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You Can Heal Your Body


My mother and father metamorphosed into "snow birds" each winter season, driving from icy St. Louis to Destin, Florida to enjoy the gentle climate along the Gulf coast. There I was visiting them some years back, when Mother complained of skin cancers. I gave her healing energy, and thought little more about it.

            Within a few months of my return home, I noticed a spot under my left eye. It got redder and then erupted. I assumed it was a pimple that would soon heal, but it stayed. I didn’t worry about it and anyway there were no dermatologists in Mt. Shasta. Not until a year later, when I was at a family reunion in Virginia Beach, did I get it checked professionally. It was a skin cancer. Shocked, I had it taken off immediately.

            When I reported this to my family, my mother said, with a feeling of love and joy, "Oh, I got my first one near my eye too!" "Aha!" I said to myself. "I've over-identified with Mother!"

            Any illness we get is caused by something in our mind and emotion, though we may not be conscious of it. The illness comes to let us know there is something to heal in our consciousness. So as soon as I could, I looked within myself to see if I could discover why I had given myself a skin cancer. What I saw was that I identified so strongly with Mother, and love her so much, that I had taken on her illness. I also discovered a thought very strong in our society: we follow in our parents' footsteps. I resolved that where illness was concerned, I would not do it again.

            I affirmed, and felt as deeply as I could, "I am my own person. I choose health! I am not subject to illness from Mother or anyone else. I am free!"

            A couple of (healthy) years later, my folks visited me out here in California, and mother was suffering from even deeper cancers on her legs that had been removed, but required bandaging every day. Though she was feeling discouraged about them, we did still manage to have a wonderful time together.

            After only a few weeks of being with them, I got a spot on my left hand, just like the one on my face. This time I recognized it immediately. I realized that my new thinking had not fully "taken", so I affirmed again my freedom to create my own destiny with my body. I began to touch this spot with my finger, and say to it in no uncertain terms, "You are disappearing." Within three weeks, it was gone.

            What a lesson this has been. I know now that if anyone can discover and heal the cause of an illness, we can empower ourselves to let it go.

            We all have this capacity to heal ourselves—and even to heal others, if they are ready to accept a healing. I don't mean to oversimplify, because there is some illness whose cause(s) goes very deep, may be complicated and may include past lives. It's important not to judge ourselves if we seem unable to heal a certain condition. While we want to heal, a subconscious aspect may be keeping a tenacious grip on the illness.
            Any such holding on, however is for a positive purpose. For instance, an illness might prevent us from doing something in life we want to do but secretly fear doing. Finding the positive purpose helps us to heal the fear.

            Our healing may come slowly, in stages over months or years.

I have a friend, Norman, who tells me he created multiple sclerosis in his body years ago because of great stress in his work life. (Literally, he needed to stop moving in that arena and didn't know how else to get himself out of it.) But through his connection with his spirit, through meditation and prayer, visualization and exercise, he is healing his body. Often when I go to see him and his wife, he shows me something new he can do that he couldn't to do before.

            How do we get hold of the cause of an illness? How I do it may work for you too.

            First, I tune into my feelings. I look into them as deeply as I can, and I follow where they lead. I often ask, "What part of me is creating this illness?" or "What is the cause of this illness?" and then I listen. I invite a feeling to take a voice and speak to me.

            Once when I had great stomach distress this voice said, "I feel afraid to speak in front of such a large group." "Why?" I asked it. And then I saw a picture of myself as a spiritual teacher in a past life, being killed for speaking my truth. I needed to do some deep work to heal this fear. First, I opened myself—subconscious, conscious mind, emotions, and physical body—to healing from God. I released all I could (releasing everything at once is often too much of a shock). (Releasing is aided by using the violet flame; see the article “Release Practices.”) Next, I realized I created the situation because of fears of attack I was holding at that time, and so it came as a perfect mirror of my thought. I forgave myself for that. Then I realized everyone involved was doing his best (most feared to hear of their divinity). I called upon the protection of God—this empowerment opens the doorway to forgiveness—and forgave them too. Finally, I declared all this in the past; I had outgrown this experience and would never create it again. I chose that anyone I feel guided to speak to will appreciate and benefit from what they hear. I am in perfect harmony with all people.

            Working in this way, my fears have been healing—and my physical symptoms.

            In healing the deep cause of an illness, the first and most vital thing may be tuning in to your spirit/I Am. See or feel what it advises, or ask it to show you by directing your attention in life. Some or all the following elements then may (or may not) be helpful.
            1. See what the cause is, if possible. Diving into feeling and letting it speak can be a great help. Healing may take place without knowing the cause.
            2. Forgive yourself for creating this cause through thought and feeling. (Real forgiveness is a key to healing anything. It usually takes place in layers, over a period of time.)
            3. Forgive all others involved.
            4. Declare your freedom from the old ways.
            5. Surround yourself with protection from your spirit, God or a favorite master(s).
            6. If you feel to do so, pray for healing.
            7. Declare what is true for you now, what you choose.
            8. Empower yourself in the new way by frequently affirming and feeling your truth for six weeks. Expect to be healthy.
            If you find yourself unable to heal your body through dealing with the cause, then a medical doctor or an alternative healing practitioner may be your next, or a simultaneous, step. Some people work with angels to bring in healing energy, others with sound, others with acupuncture along the meridians of the body—there's an amazing choice now in alternate healing.

            Last but definitely not least, our body can be healed through grace. Innumerable healings of “terminal” cancer bespeak this. The unlimited power of God, which is one with the unlimited power within us, can heal anything, and heal it instantly. Prayer for ourselves or another can work miracles. Sometimes when we haven't even asked for help, it comes through mundane or mysterious means. Read books of angel stories, medical miracles and the like. We are loved! We are helped. We are not alone.

            God bless you in your healing process!




Copyright © Joanna Cherry, 2013

You are welcome to pass this article along to others, as long as you acknowledge the source. Thank you.

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