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Joanna Cherry

As well as a Master's degree in Education, Joanna has both a Master's and a Doctorate of Ministerial Science. She has authored many articles and two books: Living Mastery, and Self Initiations. What inspires her most is the divinity and unlimited potential of humanity.

In 1986 Joanna founded Ascension Mastery International (AMI), teaching that we are able to transcend any limitation and rise to full mastery. Her teaching comes direct from her own inner guidance and experience. Developing a clear connection with one's higher self; discovering and fulfilling life purposes; love and happiness in relationships; health and healing; prosperity; ascension; immortality; rejuvenation; and many other subjects are encompassed in her teaching. She lives and works in Mt. Shasta, California.

Joanna has sold AMI, however the images are still available. The sacred images of masters and ascended masters, angels and deities・are probably the world's largest, most beautiful and diverse collection now in homes and stores around the world. Go to ShastaRainbowAngels.com to see them or AscensionMasteryInternational.com to become a reseller.

Wesak Celebration

Wesak, also spelled Vesak commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. The event is observed on the full-moon day of the lunar month Vesakha in April or May.

This revered event is celebrated each year in Mt. Shasta and I am honored to have participated in this lovely commemoration for many years. Here is a video of my most recent talk from Wesak 2023.

To view a television interview with Joanna Cherry (10 minutes), click here!

Physical Immortality and Rejuvenation

September 2010: As of this month, it been 70 years since my birth and I look about that. I have taught the possibility of both immortality and rejuvenation since 1982. According to spirit, at age 58 my body became on-dying.・My energy actually increased and then leveled off, where it has stayed.

As you may know, Tibetans use pulse to get a detailed state of a person body. In a session with a high lama when I was 65, he said to me you have the pulse of a 35-year-old.・I felt greatly encouraged.

The substance of a body is one thing; appearance is another. From past fears of being different from others, I unconsciously commanded that my body at least appear to continue aging. Rejuvenation intentions came to naught. But (as always with the help of spirit) these are becoming healed. Though challenges still arise, I have a firm resolve to rejuvenate in appearance as well as substance. Rejuvenation, to me, is your body expressing the eternal beauty and life that God/dess naturally IS in form.

My present rejuvenating practice is different from the one I used to work with. I have just have added this new practice to the Rejuvenation CD Set. It shorter than the first practice and has much that is new. I find it very powerful.

If you would like this and already have the set, simply send the old practice CD to us (the fourth CD) along with $7 to handle the cost of the new CD and postage, and we will send you the new one with both old and new practices on it. (Address: AMI, POB 1018, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067. A simple envelope and 1-ounce postage should do it.) If you haven't yet purchased the set, the new practice is now included. Enjoy!

A little voice inside is saying hat, are you crazy? Why tell people what you're doing until it done? I never before said I was rejuvenating. It a new process for me, so there no guarantee how and when it will turn out. But I have (wrongly) felt out of integrity that I wasn't yet able to walk my talk on rejuvenation through all the years of teaching; and I would like you to know that it is a work in progress.

Blessings to all of us in the realization of these possibilities!

What is Ascension?

Why the name of our organization: Ascension Mastery International? Ascension is more widely known today than when Joanna began teaching it in 1983, but it could still use some defining!

Being one with divinity--God/Goddess, all-that-is, the Tao, life force--includes not only our hearts and minds, it includes our bodies. But why should we care about the body? Doesn't it just serve its purpose and then fall away? Isn't our immortal soul the important thing?

We think the soul is all only because we created death, and that has become the norm. We employ the sour grapes tactic: eh! the body isn't anything. But the divine never decreed aging, death, pain, lack, disease, or misery of any kind. That was us, great divine beings learning about the physical plane; how easy to believe in physical appearance! We came to believe ourselves separate from God/Goddess. Our creative thought and free will being honored, we took ourselves into limitation.
There is no purpose in judging it as we've done our best, always.

Our body is naturally divine, eternally beautiful, and able to step from one dimension to another. Ascension is returning to what is natural. When we begin to give up our belief in separation, we begin to allow the fullness of the divine into every level of our being--into our very cells.

To clear aging and death takes work! We have many lives behind us, not to mention 99+% of those around us continuing to know aging and death are real. But if we clear our past, step by step, and keep to our goal, our body will begin to express divinity in form. This means beauty, which may include restoration or rejuvenation of the present body. And it means immortality, as the divine is eternal.

When we are finished here--after perhaps two hundred years--ascension usually includes stepping from earth dimension into a lighter one, leaving no form behind us in death. Some do it differently--their bodies are resurrected after death, or they die and give themselves a new lighter body. We consider these ascended masters as well.

AMI's Mission

We are dedicated to sharing the truth that we are divine, unlimited and free. We are remembering our divinity, to express on earth the greatness we have within. We are assisted by masters who have self-realized before us, and we help those coming after us until we all, including Earth herself, move into the age of light.

The age of light is coming in! AMI's part of this birthing is three-fold:
First, Joanna is guided to share spiritual truth as best she receives it from spirit. She has two books out, Living Mastery and Self Initiations, and seven CD sets as part of this work. She speaks at conferences. She has stopped for now, as guided, her workshops, two-week intensives and coaching programs.

The second part of AMI's mission is to offer pictures of great masters, angels and deities of spiritual/religious traditions; reference guides (Awareness Guides) of the highest quality; and other items to nourish spiritual expansion. You may see these on our other website, SacredImages-AMI.com.

Finally, our extended goal is to bring forth a world of ascended masters. We do this not only through sharing, but by holding and nourishing this vision for our world:

Our Vision For Earth:
Getting There


We look in the mirror one day--each one of us--and wake up. Eskimos, Brazilians, Scots, Americans, Indians, Nigerians, Russians, Australians, Israelis--we realize we are divinity, a being of light. We no longer deny the truth. Our hearts swell with joy!

Spontaneously we see all our lives, what we've been--slaves and slave owners, teachers and followers, saints and tyrants. We cry about our cruelties, but finally understanding comes. We have explored this plane with all its glory and terror, sorrow and joy. The purpose of each of our roles was the precious fruit of wisdom. And what a play it has been! A grand, sprawling adventure.

We forgive ourselves.

Throwing our arms around one another, tears again as mother and child reconcile, husband and wife, ex-spouses, estranged siblings, friends, co-workers, black with white with red with yellow, Christians with each other and with Moslems with Buddhists with Hindus with Sikhs; Israelis with Palestinians; Serbs with Kosovians with with with. . . until all is reconciled between every person and every group.

We who govern, from small towns to nations, begin--at long last--to act for the highest good of all people and all of life. We forge a lasting peace between nations. We reveal the dark secrets of government oppression and omission, for there may be no more such secrets. And we are forgiven for the past.

Not a single person slips through the cracks. Every child, every man and woman is fed and warm, clothed and housed. We give not only physical needs; we work to restore every person to self-honor and wholeness. All orphaned children, and those who have been abused, are welcomed into loving, caring, healthy families.

We who are wealthy use our wealth to bless others. Our goal: the empowerment, freedom, joy, and
fulfillment of every being.

We of banks and other financial institutions work to bring people and nations out of debt. We of corporations share our wealth with employees, and serve the good of humanity and the environment. Gradually, the money system gives way to higher ways of exchanging energy. People are able to leave unwanted work and fulfill their purposes in ease, joy and abundance.

Media share the good news! Movies and television shows are uplifting and enlightening.

In the prisons, we inmates become enlightened and begin to serve the world, and are pardoned and freed. We the insane regain wholeness of mind and heart. We the patients in hospitals, realizing how and why we created illness or accident for ourselves, gain the knowledge of self-healing and walk out.

Beautiful parks take the place of these sad institutions.

We who have lost loved ones are able to communicate clearly with them and realize they are still alive. Grief disappears! In the lower astral plane, all of us who are lost, in limbo or a hell of our own belief, are assisted into joy and freedom.

Disease leaves the planet. Aging stops. Knowing that only human consciousness made up aging and death, we gradually become a race of immortals.

Ascended masters and others who have assisted unseen, step forward when to assist us openly. Masters give classes on instant manifestation, stepping through the dimensions, travel by thought, immortality, rejuvenation and other natural accomplishments. Our space friends give us--along with vital information--tours and rides! Our angels--we begin to see them!

Our Vision For Earth:
Being There

We have forgiven ourselves, each one, to the depths of our souls. We have forgiven everything and everyone else, all events and all circumstance of every life.

Family life is transformed; parents and children love and honor one another, and promote what is best and highest for each family member. Women are in charge of their reproductive faculties; only when a child is desired is it conceived. Each child born is lovingly raised.

Love relationships are between two whole and conscious people; heartbreaks are a thing of the past.

Men and women are recognized as perfect equals, expressing polarized aspects of divine nature. This equality extends to every arena of life.

Each religion of the world fully honors all others, as well as the teachings of wise people. We know Goddess/God is One, that spiritual reality is beyond any religion. We are each centered, first and foremost, on the divinity within.

Manifestation is instant and for highest good, so all know joyous, divine abundance. Buildings and all needs are created from concentrated thought.

Lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, policemen--no one knows of these, for they no longer exist. Laws are obsolete, as we want only happiness for each other.

Our cities are a paradise mix of sacred geometry structures, beautiful trees, plants and flowers. Everything is beautiful.

Immortality is the natural way for each person, along with continuous beauty and health.

Travel by thought or by non-polluting ships has replaced the traffic jams of the past!

We communicate telepathically at will.

The fairies, nature spirits and devas of every description happily talk with us. Humanity, nature and mother Gaia joyfully cooperate for the highest good of all.

Our animal friends are treated as younger brothers and sisters. We don't kill or eat them, but share a loving bond.

Our weather is mild and peaceful, and cataclysms are no more.

As a planet of ascended masters, we step back and forth through the dimensions. Many of us stay with the lighter realms, by ascending and leaving no body behind. There is no population problem, no burden for Earth.

Earth purposes in the universe are known to us, and we work to fulfill them. Ours is a planet of complete peace, light and joy, one with God in full realization. We plan and carry out joyful projects of music, exploration, communication with other star systems, and many other things unimagined in the 21st Century.

We act from the infinite love within our hearts, all the time.



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