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2023: Earth’s New Timeline
Our Wondrous New World


In 2013, for the first time in millions of years, a civilization of Earth reached—and held—a majority of light. This majority voted in a new timeline for our planet. (If we had not reached a majority of light, our civilization would now be gone, along with Atlantis and Lemuria.) This vote took place on the deep level of consciousness where we are all one; outwardly few of us have been aware of it. Our deep oneness is extremely powerful; our creations from it lead directly to outward changes.

A new timeline can occur when the energies of a planet become extremely polarized, as ours have on Earth. The juggernaut of the old materialistic paradigm of money dominance, pollution, corruption, greed, war, poverty and disease—all coming from forgetting the divinity we are—just kept rolling along as if unstoppable. The other polarity is humanity waking up, in spite of dark forces pulling out all the stops—for many millennia—trying to prevent it. But the light polarity must reach a majority to create a new timeline.

As we have heard, all time is one. Our experience of linear time is a mental construct we created because we wanted it. But what we change today changes yesterday and tomorrow, all the time. We haven’t believed this because of one thing: memory. We can create something today that changes our past as far back as we want to go.

After we voted our new timeline in, we worked together to change our past. From our old world we have not seen it yet, but we are about to.

Here are some of the things we have changed:

We stopped dark force dominance of our people: genetic manipulation, creation of disease including pandemics, financial crashes, wars and more.

We wiped out cabal-created wars such as the U.S. Civil War, WWI, WWII and all since.

We did not allow pollution of our beautiful planet.

We replaced money with mutual generosity, giving and trade.

We kept the integrity of our divine, miraculous bodies to be naturally healthy, no need for meds or even supplements.

After four years of work—more than five years ago—we had changed so much of our past that it was time for our new world to be actually created—become manifest—on a higher dimension that we could not yet see from here. This was done on the fourth dimension by our own divine Selves and many helping masters. For this new world, each of us created a happy, loving new self—unburdened by past sorrows. Our new selves do not remember our old-world selves or life; if we kept the old memories we would keep the old consciousness. That is why the Bible says that everything will change “in the twinkling of an eye.”  It is literally true. We’ve given ourselves a new present by releasing our old one.

After this manifestation, we continued waking up more and more—so our newly created world changed again and again, becoming ever more wonderful. It has now become a true paradise.

It then became our goal to join this wonderful life we had already created. And we have inwardly merged with our new selves and new life about 95%, even though our outward world looks the same. The last step is when we will experience changing in the twinkling of an eye. When we take it—and we are extremely close now—each of us is simply present in our real, physical, beautiful, wonderfully happy new life. It is good to know that these truths are real, physical and are happening right now.

Here are facts about our new world,
and our individual new lives:

Most of us live in communities of “family domains” (see the Ringing Cedars book series by Vladimir Megré and Anastasia). Ninety percent of couples are in true love relationships, as compared to about 10% in our old world. A Couple create on free land a loving, happy family where each one’s divinity is known and honored; we raise our kids as the deities they are. We have our own water and grow all our own vegetables, fruit and herbs; in other words we are self-sufficient. We create our own electricity (if wanted) or receive it from a “power station” of giant crystals. We have our own trees, and wood if needed. We hold frequent joyful festivities with contests, sharing and trading our gifts.

Our schools teach children that being divine, they already know everything in creation. To receive any knowledge they tune in to it. They share new ideas. They help each other with the various subjects, and often design and build their own schools. Such a school existed in old- world Russia (see the Ringing Cedars series).

We enjoy a pristine environment—pure air, clear waters, and earth naturally yielding vibrant organic food. Water is not used to carry sewage; we use septic systems or disappear it. There are some factories, but none pollute. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides—no poisons—are used in life. Our cars are like those in Star Wars, they zip above the land—silent and non-polluting—and we also love our horses and buggies. No paved roads, freeways or railroads exist. It is quiet! And peaceful! Our cities are a paradise mix of sacred geometry structures, beautiful trees, plants and flowers. Everything is beautiful.

Our bodies are completely healthy nearly all the time; herbal healers take care of any problem. There is no obesity, no disease. There are no old-world doctors or nurses or hospitals.

We have vibrant mental and emotional health. We are loved, loving and happy. There is no autism or insanity.

People are creative. We may create beautiful objects for our everyday use—clothes, pots, dishes, utensils. We often create music, plays and art to share with a larger audience, though our largest cities are only about 20,000 people.

Nearly everyone has plenty to eat, shelter and warmth. Many us help this to become 100%.

There is peace over nearly all the world, though a small percentage of people are still working out karma by creating small conflicts, mostly in Africa and parts of Asia. In most places there is no crime; no law enforcement or prisons.

We are now remembering the divinity we really are. With this memory comes the possibility of restoring our natural powers. These powers are our divine birthright, and they are being taught—and beginning to be practiced—in our new world. Here are some of these.

God/Life did not decree aging and death; humanity made them up. Immortality is our natural way. Youthful, beautiful immortality is becoming widespread. This has been greatly helped by the Lemurians, see below.

Whole-body travel by thought is returning. We quicken the frequencies of our form; hold in mind where we want to be—and here we are, physically, in our chosen place.

Manifestation from the ethers (air). All is included in our fifth element of ether, or aether; everything is here all around us. To manifest something—small like food or money, large like a new home—we first hold firmly and clearly in mind what we choose to create. We must see it with perfect clarity. It forms, in a lighter dimension. We then slow its frequencies down, and it manifests physically. And as we may manifest, we may also disappear things such as waste.

Ascension is ours—whether our body is mortal or immortal—when we are complete in one phase of life and wish to live in a higher realm. It is another form of travel by thought. By our will we quicken the frequencies of our form, see where we choose to be, and take our body up into this lighter place.

Our weather is beneficial and moderate, reflecting our loving, light-filled consciousness. We always have enough rainfall, coolness and heat; nor too much of anything. A great part of this is that we now have 97% old-growth forest remaining in the old world, instead of the 3% of our old world. (Only money took down our trees; now there is no logging by lumber companies.)

Governmental leaders are chosen from spirit, and truly (and actually!) act for the greatest happiness and highest good of all. They handle the tasks of government, such as our monorail and mail systems. For the rest, our locals take care of roads, schools and everything else.

Money has about 2% of the power of our old world. There are some factories (washing machines, computers, Zip cars and other things difficult to create in person); they charge very reasonable prices. And if one wanted a Zip car, for instance, he could work at the factory for a short time and earn it.

No one needs to work for money; we do only what we love to do. Where we need money it is there; we may earn it from the sale of our beautiful organic food to those living in cities. And there’s no taxation from government. There’s no debt or stress; we are financially free!

Computers and telephones are biological. They require no wires or satellites, but being alive are one with all life, and tune in as desired.

Transportation: a free monorail system takes us anywhere in the world, at great speeds—including the inner earth world of Agartha. Zip cars are widely used; there are also silent airplanes.

The continent of Lemuria, which took up much of the Pacific Ocean area before it sank, is still here; our awakening consciousness kept it from sinking. It stretches out from America’s west coast about a third of the way across the Pacific, and down through Hawaii. Lemurians are immortal, boosting our new world in this natural way of life. They also gave us technologies, such as ease of creating underground tunnels for the monorail.

Porthologos is the name for a place we go to view any event that happened at any time, past or present, anywhere throughout creation, exactly as it took place. There is also a Porthologos in Agartha.

We have our own spaceships; so do the Argarthans. We receive frequent friendly visits from beings of other star systems, and visit them in turn. We exchange information about our sectors of the universe, and also trade, mostly in seeds and metals.

Earth’s tilt has very gradually righted itself over about the last 400,000 years, and is now about 17% as opposed to the old world’s 23%. Thus our winters are less cold and our summers less hot, more pleasant and easy all around.


Copyright © Joanna Cherry, 2023

This information comes from spirit through Joanna. If you choose to pass it along, please acknowledge the source. Thank you.


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