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Channeling Checks


Thanks to many dedicated channels, Earth's age of light has accelerated wonderfully. Channeling has allowed great beings to give us needed knowledge.

         But here a caution light goes off: if you are reading the channeling of another person, you must bring forward the D-word: Discrimination. You notice Archangel Michael has channeled an article. Maybe you've liked other channelings through this same person. But each message must stand on its own; maybe it's right for you, and maybe it isn't.

         I learned to channel in 1980, during my training with Teaching of the Inner Christ. (TIC is a metaphysical, non-denominational course of study based in San Diego.) Channeling was easy for me, and I enjoyed it. Beings such as Babaji (the immortal master of the Himalayas) and other masters came through me with messages of light and love, information that felt true in the heart. I became confident as a channel.

         Then I was assigned a paper based upon my channeling.  I was doing a lot of "entity healing" at that time, assisting human spirits to go into the Light, both for their own happiness and to prevent their influencing people on Earth. I decided to do my paper on this subject. I began it, and magnificent information came through!--how to call in entities from Russia, etc. I finished the paper and sent it to TIC headquarters.

         In a week or so I received a letter from the heads of the Teaching. "We understand this as mental channeling", their letter said. "Try again."

         I was stunned. I had gotten yeses on everything I had written. The "facts" seemed so wonderful, so exciting! How could I possibly have gone wrong?

         I sat down to meditate upon this dilemma. I was taught from my spirit that one can be focused within an entire framework that is not from spirit, which is limited or downright false, and never know it because everything within that framework is logical to itself. I learned that the one primary key in channeling is this: it comes from the love of spirit, and you can feel this love as you channel. Other energies can give you misinformation, but they cannot duplicate love. I have never forgotten this.

         Since then I have learned that even when the connection with spirit is truly there, the channeling entity cannot bring forth something that goes against the belief of the channeler. For instance, in the "green books" of the St. Germain Press, Guy Ballard channeled that one should forget the lower chakras completely, just cut them off. But recently he has said, through both me and others, that this was his own bias at that time and thus what he heard; but it did not come from spirit.

         It is possible for a channel to go "in and out" within the same transmission, connected with spirit and disconnected, and not be aware of it. Thus it is easily possible for one sentence to be "off", and the sentences before and after to be perfectly "on". It is logical and good for us to accept certain pieces of a particular channeling.

         Even if we perceive an entire channeling to be one with spirit, one part may be right for us and another not, or none of it may apply to us. We are divine beings, creating our reality in the ways we choose, and we receive spirit in our own unique way. The key here is: never, ever give away your own authority! A practice of mine is to be extra careful about any channeling that would arouse fear.

         If a channeling concerns something we do not want to happen, it can be changed. Most prophets of earth changes are clear about this: their job is to let us know where we're headed, and to change directions in order to avert the earthquake or whatever. Thus the best prophets make themselves "wrong", and deserve extra thanks for this.
         Even the most sincere channel may open, unawares, to lower energies--both "full-body" and conscious channels. A channeler must objectively evaluate what has been received, and check with their own spirit about it. And you the reader must check with your spirit, and accept only what feels right within our own being. Here are some "channeling checks":

         1. Do I feel the infinite love and honoring of all life, that spirit is, in this channeling? Is it absolutely free of judgment?

         2. Does it feel right to me, within my own heart and being?

         3. In accepting this channeling, do I feel empowered? Does it increase my own sense of integrity? Does it strengthen my own path in life? Does it give me a sense of joy and upliftment?

         One last--and vital--consideration on channeling. We have been inclined, from limited perspective, to think a high being is greater than ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all equal, beloved, divine god-goddess. It is serving us for the moment to hear those who have realized their godhood, and are encouraging us to do the same. But the direction we are headed is to be our own wisdom, our own authority, to "channel" our own God Self. And even that is on our way to being our godhood, expressing it completely . . . right here in the world.




Copyright © Joanna Cherry, 2013

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