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Human History on Earth


A wonderful book, The Gnosis and the Law by Tellis Papastavro (1972), enormously expands our understanding of Earth, humanity and the spectrum of life. The knowledge it contains is mind-boggling. It gives, through the channeling of ascended masters and archangels (plus others) a fascinating story of the arrival of humans upon our planet and significant highs and lows since then. But it’s a hefty tome; few people wade through it. I’m guided to tell the basic story, that more of us may know it. Where I had questions, my own channeling has filled in. A few of the channelers are Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel; Jesus and Mother Mary, Sanat Kumara, Saint Germain, Hilarion, Quan Yin, Gautauma the Buddha, Goddess Liberty, El Morya, and Kuthumi. Here are some basics of humanity’s story on Earth.

About seven and a half million years ago (I know, hasn’t been seen this way as yet), our sun Helios and Vesta chose to create a paradise on Earth, where I Am Presences could embody as humans on the physical plane. Many beings worked together to create a “habitable globe,” among them the seven elohim, the builders of form, the nature devas, and the great directors of the elements; and the sea, earth and atmosphere came into being, interpenetrated by the cosmic fire of Helios and Vesta.

Members of the elemental kingdom arrived in untold numbers to create trees and flowers, birds and bees, fruit and other nourishing edibles. Every single leaf and flower was (and is) created by the concentrated thought and love of an elemental, and larger forms such as trees by greater elementals. The ground was transparent and light—our present day buildings would sink right through it—and elementals could be seen going about their tasks below the surface. Animals were not part of the original creation. (Earth’s history has a number of chapters including of course the dinosaurs, but animals evidently were not present when humanity entered the scene.)

For nine hundred years, Earth bloomed in greater loveliness to welcome the human kingdom. Quote, page 56: “When the Elemental Kingdom had made verdant the Earth with produce and beauty and the Angelic Kingdom had filled the atmosphere with the stimulating Essence of Godliness, the Planet was ready for the beautiful ceremony by which mankind was welcomed to the hospitality of a New Theatre of Evolution, filled with opportunity, promise, beauty and plenty.” Finally, members of what is called “the first root race” (of seven) slowed the frequencies of their “spirit sparks”, were clothed in forms, male and female, and stepped upon the Earth. (For more on root races, see Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine and others.) The idea was that each root race would stay 14,000 years on Earth—2,000 years with each of the seven rays—and then would ascend.

Earth was so close to the paradise human spirits had enjoyed on lighter planes, they hardly noticed a difference! Each person was one with the God Self, and lived directly from it each day to expand the beauty, goodness, joy and light of life. Indeed, the God Self would often walk and talk with its Earth self, giving more creative ideas than could be carried out, and its human picked those that most appealed. Angels, who arrived on Earth with humans, also commonly walked and talked with people. The three kingdoms—elemental, angelic and human—knew and loved and greatly appreciated one other.

Here’s a quote from page 55: “To sustain the bodies of mankind, the Elemental Kingdom was sent Earthward, charged with the fiat to obey the every direction of man, to make for him ‘coats of flesh’, to keep these in repair and to materialize out of the primal substance of Earth, air, water and fire the nourishment for the replenishing of his bodies and the necessities and luxuries which would make his exile a happy and harmonious one.” That each of us has a “body elemental” which sustains our body lifetime after lifetime is one of the momentous facts from this book. Also, each of us really does have a “guardian angel” which stays with us in and out of embodiment—sometimes for millions of years—until we return to God awareness.

A cornucopia of good served humanity. Delicious food including fruit and honey abounded, but many chose to breathe in all nourishment. Anything needed or desired was created by thought, with no diminishment to surrounding life. Life was easy, free, creative and joyous. Humans knew no death. After a long period, perhaps a thousand years of Earth life, people would take their bodies into a lighter realm for a time, to rest and find new perspectives. When ready, they would return to their families, who had saved treasured belongings and projects for them. They could take up life from where they left it.

The book doesn’t go into why, but after a million years in paradise, only the first two root races and most of the third had completed the journey through the rays and ascended. Perhaps life here was so wonderful, they enjoyed drawing it out.

There is no mention of how the animal kingdom arose (birds and bees came before humans). I understand that lesser spirits also desired to embody in Earth’s paradise, and permission was granted. Spirit presences then created animal life.

After this first million years, something wild happened. A large group of human souls—I understand about 100,000—who had not been ready to ascend with the rest of their own planet and galaxy, were being denied re-embodiment there. They had turned away from their God source within, and the masters call them “laggards.” They were homeless, orphans in the universe who could only complete their spiritual journey in physical plane life. 

Mother Gaia in her compassion wanted to welcome them, but there was great concern about this. A galactic council was called. Finally it was decided to allow them, but only if meticulous care was taken to give them birth through a very strong spiritual couple. After all this planning, however, these laggards—and “dark magicians” who slipped in with them uninvited—brought down paradise. It was they who fascinated and changed Earthians, not vice-versa. For the very first time, darkness began to take root here. A fog-like veil began to dim the light of truth. Gradually the God Self was forgotten. The angels stopped walking with us and eventually left Earth. The elemental kingdom was less and less appreciated. Deception and violence marred the beauty of life. Dark magicians created monstrous animal forms to be enemies of humanity, including the huge sea monsters of legend. (None of these remain on our planet today.) They created human slavery and sacrifice. Earth life sank further into deepest dark for about two million years, until finally our planet seemed unredeemable. The galactic council met and decided sadly to “pull the plug” and let Earth and all upon it, die.

Sanat Kumara, a great lord of Venus (life there is on a lighter plane) attended this council meeting. He visited Earth, and felt it could be saved. With others from Venus, also called Kumaras, he built a center here that he called Shamballa, in the Gobi Desert of present-day China. (Shamballa still exists, both in a higher dimension and underground.) It was raided and destroyed more than once, but he persisted. He wanted to form a brotherhood of light from Earthians, who would assist humanity’s return to God consciousness. It took hundreds of years for even two souls to rise into greater light; these eventually became Maitreya and the Buddha. Gradually, very gradually things became lighter—the angels returned—but so slowly that Sanat Kumara felt he must remain. All together, he stayed four and a half million years! (Can you imagine such a commitment?) Sanat Kumara, the savior of Earth, is called the “Ancient of Days” in the Bible, also the “Youth of endless summers.” He finally returned to Venus in 1952.

In the intervening millennia high civilizations arose which approached our original paradise, but always fell again; Lemuria and Atlantis were the last two. About 37,000 years ago (this from my channeling), the dark forces arose that we have known until today. They seduced people away from the Godliness of nature (see the Anastasia series of books from Ringing Cedars Press), undermined Christ’s and other teachings, pit religions against each other, trashed the sacred feminine, slowed and dimmed human thought, created the present system of slavery to corporations, hypnotized the masses, created wars, disease, debt and human bondage of all kinds. Let us not waste energy hating them; many have no divine center and all have done the best they know. Life is one and we co-created one another, in the long run at least for perfect purpose. But these dark forces are now about to fall, not probably in the news, and will no longer have real power.

A dilemma arose about the many Earth souls who continue to evolve slowly. It would be torture for these souls to reincarnate upon our ascending Earth; also it would not be fair to those returning to I Am consciousness. The master El Morya conceived the idea to find a planet in a different galaxy, one evolving more slowly, where these souls could be escorted after the death of the body. Every possibility was tried—to the very last minute—to help these beloveds choose more rapid evolvement, and some accepted. Beginning about four years ago, about 100,000 souls per day (two-thirds of those whose bodies presently die each day) are being escorted to this new planet. There they will evolve at their chosen rate, assisted as always by ascended masters and angels.

The great news, which I’m sure is not news to you, is that in spite of every effort on the part of powerful evildoers, we are waking up!—moving again into God consciousness, beginning to undo all the harm we have done and recreate paradise here. While it may still appear that things are getting worse, this is just from the momentum of what has been, it is not of new creation.

It is a matter of greatest import for our universe that a planet that was given up for dead because its humanity had fallen into deepest darkness, is arising from the ashes into a permanent golden age. Thanks be to ALL who have helped us so lovingly, for so very very long, to come to this ultimate victory!

If you wish to read The Gnosis and the Law for yourself, you can order it from its present publisher, New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, www.eraofpeace.org.





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