, this 'Father in me,' to whom Jesus ascribed the credit of all His mighty works. He had to learn as we had to learn and as you are learning today. He was obliged to try over and over again as you are doing. He was obliged to hold fast as you are obliged to hold fast today, even with clenched fist and set teeth and saying, 'I will succeed, I do know the Christ lives within me.' We recognize that it was the Christ within which made Jesus what He was, and is today, and that the same attainments are for all. In all this we would in no way detract from Jesus for we love Him with a love unspeakable. We know He went through the perfect crucifixion of self that He might lead His people to God; that He might show them the way out of sin, sickness, and trouble, that they might manifest the Father in them; that He might teach all that the same Father lives in all and loves all. None that follow Jesus' life and teaching closely can help but love Him. He is our perfect elder brother."

         I think Jesus' greatest desire was for each and every one of us to realize we were just like him. We have the same potential within us; we can do everything he did. One statement at least remains in the Bible which clearly states this: he said, "Greater things than these shall ye do." Some of the apostles, in their sharing of Christ's message, instantly healed the sick and even raised the dead. It must have been a great disappointment to Jesus that as the centuries went by, we chose instead to fall away from what he taught, and make him instead a martyr, a statue, the one and only Son of God whom we could never equal. Worst of all, we have judged others and even killed in his name, he who practiced brotherly love with all people!

         But now at last, we are beginning to remember, to welcome the Christ within our own heart, mind and body. This is the second coming. We are learning about ascension: how to be a master on earth, how to rejuvenate our bodies and serve on earth for hundreds of years if we are so guided; how to travel by thought, manifest instantly, and heal as he did. And when we are ready to leave the earth plane for another dimension, to take our bodies up into light, leaving no form behind. Oh death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory? The progress may seem slow sometimes, but it is all unfolding. We will do it! We are ourselves becoming wayshowers, and we will help our brother and sister Christs to do the same.

         I know our beloved wayshower is in great joy that we are finally beginning to hear his message!

         Thank you, dear Jesus!




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