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Eat? Don't Eat?

Joanna Cherry


“Food, food, glorious food!” What?! Not eat? Oliver Twist would be appalled. Spirit said to me recently, “Your body is living on prana now—you don’t need to eat.”

Prana: a Sanskrit term meaning life force, God energy, all around and through us. It is the invisible divine substance of the entire universe and every dimension of life. It’s the limitless source of all the power we use, and is the pure energy of the food we eat. Our bodies are made of prana; you can live for a few minutes without breathing, but without prana the body would die instantly. In fact, creation would cease to be.

You can take prana into your body through breathing (thus the term “breatharian”); also through light. Jasmuheen, well known author of a number of books on this subject, has lived on prana—she most often calls it “living on light”—for about twenty years. She was guided in this by the ascended master St. Germain. Her decision to go without food is not just physically based; without the need to eat, humanity would leave a much lighter footprint on the earth. The pollution caused by eating beef, for instance, would end. Gone would be cruelty to animals raised for food. Jasmuheen has a huge drive and desire to make our world a much more pure and beautiful place.

I met Jas in Australia when she came to a couple of my workshops; she had recently stopped eating. We became friends, and II spent a few days with her in Brisbane. In her cupboard—only tea. Her fridge was empty. We walked to her neighborhood café and she had coffee and a brownie; that’s all she ate in the time I visited. It’s really real, this ability to live on light.

I think Jas would want me to include here that the first process she taught to stop eating, which was “channeled”—but not from spirit—by another person, she no longer recommends. I met a friend of Jasmuheen’s who also did this original process, which gave her permanent liver damage. It is far too harsh.

I last saw Jas a couple of years ago, and she had purposefully added some weight because she was complete with being so very petite (size four or six, I reckon). She simply intended to put on additional pounds, and did so; she now has a more womanly, yet still slender body. She asked me then where I stood about eating, and I told her I could not imagine going without food, because I enjoyed eating so much that it was a non-choice for me.

I’m a raw novice on this subject; Jasmuheen is a past master of living on light and has assisted hundreds, perhaps thousands, to embark upon a pranic journey. She is also a highly evolved spiritual teacher. Among other wonders you can find her books, sign up for her newsletter or a retreat, on her website

Upon getting my message about prana, I stopped eating. I continued to drink, as does Jas, mostly water and some tea or coffee. And it was really fine. I ate next to nothing for two weeks, and felt no weakness. Hunger, yes. Missing food emotionally, yes. But more energy than when I was eating.

I understand I could have lived on prana for about the last seventeen years, but was not ready emotionally to consider it before now. I think the reason I now can: in the past year I have become much closer with my I Am Presence. I feel less human, happier, and more filled up with good.

In this first two weeks I shed over ten pounds and my waist is four inches narrower. But Jas will be the first to advise not to go on light to lose weight. And in fact, prana can fully sustain the body so no weight loss results, and as mentioned above, you can actually gain weight. But I have wanted a more slender body. My intention, as of now—this is a combustible process and may morph into new forms—is to continue to drop weight until I’m slender again, and stop it at that. (Later: three months in I had let go of 30 pounds--the exact amount I wanted--and I've kept this greater slenderness for two and a half years.)

I found that if I was in a lower frequency consciousness, as from computer work, I felt the need for food. But when I stopped and took some deep breaths, the need vanished! Perhaps many are not ready to live on light because there is yet so much stress in their lives.

A bit after the two weeks I hit a snag. I began to feel turmoil and sorrow. When I asked spirit about it, I saw an old life in Asia where as a child I suffered from lack of food. I was able to help it heal. Two other lives I’d worked on previously were hard to overcome. In one, my body died of a wasting disease; in the other, of starvation. I bring this up because if you embark on a diet of light, you will likely hit obstacles similar to these. Virtually all of us have had such experiences. But if they do come up and you heal them, you are much clearer!

I’ve come to the place, about three weeks in, where I am embracing more Buddha’s “middle path.” I do still love taste and desire some of the food experience, so I eat when I feel like it, especially with friends at a home or restaurant. But knowing my body doesn’t actually need food, I feel free to eat only what I wish, perhaps only a dessert or an appetizer. I always felt too full after a “regular” meal, so it feels great to honor my body this way. Most days I’ll have a few nuts and a bit of dried fruit or other small snack, to help my emotional body feel happier. This path is a bit harder, because after you eat you usually get hungry again, so you have to ride through that; also the love of food and taste that was reawakened with eating must be again put to rest. But it’s the best scenario for me for the moment.

As humanity rises into enlightenment and ascension energies, more and more people stop eating. A woman at one of my workshops in New Zealand said that a year before, she ordered her usual Big Mac in the drive through—and suddenly knew she wasn’t going to eat it. She dumped it in the trash on her way out and never ate again. She continued to cook for her husband and children.

So you might explore where you are on this subject. Humans being Gods and Goddesses whose belief/knowing is law, when we think our body will die without food, it will die. When we know prana can supply all our nutrition: proteins, vitamins and minerals, everything that is needed—it does.

Blessings on your path!

Copyright Joanna Cherry, 2011

You are most welcome and encouraged to share this article with others, as long as you credit the source. Thank you.

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