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Joanna Cherry

As well as a Master's degree in Education, Joanna has both a Master's and a Doctorate of Ministerial Science. She has authored many articles and two books: Living Mastery, and Self Initiations. She taught workshops over the world from 1980 to 1996. What inspires her most is the divinity and unlimited potential of humanity, and the goodness this brings to all of life.

JC: In 1986 I founded Ascension Mastery International (AMI), teaching that we are able to transcend any limitation and rise to full mastery. My teaching comes direct from my own I Am Presence and master teachers, most essentially the immortal master Babaji (written of in Autobiography of a Yogi). This teaching encompasses developing a clear connection with our higher self; discovering and fulfilling our life purposes; love and happiness in relationships; health and healing; prosperity; ascension; immortality; rejuvenation; and other subjects. I live and work in Mt. Shasta, California.

The Pictures of Masters and Ascended Masters, Angels and Deities

In 1996 I was guided (in no uncertain terms!) by spirit to go to Badrinath in northern India, a vital pilgrimage site. There, I connected more deeply with Babaji and saw (to my horror!) that I had been ignoring my own teachings: always be connected with spirit and follow the guidance of each moment. Instead I had defined myself as a “workshop leader,” ignoring the truth that I’d been bored with this activity for about five years.

I spent the next days giving everything to spirit—“If it isn’t mine, take it! Just take it!” Finally, I became empty. Then I found myself saying, “But what am I gonna do for a living?” Spirit immediately showed a recent event: I was selling images of beautiful masters and ascended masters, angels and deities at our large Wesak celebration in Mt. Shasta. This small collection of pictures earned five thousand dollars in one weekend. Spirit said to me, “Please expand this collection and get them out as widely in the world as you can. Awakening humanity needs them.”

So I dropped workshop leading like a hot potato and began looking for new images. I contacted artists and photographers, received their permission to reprint their images myself, and gave them a good commission on all sales. The business first outgrew my home, then a good-sized office; I hired more staff and we were on our way. And now people tell me that wherever they go in the world, they see my pictures.

Though I was guided in 2011 to sell the business and go into spiritual retreat and service, the pictures are still available from Shasta Rainbow Angels. Go to ShastaRainbowAngels.com to see them online, or to AscensionMasteryInternational.com to become a reseller.

Spiritual Sessions

Part of my service to life has been spiritual sessions. When I work with someone, his or her own I Am Presence leads through both of us. Though messages most often come through me, a goal of the work is to strengthen your connection with your own divine Self. You may receive a name, a signal, and learn how to be clear in receiving messages. Past lives may be seen and healed; subconscious agendas found and cleared; physical ailments helped; relationships strengthened (or helped to separate if best). Loved ones who have passed over can be assisted. Homework is often given. These sessions are most powerful.

If you did one, you would bring to it the questions most important to your heart, in any area of life. Your spirit may also go beyond these to a subject you hadn’t become aware of. The cost is basically a love offering; generosity is welcomed, as I am generous, though if there is lack any guided session is given.
You may reach me through email, Joanna-ami@jps.net; or phone, 530-925-2265.

Wesak Celebration

Wesak also spelled Vesak, commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. The event is observed on the full-moon day of the lunar month Vesakha in April or May. This revered event is celebrated each year in Mt. Shasta and I am honored to have participated in this commemoration for many years.

Here is a video of my most recent talk from Wesak 2023.

To view a television interview with Joanna Cherry (10 minutes), click here!

What is Ascension?

Why the name of our organization: Ascension Mastery International? Ascension is much more widely known today than when Joanna began teaching it in 1983, but it could still use some defining! Being one with divinity—God/Goddess, all-that-is, the Tao, life force—includes not only our souls, hearts and minds, it includes our bodies. But why should we care about the body? Doesn't it just serve its purpose and then fall away? Isn't our immortal soul the only important thing?

We think the soul is all only because we created death, and that has become the norm. We employ the sour grapes tactic: eh! the body just “returns to dust.” But the body itself is divine; our body elemental handles six trillion transactions per second! Could we do that from our conscious mind? That’s divinity! Goddess/ God never decreed aging, death, pain, lack, disease, or misery of any kind. That was us, great divine beings learning about the physical plane. And how easy to believe in physical appearance rather than the divine that gives it life! We came to believe ourselves separate from God/Goddess. Our belief and free will are always honored by life; thus we took ourselves into limitation. There is no purpose in judging it; we've done our best, always.

Our body is naturally divine, eternally beautiful, and able to step from one dimension to another. Ascension is returning to what is natural. When we begin to give up our belief in separation, we begin to allow the fullness of the divine into every level of our being—into our very cells.

To clear aging and death takes work! We have many lives behind us, not to mention 99+% of those around us continuing to know aging and death are real. But if we clear our past, step by step, and keep to our goal, our body will begin to express divinity in form. Sooner of later (perhaps a next life) this will result in immortality, and beauty.

Once we have accomplished immortality (see below), we may stay in a certain realm such as earth as long as we wish. When we choose to go to a higher dimension, we may increase the frequencies of our form and step from that dimension into a lighter one, leaving no form behind in death. Though there are other definitions of ascension, this to me is the real thing.

Physical Immortality and Rejuvenation

It’s been a good number of years since my birth in September 1940, and people tell me I look much younger than my years. I have taught the possibility of both immortality and rejuvenation since 1982. One day when I was 58, spirit said quietly in meditation, “You now have a non-dying body.” Didn’t sound very sexy! But then my energy actually began to increase, continuing over about a year. After that it leveled off, and my energy and strength have remained that high ever since. This is my reality.

As you may know, Tibetans use pulse to get a detailed state of a person’s body. In a session with a high lama when I was 65 he said to me, “You have the pulse of a 35-year-old.” I felt greatly encouraged. It was a big help to me that I’ve been an immortal twice in the past, in both Lemuria and Egypt where I served as priestesses and then ascended. (My ascended selves are presently living in Lower Shambhala and Upper Shambhala ascended master retreats.) When I wished to re-appear on earth I created a new birth. But the memories of immortality were in my subconscious and fairly easy to bring through into this life.

The substance of a body is one thing; appearance is another. From past lifetime fears of being different from others (and thus killed one way or another), I unconsciously commanded that my body at least appear to continue aging. Desires to rejuvenate my appearance came to naught. But (as always with the help of spirit) these fears are gradually becoming healed. In our new world, I am both immortal and youthfully beautiful in form, along with many others.

Now, we are all joining our already-created paradisical new world where many of us are immortal, and more become so all the time. (See the first article, on Earth’s new timeline.)

Blessings to all of us in the realization of all divine possibilities!

AMI's Mission

We are dedicated to sharing the truth that we are divine, unlimited and free. We are remembering our divinity, to express on earth the greatness we have within. We are assisted by masters who have self-realized before us, and we help those coming after us until we all, including Earth herself, move into the age of light.

Service for the New Timeline

Billions of beings—not only on Earth but from other planets and star systems—have been helping to create and enter our new timeline. The idea originally came from Mother/ Father Goddess/ God of all Life about 4,000 years ago, and three masters took up the cause: the immortal Babaji, Djwal Kuhl, and St. Germain. They have been working ever since, in every way they could see (and they can see far!) to nurture this possibility themselves, and also invited many others to join them. Many came from other systems—most notably the Pleiades—to be born here and bring their consciousness to the effort.

In the first article “2023: Earth’s New Timeline and Our Wondrous New World,” I didn’t share how I helped bring in our new timeline; so I do this here.

The biggest credit goes to humanity ourselves, for reaching and holding a majority of light so that a new timeline could successfully be created. After our new world was created on a lighter dimension (high 4-D) more than five years ago, it was a living, breathing, moment-to-moment life. To complete our mission, we on the old earth had to accept and embrace—and therefore join the life of—the new one.

This was easier said than done. For one thing, in order to have a completely joyful new life, we had to forget our old one. To remember it, with all our old baggage, would not allow the fullness of our paradisical new world. But forget one’s identity, our name and body? Release all the memories of this life? Not know whether we would be with our same loved ones? Not an easy task!

To accomplish this, we needed meetings where we could reach the billions of people who had chosen our new timeline. A spokesperson from earth was wanted who could accurately hear and transmit spirit’s messages to humanity. Babaji put my name forward as a possibility, but most other masters said, “She’s not high enough.” Baba replied, “Exactly. She has known the deepest of troubles, and is rising to the highest heights. She is therefore a person everyone can relate to.” With some grumbling, the others agreed to at least give me a chance.

So whenever humanity was ready for a new communication or lesson, I wrote down spirit’s words. The masters announced the time for the session, usually at least six hours ahead. I went out back to our little temple where I live, and many masters gathered in support. I stood up and spoke spirit’s words, and was often guided to add supportive words or processes. Each person was able to hear me; their I Am translated for the non-English speakers.

These sessions were about encouragement, detachment from our past, describing and welcoming the wonders of our new world and life, practice stepping into it, strengthening our connection with our own divinity, and all else that served. If there was a particularly deep lesson, other masters have filled in; some of these are Djwal Kuhl, Padmasambhava, Herakhan Babaji and the Dalai Lama.

Enormous patience was required. So many times we thought humanity was ready, only to discover a deeper layer or a new subject to be addressed. Fears of forgetting were universal. Attachments to a deeply loved child or mate were very strong. Most felt afraid to step into something new without knowing exactly what it was. In our efforts some years went by (and I was allowed to continue as spokesperson).

More than a year ago, we received a large boost. The underground cities, the Agarthan Network of Lemurians scattered around the world, totaling about 40 million people—from whom we had been separate—joined us. Their consciousness is so much higher than most of ours that they gave us a lift, and shortened our journey somewhat.

Earlier this year, February 3rd of 2023, we finally, finally were 95% ready to join our new world, and that is exactly what happened: 95% of each of us joined. It was not 100% because a majority of us wanted time to do a few more things in our old life: forgive and be forgiven, make amends, and detach more from loved ones. So we are working together to clear these things in what I call the “remnant world,” though it looks and feels the same as always. (The Lemurians, all being at 100% readiness, are not in this temporary world.) Its frequencies are between those of our 3-D life and our new one in high 4-D. ETs looking from space now see no humans on our old earth; we are gone. When we leave the remnant world, it will rejoin our 3-D world where now only nature presides.

We are making good progress preparing for our 100% joining.

My love Arras and I are teachers in the new world, putting out books—four so far—and teaching at large gatherings. We go deeply into spiritual truths and practices, including subjects such as true love relationships. We also teach siddhis, or powers: full-body travel by thought, manifestation from the ethers, living on prana, immortality, and ascension. We and the other fine teachers here have a unified goal: a world of masters. My dreams of humanity becoming unlimited divine people are coming perfectly true in our new world. We are blessed! And blessings to all!



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